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Friday, October 31, 2003

Hep me! Hep me!

K, question for all y'all. Which do you like best for a site name?







Please leave vote in comments (I think they are working now,LOL)

Ahhhh, do I need a refreshing beverage?

Well, just when I think it's all 'figgered' out things become FUBAR. The comments tag has become another mystery in my cyber-life. It just does what it wants to do in spite of my desires and wishes. Anybody that comes to the beach house remind me to show you one of my favorite video clips of the dude going postal on a puter. Bout how I feel. Tape a xanax on me and force feed me a rumcoke n I may make this stuff work! Even though work calls this weekend somehow the comments and the sitemeter will begin to work or go straight to the cyberetheric.

It's early, laundry needs attention, work will beckon me shortly, my cold and earache have me thinking in a well as well as talking in one so it's hi ho hi ho. Later my fellow cyber wanderers and beware those tricksters tonite!

"Yeh, I know Red, I'm a dumbass."
- Eric, from That 70s Show

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Addy's not required

It looks like comments may be fun as well as flaming. Glad to see everyone. Bondo, where ya been? Just a few days ago I mentioned that the page alignment is whacky if using 800X600 resolution. This is being addressed as is the problem with the sitemeter stopping the posts. Please just refresh the page a few times and the week's posts will show up. There are the archives for those interested.

Remember, comments can be read by everyone. Just click and read (they are at the bottom of the posts). Also, I cannot erase or edit. WYSIWYG. Please use this tool. Input guides me. Any suggestions about this site or the one that will launch in a few weeks are welcome. You can leave an email addy but it's not required. Have fun with it!

"Input, I need more input!"
- Johnny 5

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

AMX DUDE! We love ya!

Standing on a hillside looking out over the Kentucky grasslands, the scene was almost picturesque. The huge white barn with the red tin roof, the farmhouse across the way and the horses grazing in a windblown pasture seemed so serene. Then the line of traffic made it's way down a narrow country road. I remember thinking that I hope someone rides a motorcycle in my funeral march as dude road by on a Harley. We had gathered to pay homage and show overwhelming love for Michael Murphy, age 14, who was taken from us abruptly on October 24, 2003. As people gathered and the service started I cried openly. His bereaved Mother and Father were experiencing an anguish none should ever know. His sister sobbed and she touched my heart in its innermost spot as she wept beside the casket. I am crying now. Huge sobbing tears. The huge mass of people at this gathering had all been touched by this young man's life. There were no dry eyes on that hillside.

Michael was a computer advocate to the 'nth' degree. I never saw this young man that he wasn't smiling and full of curiosity. This was a child that openly gave to others that needed. Truly a young person that deserved every bit of praise sung by others. For example, he once found out a dude needed headphones to game at the local Counterstrike hang out. He knew this person couldn't afford such a thing, so he went home and dug out a set and gave them to him. I heard many stories about his aiding others while in Kentucky. He was a Yahoo IM friend of mine and it was always fun to hear what he was doing with computers.

AMX, a legend in Counterstrike at such a young age. AMX was Michael's nickname when playing the game and he had many many friends across the country due to his participation in Counterstrike Clan challenges. His fellow gamers/friends gathered enmass to pay tribute. Tracy, his sister, had an AMX decal made and it was put on the Black and Silver casket that reflected the color of his computer case mod. Many things showed up in tribute, like the flower arrangement with the keyboard and mouse intergrated with beautiful red blossoms. There was a beautiful cross display from his computer clan. Pictures everywhere reflected his charismatic smile. I was so touched by a small white bear with wings of an angel that had a scarf with AMX on it. Let me tell all of you something. The group of young people that did online game playing with Michael showed up with black armbands that had AMX on them. They passed by the casket and placed their armbands on top and the tears fell like rain. Michael will never leave any of us.

Carol, I have had to stop many times while composing this to wipe away tears. Michael, the thought of this tragedy occuring on your birthday slashes my soul. You both are loving parents. Tracy, cling to great memories and embrace life. I love you all. And, dudes and dude-ettes in the Counterstrike Clan, stay l33t. These young people played a tournament with his computer there in memoriam. So apropo, their symbolic riderless horse.

"It is not length of life, but depth of life."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just click on comments

Okay, some folks just don't like to email. So I have found a neat tool (thanks! CommentThis) that will give you the ability to react to individual posts. I hope everyone will include their email addys, but then realization overwhelms me with the fact that a pipe dream such as this has not been in my life since the 70s. So here's your chance to leave little 'nasties' and 'flames' on the spot. I know that I have just made some apple geeks happy. I find it refreshing that the apple flamers always remain anonymous.

This will be used in the new techno forum that's just around the corner so I thought I'd take it for a test drive here. Let me know what you think about it (just click on the comments and fire away).

"Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called 'Ego'."
- Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Did the RIAA buy 'mail.com'?

My email addy is cybersouth@mail.com. It's a simple, easy address. I started using this free service many years ago when it came into being as snap mail. Just a few months ago I wrote them asking about different types of accounts so I could pay and upgrade the account. Well, that won't happen. I am looking for another web mail service. Please recommend something. These people have put up their own popups, literally slowed down the page transitions and have developed a nasty attitude. Sorry, you won't get my money by making your service worse then trying to sell me that to which I've grown accustomed. So 'mail.com' is right out there with the spammers, popup jerks and dungware people. Let's see, Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton reported last night on The Screensavers that email usage is down 60%. I don't think I would punish someone that used free service thinking they'll roll over and bark like a dog. Sorta Nazi-ish, huh?

Speaking of email, several people have written concerning my trip and the post I have said will come. Please, I am working on it and need a little more time. When it's published you'll understand.

"In this business, by the time you realize you're in trouble, it's too late to save yourself. Unless you're running scared all the time, you're gone."
- Bill Gates

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Enough with the bells!

There is little doubt that I am falling apart. Lost a tooth Sunday and now have an earache from hell. Any suggestions? Growing old - it beats the alternative. Where's Peter Pan when I really need him? And noise, I need noise. This tinnitus is driving me crazier!! Wish I could just change the frequency of the ringing.

Since I am wussie and whining it's best I go crawl in bed. Cyber wimping is not attractive. Everyone get their flu shots!! Stay casual...

"Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance."
- Brian Tracy

Monday, October 27, 2003

We shall get right down to it!

Am home from work early, LOL. It's nice to have some 'quiet time' with my machines. I've gotten emails about the new page that we are putting together. This is a work in progress and it will be several weeks before all the "like minds" congeal and actually start entries. I am sure everyone has their HTML hats on and developing material. Everyone will be notified. Thanks for the interest. This page is simply my own personal ramblings and observations. The new one will be polished and have many features. It will be about technology and the individuals involved will get to do their share of ranting and raving. As will you!! We definitely will consider anything sent for posting. So if you have ideas, gripes or praises let me know!

"All's not quiet on the 'Western' front."
-Billy Wobblynife

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Trip well traveled

Am back in Mississippi. Drove over 500 miles in the last 32 hours and have been in 4 different states today (took a wrong turn and spent about 5 minutes in Illinois, LOL). Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois are pretty states, but it feels good to be back at the Beach House. Met some really nice people while gone and my faith in today's youth is way over on the positive side of the registry. More on that later.

BTW, I realize that the picture, links etc are not aligning properly if you are using 800x600. Please bear with me; work is in progress. If you use 1024x768 or higher everything aligns properly. Also, the page is still snafu on loading. Please just refresh a few times and it will appear. Like I said, working on it.

Have to let some ppl know that I have made landfall safely. I know these last posts were short, but reasons as to why are forthcoming. Meant what I said yesterday in the last paragraph. Tell someone you love how much you care. I am grateful to God for my life and my friends. Ima' gonna' get on outta' heah'! Laytor...

"Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness..."
-- Richard Bach

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Sojourn and Thomas Stearns

I will be traveling out of state today. Have to go to Paducah, KY. I should return tomorrow or Monday at the latest. If there is a dire emergency please feel free to call. I WILL be in areas that will charge roaming fees because of the old, old cell plan. Those of you that are supposed to call me, do so. Arial and Mudslinger will check on the house periodically while I am away so if you need something, they can be contacted.

Everyone needs to embrace someone they love and share this feeling. Stop what you are doing and find those special people in your life and let them know you care. Do it! You'll be glad you did.

"Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden.
My words echo
Thus, in your mind."

-T. S. Eliot, "Four Quartets"

Friday, October 24, 2003

Wrong end of a stupid animal, several of them

Arial sent me a link to an article that does my heart good. Doom on Xupiter! It's about two teenage dudes that are going after the Xupiter jerks. If you have had experience with this horrible piece of spyware then I feel sorry for you. It is hard to vanquish, but it can be done. Everyone should read this article. It makes me proud of today's youth and drives me mad thinking that assholes like the Yomtobians exist.

Also on that subject - Hey Scott! Gator is spyware! Gator is spyware! Gator is spyware! Gator is dungware!! It's hard to believe that these mule-ass idiots are suing someone because they were called spyware. Well, it is spyware/adware/dungware and these people need to be punished in the deepest realms of hell. They reached an out of court settlement with someone that listed all their 'Xupiter-like' junk as spyware. What has happened to our legal system? A few months ago my insurance company settled with a lady that made a left turn in front of me and hit my truck while driving the wrong way on my side of the road!!!!!!!!!! What complete jerks. Instead of taking her to court (we had two eyewitnesses!) it cost the insurance sissies less to settle with her instead of paying lawyers. Justice in this country? You tell me.....

"If we do not maintain Justice, Justice will not maintain us."
-Francis Bacon

Thursday, October 23, 2003

We r thinkin' n itsa spooky

The past evening was spent discussing an interesting idea. Several of the techs/geeks/nerds in this area are willing to participate in a mutual page. We will have someone that specializes in windows problems, someone that builds cases, a tech that knows Free BSD, so on and so forth. This will be a tech help site with southern style. I will keep everyone posted as it matures. Like minds in numbers, cyber southern style, wow what a concept. Downright frightening! If you have been to slashdot then you know the drill. They are open source oriented where most of our content will be windows stuff with some open source. Corinth Chris n I are loving Linux, but we need more experience before we can advise. This will come. Arial, Mudslinger, Red Dragon, Ubertech Jim, Corinth Chris and myself are onboard. We are looking for participation. Good ideas are needed and the group is open to any suggestions. And you don't have to be southern, LOL. Let me know what you think. This site, Cybersouth, will remain as long as people keep reading. I really appreciate everyone and the concern about the hackers makes me feel like this is worth doing. Please understand this page is under constant construction and you will see changes on occasion. Gotta run. Peace to you all, my brother and sister geeks.

"Those who will trade essential liberty for promise of security will have neither"
- Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Haxors and a little musica!

Several people emailed and asked about the post yesterday. Well, the same person was back at 9:24PM last night. Someone from Poland was here at 4:48AM and best I recollect, seems that I don't know anyone that lives in Poland. Cybersouth got hit one time before but the takeover was very brief. May be the same, who knows? Gulli.com is a hacking group out of east europe. The 1337 stands for leet which means elite in haxor, and is a term gleaned from a movie about hackers made several years ago. K, worse case scenario. These jerks grab the page. They may have a hard time finding the alternate page I have in place. So, I will simply email everyone with the new addy. Life shall continue. My paranoia springs from being a channel operator on IRC EFNET since 1995. We were forever "taken over" and the script kittys/kiddys finally tired and went away. There, we were able to use some defensive measures. Here we are at the mercy of the blogger/google people. And you can't expect them to stop everything just because some asshole messes with a blog. This may have happened due to listing the addy on Microsoft's Community Group when researching the service pack 4 problem. Anyway, it's a minor annoyance. I have all backed up and can move in just a few minutes. Thanks for the concern though. It's nice to know there are good folks out there. BTW, if I don't have your email address, please send it.

Corinth Chris sent me a way funny site. Go to ROCK103.com and click on 'twisted videos'. Click on the 2nd listing about MACs. BEWARE - there is profanity. This is an answer to Apple's drive to have PC users switch to MACs. ROFL! ROCK103 is a strange weird site of the classic rock radio station in Memphis, TN. This may be the best radio station on the planet. Love the Mornin' Crew and really like Drake & Zeke during the afternoons. These people are crazy and will say anything. There is another with Triumph (the dog puppet that shows up on Conan O'Brien) messing with Star Wars nerds that is really funny. If you don't mind a little off color humor tune em up on the old personal confuser and give a listen!

"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."
- Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Lurker alert

I just finished sending the following to Blogger Support:

"During the past few days I've noticed someone visiting this blog. Upon doing a WhoIs I found this list:


The visits occured on 10/21/2003 at 2:30AM and 10/19/2003 at 3:43PM and 3:42PM. Recently, I posted to Microsoft's Community Group and several other sites about some issues with windows updates. This may be how this person found my blog. Hopefully harmless, but the above WhoIs tends to make me suspicious. Just thought I'd let you know."

Please be advised that the IPs are being traced. You just don't visit someone's page with garbage like such listed above sticking out all over a WhoIs query. Why don't you find something constructive to do instead of lurking?

"It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways."

Yo the crib!

For months now I've been trying to upload images. My daughter takes 10 minutes and BAM! It's done. Thanks Mimi (aka Arial) for all the help. If the names are strange please check the archives for October 9, 2003. This is the one where I wondered about naming everyone font names, etc. That's the Beach House. See, there is a veranda and a wisteria vine in the front yard. This is where the babble starts and ends. Oh thank you most noble daughter of mine.

It's late, I am sick and need to bed. Laytor dudes n dude-ettes.

"If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind."

Monday, October 20, 2003

Picture Test by Arial :)

this is a picture test for estrangelo daddyo ..... (i hope this works)

Edited to say:


Look what I did ------->

Love you estrangelo daddyo, enjoy your new pic! :)


Free download sites n a GOTCHA!

Some folks have expressed concerned about the "flamers" that email me. Please, these people are not a problem. For instance, right now there is a strange aol user that has been spending long periods in here for the last week. This may be harmless and I encourage everyone to read the archives. But, I do note anomalies. Another takeover of this page is undesirable. If it happens, so be it. I will get it back.

The flamer mentioned yesterday has been fingered simply by identifying his ISP. It didn't take much research to find Mr. Anonymous. Since I know the person there are certainly no worries about him. L33t he ain't. His ability to babble isn't even substandard.

Austin and I were talking about good places to find free downloads. TUCOWS and CNET are excellent sites that have been around for many years. They offer freeware and shareware. Both have a ratings systems that are very helpful. I realize that there are many more great download sites and would love to hear from ya' with suggestions. Seems we are all interested in such pages. LOL. Austin is needing a way to transfer files that may be several gigs. He's doing intense video editing. Any ideas? Anybody a DC++ guru?

Time for work. My corner of paradise is getting mo' betta'. Gosh, the cold is now at an almost livable level. Anyway, symbiosis still sucks! As does the RIAA.

"I calculated the odds of me succeeding and of doing something
incredibly stupid, and I went ahead anyway."

- Crowe T Robot MST3K

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Great Google Moogle!

Windows Critical Updates, how is this done? - asks Terry from Ingmar. Go to Start (bottom left corner of screen) left click, scroll up to Windows Update, left click, let the page open (btw you have to be on the internet) any window that pops open say yes to it (don't tell Microsoft you trust them - don't check the box), click the SCAN button, and download the critical updates. Since there has been a problem downloading SP4 (service pack 4) in Windows 2000 I advise downloading 1, or 2, or 3 then 4 instead of downloading SP4 and bypassing the first ones even though they tell you you can do this. Also, if you click an update that is starred/asterisked, it has to download by itself. Let it, then come back and do the rest (there are several of these starred downloads). If you are using a dialup modem these updates will take time and your machine will slow to a crawl if you do not have a lotta' RAM. Sorry, but don' let this stop you from getting your PC up to date! Now this is really important - restart the machine every time it tells you to restart. Do I need to repeat? Okay. If you try to stick more downloads in there without restarting you WILL have problems. There are other downloads too. Read the "more" about these to see if you really need them. Also make sure you PC has the minimum specifications to utilize the download. For instance, my lowly 200mmx does not need the new media player stuff because it's not fast enough to use it. Google search about Windows Critical Updates and read about it. I endorse these updates because of security issues and security issues only. My healthy paranoia always makes me a bit skeptical of the Microsoft bunch. I still somewhat dislike XP because of that authorization junk . If you run a spybot or spy sweeper type program it will amaze you as to how many Microsoft based utilities are trying to report things behind the scenes. Right big brotherish. FYI, Linux Red Hat does not do such things.

The anonymous emailer strikes again. Yes, I do recommend products made by people I know. Let's see ... my page, my thoughts, my right to say what I want to say. The Seat Company is way kewl. When going there I usually stop at the West End Deli and eat some awesome food with the Parker gang. Don't come to this house bringing other than Earthgrains/Colonial Bread products. My good friend David manages this area for them. No case mods here unless Red Dragon does them. If I ever have another cat it will be a Norwegian Forest Cat because Ubertech Jim raises them. If you can't use Thomas Electronics I recommend Red Magnet - my daughter works for them. I consult Chyna Moon on web development. Corinth Chris is the tech that should work on your machine in Alcorn County and surrounding areas. Google Rocks! This can go on and on. Yes, I do recommend people I know that are good at their respective fields. I also will tell you what I think of things I don't like, like that overpriced/slowass apple computer you are probably using to try and harass me. Also, anonymous - I do reply to all emails, one way or another.

Wow, the weather is just awesome. With the help of Nyquil, Dayquil, Aleve Sinus, etc. I am feeling better. Got to go hit the bricks again today. At least I am not too dizzy to drive. Be grateful to God and someone today. It'll help. And laugh about something. It'll help.

"Some things Man was never meant to know. For everything else, there's Google."
- Billy Wobblynife

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Veni, Vidi, Seati

Not too long ago I needed a chair. After much looking and up/down motion, I have one. It is overstuffed, built like a Sherman tank, gorgeous and wayyyy comfortable. It is made locally by some mastercraftsmen. The Seat Company is located in Pontotoc, MS. That's about 15-20 minutes due west of Tupelo, MS. Rusty, Steve, Joe and the team make beautifiul furniture with the utmost precision and material. Imagine sitting on a cloud. At the end of a workday I am ready to drop into this wonderful piece of furniture, armed with my remote and watch The Screensavers on TechTV. This is a weekday ritual and it is joyous I tell ya'! I opted for cloth and it matches my decor perfectly. Another neat thing about The Seat Company is that you can order online and at wholesale prices. They specialize in leather and it's really awesome. These folks know their business and are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Does this sound like a commercial? Hey, they are friends of mine. They do great work! Go to the site and look around. Their web page is straghtforward, easy to navigate and is most informative. There's a permalink posted. Check 'em out!

I am still downloading the current critical updates (my XP and 2000 machines are done) and have had no problems so far. I think they are relatively safe. Protect your PC. Update your virus definitions too. And don't open emails that you know nothing about! Real good chance they have virus infections. Just delete them and stay safe.

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."
- Dale Carnegie

Friday, October 17, 2003

Guess what's new? Microsoft has more critical updates!!!

Like my friend Eddie said, they are averaging over one a week. Red Dragon let me know yesterday, but I had posted early and went home to the throes of cold misery. Anyway, thanks RD, n keep hacking away at that visual basic stuff. Tom says wait on the updates until the bugs are worked out. I used to agree, but with security being such an issue I will go home and download these little jewels to all my windows PCs. I recommend everyone do the same. Don't know about you folks but my email is lambasted daily with virus bombs. I'd rather reinstall knowing I was trying to protect my machines than to have these dirty bastards infect it and be the reason for reload. Please remember to update your AVG or Norton's, etc. every few days. I am checking daily. Once again, if you are using McAfees, don't worry with updating. It won't do any good. McAfee's blows, but not nearly as bad as the cretins at RIAA.

It has been brought to my attention that the sitemeter is doing weird things. I am working on it. If you hit the page and only get the first few posts, do a refresh or two and it should give you a 'week's worth'. Please bear with me, it'll either work right or be removed. Thanks CC for bringing this to my attention. Tell my brother Neal I hope he wins the car show in Booneville this weekend. Gonna go. Hope to have some really kewl sites to post this weekend. If you are looking for furniture, especially leather, boy howdy have I found a site for you! More this weekend.

"There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life."
- Frank Zappa

Thursday, October 16, 2003

You put de lime in de coconut n drink a bowl up!

Since the cold/flu/biological virus seems to be slacking up I will probably die today or at least go comatose. This has been going on for a month. I just want to get well and go get a flu shot!! Always heard when you age it's harder to shake off illness and that may be one of my life's great understatements. God had blessed me with good health until 1997/1998 when I agonized for 9 months wondering if I would be shortly terminated due to cancer. It didn't happen and I am proud to say that I still get good reports every few months after finding the right medical people, but that's another story. I never had colds, back problems, gastro malady, etc., until the last few years. It's been a constant battle experiencing one problem after another. I've torn muscles that need repairing and do not exercise much. Diet is not what it should be and weight needs to be lost. So something has to give because a late lifetime of drifting from one illness to another does not fit into my planned agenda! BTW, The comatose/death remark is a joke (I hope).

Google search will find many sites that pertain to medical stuff. WEBMD is a good place to start. I've mentioned this site before and always start there when seeking cyber-medical babble. Of course the internet is a hypochondriac's dreamscape. Please beware of any information and GO SEE A DOCTOR. Find a doctor you trust and one that talks to you like a human being. If they take that superior attitude, beware. At the same time if they start out a conversation with 'Hydee bubba, you ain't gonna believe this sh--', beware. This is not rocket science. Common sense always helps. Most medical people are human beings, but this field also has it's share of horses' asses. Anyway take advice from one who knows, seek medical help. Get flu shots if needed. Be nice to them and pay your bills in a timely fashion. After all, they have influence over one of your most precious mortal items.

Also, laugh. Laugh and seek humor. Going through life and not having fun is about as dumb as it gets. Period. Nuff said. (Cough, cough) Peace out!

"Health is the condition of wisdom, and the sign is cheerfulness -- an open and noble temper."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The healthy, the strong individual, is the one who asks for help when he needs it. Whether he has an abcess on his knee or in his soul."
-- Rona Barrett

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Went down to the grocer, bottle of Nyquil please, can't be satisfied unless my tongue is green

Whew! It's gonna' be tough not to whine. Feel like death eating a cracker. Am I really this sick and wimpy or is it all this stuff that I am taking? I never, never take Benedryl and go work because it knocks me out, but am doing it now. Ok, it wasn't that tough.

K, all you closet geeks n nerds I have had no response to the question posed by Charlie yesterday. Being fluboy is not a state of mind that encourages web browsing so y'all get with it and help a fellow geek/nerd out! This is unusual. One nice thing about being here and one of the main reasons I keep chattering is that people do help with problems.

Yes, there is a site counter on the page now. It is being difficult and not positioning exactly where desired, but it was recommended by a fellow blogger. It's amazing how many 'hits' I have had. I really do appreciate everyone spreading the word. Robyn, Arkansas Mike and others, thanks for making me a home page. If you have any suggestions please email me. Robyn's idea about the weather link was awesome.

Seems a few hours more sleep are in order, but work calls. Please go get flu shots.

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Give me a bottle of Nyquil, that restless sleep my body needs

Charlie asked an interesting question:

Hey, I have question. How do you get the volume controls in Windows 2000 Pro to stay where you put them? We change it and then after reboot or sometimes while in use the wave sound is turned down. Do you know how to stop it from changing?

I have no idea. Help?!?

When the service pack 4 problem was encountered last week I went to Microsoft's online "board" as well as two others to seek aid in the resolution of the problem. Like a dumbass I used this email addy and am now being spammed by the jerks that wrote the SWEN virus. Again, don't open these attachments. Newest slant is a letter from some faux email administrator type with an attachment. When you see strange emails just delete them. I am not one to endorse or study the 'dark one', but I bet Satan has a special place by the fire reserved for these virus writing jerks.

Have you ever thought you might die due to a cold? Well, I am there. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Home remedies, old wives tales, anything. This has to go, the weather is awesome and I spend all my off hours vegetating. Whiny boy must now get ready for work...hi ho hi ho

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing."
Redd Foxx (1922 - 1991)

Monday, October 13, 2003

Rock on Gold Dust Woman

Work yesterday was good. We accomplished a lot. Then I came home and vegetated. My garage is still a wreck and I am going to try and oust whatever is living back there behind the boxes in the southwest corner. But, I plopped my tired butt down and watched The Dance by Fleetwood Mac. They are all older, more talented and very gracious to their audience. I love Christine McVie, she can sing with great range and feeling. But Stevie Nicks is just knockdown, dragout, tongue steppin' gorgeous! Extremely sensual and mysterious! This DVD has many close ups and it's hard to believe she's even aged since the Rumours album of 20 something years ago. Ms Nicks writes awesome tunes and interprets them with great feeling. She can twirl and spin in my presence any time she gets ready. Also dedicated a song to her Dad and that goes a long way with me. Stevie's Page aka Nicksfix They are all talented, every one of 'em. But Stevie floats the boat for me. Heckuva lots prettier than Mick, Lindsay or John! They are an unusual, eclectic group. In a genre all their own. Stevie, email me!

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
-Carl Sagan

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Hey! Hey! Mozilla!! (forgive me Nazereth)

Weather is awesome. Lows in the high 50s/low 60s. Highs in the 70s. Haven't run the AC in a month! And it's gonna' be this way all week, according to internet weather. The hammock will see use this week.

Frank from Alabama wants to know about Mozilla. Do I use it? Is it better than IE6? Will it work with Outlook Express? First, let me tell you don't try to uninstall IE6. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer go to Windows Update and get IE6. Also, do all the pertinent updates. Now, with IE6 done let me answer the questions. Mozilla is an alternative browser. It is a reincarnation of the last version of Netscape with some neat changes. One nice thing - it doesn't belong to AOL (Netscape did or does or whatever) which is beyond any doubt the WORST internet provider on the planet. If that offends you take your 'training wheels' browser and go elsewhere. If you like AOL so much you really don't need to be here. AOL sucks, not quite as much as the RIAA but they are really bad. Ahem! Distracted there for a moment...let me return to the subject. Mozilla is an open source browser that has gone through several states of improvement. It is the resident browser in most flavors of Linux. I use it on my Linux Red Hat machine and love it. It reacts in different ways than IE6 reacts, can kill most pop ups, and KMail (a part of the KDE shell) is an email browser that bascially eliminates virus infection. I am sure this will change as Linux becomes mainstream in the home arena. Is it better than IE6? Well, it's different. I still use IE6 on my 'big' windows machine, but love to go to the Linux box and surf the web too. It will work with Outlook Express. You can switch back and forth between both browsers. Remember, if you download this and fubar you system, don't whine around here. It's your machine, not mine and I didn't install any application on your PC. You did. So here's the Link: MOZILLA . Hope this helps Frank. Thanks for the nice email.

Have to get ready to work today. You know, sometimes I have trouble saying prayers of gratitude for Sunday work, but we aren't supposed to understand all are we? BTW, Nazereth is the name of a rock band that did a song titled 'Godzilla' and one of the repetitive lines in it was 'hey hey Godzilla' - and that's the rest of the story.

"Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese"
-Stephen Wright

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Burt, the Dukes, a squirrel, a penguin, 3 piggies n' some chickens

Sometimes it's just hard to decide things. Like, is the bunch at Red Magnet more strange than the crew at Thomas Electronics? My favorite RM tech sent me this little diddy and I am still ROFL -- The Duel. You have to have Macromedia Flash (it's a free download at their site and you need it if you don't have it) and it helps to be a Southerner to really appreciate the 'deeply buried nuances'. Stick with it too. My favorite part is at the very last of the animation. Not everyone may appreciate this piece, but it made me laugh. Thanks Arial!

"Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh."
W. H. Auden (1907 - 1973)

Friday, October 10, 2003

Khayat and Boone, get your heads outta there! It's dark and it smells!

Did someone slip peyote into my coffee? I wish these carpetbaggers would go elsewhere and leave us alone! Chancellor Bobbykins - you have a University to run. Do it or leave!! Director Peteypoo - hire a coach that will teach our receivers to catch the ball! Or take your silly ass away! Why are we putting up with this load of barnyard material?? Ole Miss alumni and students love the Colonel. Quit creating controversy and do your respective jobs. One more thing; both of you are butt-ugly!

"Leave my Colonel alone!"
-Ole Miss fans everywhere

Comedy and Coffee in the AM

A new page has been brought to my attention. It is bbspot. Profanity Warning! If you want clean, proper language and no reference to sex don't click on this link. The site does not abound with smut or anything, but you will see an offcolor remark on occasion. The subtitle of this page is 'Satire for Smart People'. If you are a Lord of the Rings or Star Wars fan be sure and click on the picture of Jar-Jar. I also like the 11 most lists. The polls are interesting too. The articles that pertain to the scum of the earth RIAA are way funny. The 'Which OS are You?' quiz is kewl (I ended up Linux Red Hat, LOL). The author/webmaster appears to be from Ann Arbor, Michigan, claims to have an EE degree and has never held a job. This is fun and only the sacreligious stuff (there's not that much) offended. Want a laugh? Check it out. Let me know your opinions. Thanks Mimi (aka Arial) and Red Magnet tech. This site is worth the visit just for the RIAA trashing.

Gonna go try a new Odyssey Coffee flavor, Bananas Foster. The smell of it brewing is heaven in your nose. Their site is posted in the links. As my friend Ed Coffin says - 'Everyone have a better than expected day!'.

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go."
- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Thursday, October 09, 2003

My geekness is showing

My youngest daughter and I had a cyberchat about me naming her and her sister after fonts and, well read on n you'll see (she's beagle and i am doc):

doc: lets see, i coulda named you Arial and your sister Verdana
beagle: lol
doc: did u ever talk to Verdana last night, Arial?
doc: it was after 11 when we hung the phone up?
beagle: ha ha nope, i left her a message, told her i would call back today
doc: i want to be Estrangelo Edessa
doc: that's a font in microsoft word
doc: u can call me estrangelo daddyo
beagle: roflmao!
doc: Would u like to be Arial Narrow or just Arial?
doc: yo Mama shall hence forth be known as trebuchet MS
doc: or wingdings, u decide
beagle: roflmao
beagle: i like the first one
doc: she is boficially trebuchet MS
doc: Dad woulda liked these changes, he wanted me to name you or your sister ja-beeq, n I tried but your mother said no
doc: don't go getting all disappointed that she wouldn't let you have such a lovely name like ja-beeq
beagle: roflmao
beagle: you are soo silly
beagle: best way to be though
doc: okay u can call me Sillyo Estrangelo Daddyo
doc: or SED for short
beagle: ha ha
beagle: i have spent the past 30 min digging up info on the dallas police dept
beagle: we are going after a guy on ebay
doc: ahhhhh
doc: whew!
beagle: dirty b------ didn't send our toy for the office (a westell router fot the techs to play with)
doc: thought u might be trying a denial of service on the Dallas PD or sumpthin
doc: sorry s--, he needs to be gut shot!
beagle: we wanted one they could just bang around on, so that is why we got it off ebay, in all my ebayness this has never happend
doc: btw i have new dual xeon server n it's da bomb
beagle: weird thing is dude responded and was friendly then just dropped off the face of the earth with out sending our item
beagle: cool beans, go you!
doc: thanks Arial, n u da bomb 2!

I think my oldest daughter will be suprised when she finds we've changed her name. My ex may have me shot. Anyway, Verdana! When you read this, give me a call. We need to think up a font name for yo hubby! SED out.....

"Insanity -- a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world."
-R. D. Lang

Wednesday, October 08, 2003


If you have received an email that even remotely looks like any of the following text, delete it immediately. It is a delivery platform for the SWEN virus. Microsoft will NEVER email you such garbage.

Microsoft Customer

this is the latest version of security update, the "October 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express as well as three newly discovered vulnerabilities. Install now to help protect your computer from these vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow an malicious user to run executable on your system. This update includes the functionality of all previously released patches.

System requirements Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP
This update applies to MS Internet Explorer, version 4.01 and later
MS Outlook, version 8.00 and later
MS Outlook Express, version 4.01 and later
Recommendation Customers should install the patch at the earliest opportunity.
How to install Run attached file. Choose Yes on displayed dialog box.
How to use You don't need to do anything after installing this item.

Microsoft Product Support Services and Knowledge Base articles can be found on the Microsoft Technical Support web site. For security-related information about Microsoft products, please visit the Microsoft Security Advisor web site, or Contact Us.

Thank you for using Microsoft products.

Please do not reply to this message. It was sent from an unmonitored e-mail address and we are unable to respond to any replies.
The names of the actual companies and products mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Contact Us | Legal | TRUSTe
©2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Terms of Use | Privacy Statement | Accessibility

Nuff said about that.

Congratulations goes out to Corinth Chris. Chris graduated with a 96 average and is now certifiably released on his Geekdom. Good go!

The Service Pack 4 problem from Tuesday has been met and it has taken a severe beating. If anyone runs into this problem let me know - I have the 'fix'. Thanks goes out to all the techs that pulled together and helped resolve this problem especially MaddMaxx and Ubertech Jim. Nice to know there are still good people out there.

"People that write viruses ain't right with the Lord"
-Billy Wobblynife

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Beware the 4th of Service Pack

There are two new critical updates for windows 2000. Guess this is just an ongoing process for the boyz n girlz at Mircosmooze. Gee, Mr. Gates, can I have a job coding? As my friend Eddie pointed out this is averaging over 1 per week so far this year. Presently, there are messages all over the forums, boards n such about the trials and tribulations of installing SP4 on Windows 2000. DON'T DO IT! At least not now. Yesterday I sat happily doing my geek thing updating a machine and it is still on the bench. Don't bother posting to Computing.net, Microsoft or Annoyances.org. I've had inquiries at these sites since this morning. Will keep you posted. Never had a problem with service pack 4 until yesterday. This is a true geek's nightmare. Some 'rocket scientist' at Microsoft decided to play with SP4 and people from all over are howling. Great googly moogly what's a nerd to do?

I have installed the two new updates on a machine that has all the updates including SP4 and it is functioning just fine. Folks, these updates are called critical for a reason. But hey, if you are not updating your virus definitions then don't bother. These "critical" updates, for the most part, are addressing security issues and are as important as virus definitions. Please stay tuned and the outcome of the latest FUBAR at the winders factory will be posted. If anyone has any input my email address is about as simple as it gets; cybersouth@mail.com. So, don't sit on your ass and not help. Let me know your "fixes", tweaks and tips. Be a good geek n play nice.

"There are two ways of constructing a software design; one way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult."
- C. A. R. Hoare

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Popups need to Popout

Popups bothering you? Annoyed to no end with undesired advertising? I have two recommendations: POW from AnalogX and the Google Tool Bar. Links are listed to both.

Google News will take you to all things Google - just change the tab at the top. And people, if you are not using Google as your search engine, at least install the registry edit that will make it your default search engine. Leo Laporte, on Call for Help, which airs on TechTV, highly recommends the toolbar. It has a built in pop up killer and from discussion with fellow geeks n nerds that are using it, it seems like a real nifty browser enhancement. Things Google seem good in general. I will install this on my 200mmx windows 98 machine and report at a later date.

POW from AnalogX sits in the sys tray and you can add popups and popunders as they appear. I have had 100% positive input about this wonderful tool. This is more traditional and comes from a site that has been in existence since 1998. Mark Thompson writes lotsa free downloads for many things cyber. This particular application resides under the software/networking category. Look around this site. It helps us lowly geek/nerd types understand how a major geek/nerd does things in a positive way. This is a site that started out as a super site and has steadily improved through the years. Keep up the good work, Mark!

The most important link in the list to the right is the one at the very top. EMAIL ME. I respond to every email so let me know what's on your mind, or tell me to go play with rabid baboons. Just click on the EMAIL ME link, post your email and click the send/receive function in your email browser. That simple, my fellow cybernauts!

"If you were plowing a field, which would you rather use? Two strong oxen or 1024 chickens?"
- Seymour Cray (1925-1996), father of supercomputing

Grillin', blendin' & thinkin'

Hamburgers were awesome. Rhonda and Lisa brought a cake that needs a patent. Ahhhhhh, so good. Almost forgot how time off can be great fun. I mowed, cleaned out the refrigerator, cleaned house, spent time with my favorite grocer and enjoyed seeing friends. Not everyone showed up, but that's okay. The weather can't get much better and we made use of the swing and hammock, which was and is a big hit. Thanks brother Dave for the buns.

Today I finish mowing. Also must rake under the Magnolia tree. Cleaning out the garage is a project that must be started, but it won't be finished today. Then it's back to the bench to see if I can finally get the FreeBSD PC running. Looking forward to it. May post later. Of late this has been more personal and not so tech-ie, but it helps my spirit. Stress has been trying to consume me and it helps to talk, even if it is to cyberspace. I will return to cyber-techno format in the near future. In the meantime try slashdot and see what is up the 'news for nerds' people. To bed and to sleep, laytor dudes n dude-ettes.

"For a smart material to be able to send out a more complex signal it needs to be nonlinear. If you hit a tuning fork twice as hard it will ring twice as loud but still at the same frequency. That's a linear response. If you hit a person twice as hard they're unlikely just to shout twice as loud. That property lets you learn more about the person than the tuning fork."
-Neil Gershenfeld, When Things Start to Think, 1999

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Can I get a yes for rock talk?

As I took that thing from the fridge to the garage, also had a load of clothes. Will the clothes be worn tomorrow? Depends on the thing that lives in the southwest corner of my garage. No matter, hawaiian shirts are the casual dress of the day. N 'cheeseburgers in paradise' will rule. Here's hope someone will not drug me and make my reality reality. BTW, livin' for the weekend may not be all it's cracked up to be. Yo' peace out, babies! (don't think i'll make it as a rapper)

Exploring the world of younger communication, it seems I've failed. Maybe I should have tried Haiku.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Time management and undesired pets

The weather is awesome. Very cool nights and mild days. After mowing the yard and cleaning house, hamburgers and refreshing beverages are in order. That should happen tomorrow afternoon with some luck. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the company of friends. Sometimes hiding from the world is a great thing. Catching up on reading, finishing a tech project, cleaning out the sock drawer all seem to come easier if a day is planned where one can be alone.

It's early, sleep is not easy and the laundry calls. Seems the refrigerator had grumblings the last time it was opened, so I may try to capture whatever resides on that bottom shelf and banish it to the trash can. Or give it to the mysterious creature that resides in the far back corner of my garage.

"If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself alone. A man should keep his friendships in constant repair."
Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Hot rods n sleep not a good mix

It's after 6:30PM. I just jumped on some kids about squealing tires. I was sleeping. And I've turned into the grouchy old man that lives on the corner. I really don't mind if they squeal tires, just don't wake me. I really feel old........and tired. I am going back to sleep.

"There is still no cure for the common birthday."
-John Glenn

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Colorful Canadian Comedian and Wimpy Boy

The weather turns gorgeous and I catch a cold. Just can't seem to shake it and feel miserable. Bones ache, the nose thinks it's in a relay race and people are treating me like a sensitive guy because my eyes appear to be tearful. I won't even go to what my stomach is about, duh! One malady after another. I've a riding lawn mower sitting in my garage and haven't used it! This cold business has to stop! Now! Non-use of a riding mower is a criminal offense at the Saltillo Beach House!

Susan wrote saying that when downloading MSN Messenger that she receives an error message - Command line option syntax error. C'mon you closet geeks. Come forth and help this lady out! In the words of Red Green, "We're all in this together."

Be not slow to visit the sick.(so email me!)