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Sunday, November 30, 2003

On getting in the way of a well planned road trip...

The Laundry Witch just messaged me and said get off my lazy butt and post. What's that stuff in turkey that makes you sleep? Tryptophan? Well it was rampant here yesterday. The couch monster is in league with it too. K, saw some great DVDs yesterday, acted like I cleaned the house and put up the Christmas tree. Then my oldest daughter and her husband came by for a visit.

They are up from Baton Rouge and are sequestered at the ex's house due to a huge family get together. So I was able to spend a few hours with them and it was absolutely great!! They won't be here for Christmas. It's Jay's parents' turn since they were here last year. Come the 1st week in February I dare anyone or anything to get in the way of my first visit to Baton Rouge since they moved there.

Enough is enough. Have vacation days I will lose and that WILL not happen. Seems like something always comes up to trash my planned time off. So, other family members, work associates, the hidden agenda planners of the days of my life, all meteorologists, you are on notice. Screw with me the first week in February, 2004, and I won't be the last one to die! That's it! Happy trails! Hope to be back tomorrow!

"Never forget what a man says to you when he is angry."
-Henry Ward Beecher (1813 - 1887)

Friday, November 28, 2003

TGIF again!

Up early still working on the same two PCs. Somewhat frustrating to have both almost healed yet knowing there are still some problems. The laptop has a dialer that just keeps showing up so it's time for more Google. Desktop is probably destined for clean install later today. Did some cooking yesterday and have a Christmas tree. House is a wreck and I have to work today. All in all, things are just about normal.

If you have the day off be grateful for this wonderful holiday. If you have to work be thankful you are not looking for a job. Traveling? Watch the other drivers!

"If you are going through hell, keep going."
- Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Make mine turkey n dressing please, with a side of common sense

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. Just think, friends and family will assemble to eat and celebrate life. I will get to spend time with both my daughters and sons-in-law plus our real boss, Maddie. Tomorrow is not the target day though. I hope to finish several projects and will spend the day alone, God willing. I prefer it this way. Then Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday will be devoted to hanging out with everyone. Absolutely won't be control phreaky and try to dominate their time. Love 'em too much for that to happen.

Those that will travel this holiday please be careful. Traffic will be especially bad. This is not a time to be in a hurry. Reach your destination safely and watch the other drivers! Don't imbibe the refreshing alcoholic beverages and get behind the wheel. If you do, I pray to God the long arm of the law throws you under the jail! Nuff said!

"You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."
- Yogi Berra

Monday, November 24, 2003

Phones, piggies, prattle n such

Trying to do battle with two machines. One's a desktop I built several years ago and the other is an older laptop running PII with 128 meg o' sdram. The OS is XP Home. It's not happy. Trying to increase the memory. It also has a dialer/trojan that is hiding. It will be found. The desktop may get the Format C: salute. May have taken a power surge hit because three PCI devices have failed. Such is life.

Anyone that has tried to call on the cell please take note that it is off. It was stated here several weeks ago that the abuse of people calling and rambling on probably will prompt work to kill the phone. How many times does someone have to say don't call unless it's an emergency? Oh well, the service is probably gone and I cannot afford to replace it out of my own pocket. Guess I shoulda' just been rude and hung up, huh?

Talking about phones - attempts to make me feel guilty because my phone is busy all the time just won't work. Whenever the VistaIIIMedia cable people decide to make this area asynchronous it will release the cable modem telco uplink. Even then I will not have call waiting - despise it. And the next person that mentions my phone stays busy all the time will be disconnected. I live alone and am somewhat aware of when my phone is in use. There are email addys posted here and at southernphried. Use them.

And how was your Monday!?

"In this age, which believes that there is a short cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest."
-Henry Miller, The Books in My Life

Sunday, November 23, 2003

I shoulda' known better with a PC like you

Always a feeling of accomplishment to return home safely from a road trip. Spent the day with my Mother and Brother Dan n his family. Great to see all of them. Everyone was in a good mood and I suffered very little on the outgoing trip. Traffic was minimal on the way up and I knew it would not be the same on the flipside. Well, the 'sport' drivers didn't let me down. It rained almost all the way home and near collision was rampant. Glad to be back at the beach house.

Now it's time to do battle with a machine I've had way too long. Several pieces of hardware were found defective (ahhh the power surge or lightning thangy) and some of the drivers didn't like the conversion from Win98SE to Windows 2000. It's always best to format and do a new install and this should have been my first move. Now, with large amounts of egg on my face, that's probably the order of the evening. Yes, this is my fault. I know better. Sometimes you just gotta' try creativity. Sometimes you have to use the old melon what resides on top of the body. But hey, we all make mistakes.

"All humans make mistakes: All leaders are human."
-Frank Herbert

Saturday, November 22, 2003

As Patrick Norton said, "You can't polish a turd."

Just got in from early Christmas shopping. Thought there'd be no one out the weekend before Thanksgiving; was I wrong! K, I don't like what has happened to the celebration of Jesus's birthday. Call me Scrooge or whatever, but the spirit is that of money instead of good will towards women and men. If people really had good will toward their fellow humans they'd make their crumbsnatching children behave in public. Wal-mart sucks because it's a playground where all the rude children in the world come to assault the elderly and defenseless. Don't say anything to these irresponsible mothers and fathers though, it'll get you in trouble. I can testify!! Been there and done that! Doesn't work so just do what I do and go very late at night when all the little ill-mannered urchins are asleep dreaming about their next conquest of the elderly. The parents seem to think it's perfectly fine for their yardapes to stomp all over complete strangers. Manners are quickly becoming a lost art. "Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Liberal Democrat." "Thank you ACLU." You are destroying part of the American way that has helped us survive. Gosh, the return of duelling as a way of life will help!! I know it will! LOL.

I did get a lot of shopping done and survived (didn't go in that evil Wal-Mart either!). It used to be fun, but I guess that part of life is gone. Well need to go get my half-full glass. I seemed to have misplaced it momentarily....

"Love children, well done."
-W.C. Fields

Friday, November 21, 2003

Removable Beasts n some yada yada

Friday is a wonderful day. It means there are only two more days to work this week. Thursday's post was nil due to being out of town, coming in late and falling asleep. Spent the day in Starkville, MS., fighting a DSL problem that was, and is, unusual. Soon this matter will be history. Now we wait for the replacement CISCO router to arrive. The unusual part is that the bellsouth.net techs were actually helpful and friendly!! This is real frightening. It's never happened before! If my old butt hadn't been so tired this day could have started with me banging my head on the bottom of the bed! They hardly ever help and phone company falsehoods always abound.

Taking a trip Sunday. Leaving early to visit Mother and attend church services with her. Tomorrow will be spent working as will Sunday evening. Too many ailing PCs are visiting in the Beach House. Please beware of virus infections. Three of these five machines in for repair have some flavor of cybervirii. The newest strain of pinf/parite is very difficult to remove. If I ever meet the little worm that wrote this junk there will be several cans of whup-ass opened because one beating just ain't enough! Yes, I will pray for him Sunday morning and also pray that he is caught and thoroughly manhandled when taken to jail. Everyone take care and have a super Friday!

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
-Albert Einstein

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Shine on, shine on

Posted in the links are two new addys. One is Southern-Phried, a new place to visit that is hosted and posted by geeklings from the Deep South Region of the United States. The other is a site called Chyna Moon Designs. This site has many layers and lotsa info! It is also a very kewl looking site with sounds to astound. Be sure and check out the depth here. Great goodies abound!! The writing is extraordinary and the web design is some of the best!!

"I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don't need."
- Francois-Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), when asked how he managed to make his remarkable statues

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

A major part of the computing experience circa 2003

Symantec is offering a rebate on their antivirus scan program, Norton's. Slashdot posted an article yesterday where some antivirus software company is offering their software to home users at no cost for one year. Grisoft's AVG antivirus scanner has been free for years and is still the program used at the Beach House. It has never failed me. I update every 3 days and scan once a day. If you just have to spend money most folks like Norton's Anti-Virus. But Great Googly Moogly!, don't get Norton's Internet Security!! It's a package that has different tools for online protection including the virus scan software and it is horrible. I've seen it wreak havoc on a network. It is extremely hard to uninstall and seems to cause more problems than all the web evils put together. Purchase JUST the antivirus program! If you are running McAfee, please don't ask me to work on your unprotected machine. Don't even bring it into my yard. How does this horrible company stay in business? Kevin Rose, TechTV guru, likes their firewall. I use ZoneAlarm; it's free and does a great job. No McAfee for me.

AVG? Click on the link listed on this site and download the free version. Be sure and give them a valid email address because they will send you a code to activate the product. When installing just use the defaults and let it finish. Be sure to restart. Let it update if needed. Let it scan. Have trusty floppies on hand and make disk/disks. Now do a few tweaks.

Find the update manager and change it from the default setting of every 14 days to no more than 3 days. While there on the Update Manager page uncheck the user confirms dial up box so it can check for updates when you are away from the computer. Then schedule AVG to run every day. Now here's the real trick. Always make sure your virus definitions are up to date. Let's say you use a laptop and it has been in the trunk all week (absolutely won't mistreat mine that way). When you finally get it out and online, go immediately to the Update Manager tab and make it manually update. Then run a full scan. If you haphazardly get on the web without doing this then your chances for infection go off the scale.

Remember having an anti-virus scan program on your computer is not worth a plug nickel if the definitions are not up to date. I don't care if you live BF, Egypt, and can only sign on at 9600k, DO THE VIRUS DEFINITIONS UPDATE! Symantec thru SARC has a wonderful site that really helps when recovering from a virus infection. These tools are powerful and are designed for power users. If you don't know what your doing seek help. Hat's off to them for making this available. They blow Grisoft (AVG) away concerning online support, but Grisoft is a European company and they do provide us with free protection. Just update those definitions in any and every case. It'll make your personal confuser happy.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled."
-Richard Feynman (1918 - 1988)

Monday, November 17, 2003

Vacate that cave, may be a sleeping dragon hiding there...

Emails have arrived about backing up data. 'If not the backup that's resident in the Windows OS's then what?', seems to be the question. K, how many times am I going to say - crawl out of that cave and use Google !?!? I just looked and there are over 1,700,000 hits when you type in "back up utilities free". Please put Google in your favorites and download the registry entry that makes Google your default search engine. One small, easy to use alternate backup program can be found at Mike Lin's Page. The name of the program is RapidBackup. Mike is a student at MIT and I have mentioned him several times in the past. If you use the program a few days and like it, then go back and leave something in the tip jar on his site. MIT is not free you know, so help the dude out. Backups can save you from the dragon and I guarantee he will appear when you least expect it!

Southern-Phried received over 200 visits this weekend. Thanks to everyone for the support. Please understand we are still under construction and things there will only get better. While I am at it, let me say thanks to all the readers of Cybersouth. Helps keep me away from therapy. Please do not be shy about using the comments tag at the bottom of each post to rave or rant or just say hi. BTW, anyone can read all the comments, just single click on the tag line.

"It is to be remarked that a good many people are born curiously unfitted for the fate waiting them on this earth."
-Joseph Conrad, Chance

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Backup dat data!!!

Well, I cancelled cooking out yesterday due to a "massive rain squall" rolling over the north Mississippi hills. The way the weather channel swami's talked we were gonna need Noah before mid-afternoon. Ubertech Jim reminded me that Lewis Black, a really funny comedian, states that the root word of meteorologist is liar, LOL. Okay it did start raining, but it was like 8:00pm. Anyway, we coulda' cooked burgers and everyone would have gone home in the rain. So rescheduling is in the works.

Southern-Phried is off to a good start. We are still tuning the site and had a minor problem yesterday, but it was quickly resolved. Due to Beagle's penchant to back up everything little data was lost.

Backing up is so important. When their personal confuser shows up with them and they are in tears saying they forgot to back up, it does not impress me much. Remember, one of the simplest ways to cure windows problems is doing a drive format and reinstall. With the advent of the NT5 kernel in windows a simple re-install is not as easy as it used to be and this is a good thing - for security reasons. So find a way to back up your critical data. Don't worry about applications or your operating system; you should have that software stored in some safe place. Buying the best hard drive you can find is the first step in backing up. Do not go for the cheapies. There is RAID, but that discussion is a post in the making. RAID is expensive and probably not necesary in the home computer situation. Some folks use tape drives (which I detest), others use CD-RW drives, and there are kits that let you back up to an external hard drive through the USB port. I use the CD-RW method and it works nicely for this network scenario. Considering the external hard drive kit though. It worked well in our bench tests and makes sense that this is a very secure way to save data. Oh yeh, if you go to purchase a tape drive DAT seems better than Travan. The tapes are less expensive, the tapes are smaller and, at least in this area, more readily available. Also, try to find a backup program other than the one resident in Windows. It sucks. Just incorporate some type of backup into your system. Check the media on occasion and verify that everything is working properly.

Have to do some stuff in the garage and then work on personal confusers the rest of the day. So I will do the breakfast/coffee dance then wade to the garage and start organizing 'stuff'. Just hope that evil smelling thing has left. You know, the other day I thought I heard it say, "Steviepoo Jobs is my daddy!"

"He who laughs last probably made a backup."
-Murphy's 7th law of computing

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Saturday mornings, burgers n Hendrix

The 6 may turn out to be 9 reference in the last post is from a song by Jimi Hendrix. Brother Dan and I spent many hours listening to Mr. Hendrix and others of that genre way way back when and it's just apropo to remember such long ago strange wild days that sometime seem like surreal images provoked by dreams of delusion and illusion. Dan is a musician and it just came to mind. Anyway, was able to talk to him and he was laughing about how he spent his day off working!

'Timing is of essence' it has been said. We no more than get Southern-Phried launched and my internet connection went whacky. I did post a few minutes ago and think this will be a really neat, fun place to visit. No doubt, you can find various opinions, rants, raves, etc. spewing forth from this group, LOL.

It's back to bed for me. Have a dirty house and garage to clean and the Southern-Phried group will be here this pm for burgers n refreshing beverages. First though, another hour or two of sorely needed rack time. Yep, that's right - need my ugly rest.

"I have an existential map; it has 'you are here' written all over it."
- Steven Wright

Friday, November 14, 2003

Happy Birthday Daddy Dan!!

Brother, 6 may turn out to be 9. Jimi had it right 20 years ago. Now u r my older brother? (insert evil grin) Best to ya and stay away from the alternative, we need more talks!

Okay, here's the new addy:


Check it out, lotta rabid possums died to make this site possible...

"rocket in my pocket, no way to stop it "
-Little Feat, in honor of Daddy Dan

Thursday, November 13, 2003

I am just not worthy!

Dedication is a strange wonderful thing. People have been up until the wee hours of the morning tuning this new site. Our main architect, Beagle, had a frustrating problem last night and dropped from exhaustion and Mudslingr picked up the ball and ran with it. This type of dedication makes for wonderful results. The problem solved was critical to the actual loading and continued functioning of this site and they are troopers to the Nth degree! Thanks guys! Also, I certainly will sell no one short - EVERYBODY involved has contributed! This is a very unique group and all the individuals involved are dedicated geeks not only in mind, but with the heart as well. We actually love what we do!!!

Tomorrow will be a very short post announcing the new site addy and one other message. Everyone use half full glasses, mugs, cups, etc. today!

"There are countless ways of achieving greatness, but any road to achieving one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity."
-Buck Rodgers

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Evil Smelly Things

Sorry about tirade mode. Cheesy people really irk me. The jerks at Gator are so chickensh-- they have changed their name. What a bunch of idiots. The RIAA approached some fellow nerdlings in Amory, MS, about a 30 minute drive southeast of Tupelo. They warned them to stop uploading their 4000+ library. Asswipes! This is an organization that is hell bent on resurrecting the Spanish Inquisition. If you go into the RIAA (or Gator!) board room there are probably swastikas on the walls! They should pray to Hitler and Satan every night and thank them that I probably won't be elected Ruler of the Known Universe. I'd have 'em all horsewhipped and flung into a volcano!

Somehow I have to get out of this state of mind. Guess I'll go home and try and evict that evil smelling thing that has taken up residence in the back of my garage. Stress relief for a geek...

"When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."
- Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Ditto the last post

Get spybot search and destroy, remove all that gator horror and other evil thangys!

Wow, can we ever talk about nice things again? Rid your pc of this horse sh... And update your virus definitions and SCAN!!!!

Don't let the idiots get u down.

Gator sucks like the RIAA

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Gator will turn your PC into a public swamp

Posts this week will probably be short. I should return in a few days at full speed. The new site is due to launch on Friday. Reminds me of the doozers from Fraggle Rock. Have you ever noticed that southerners seemed to all be characters? There's about 10 of em building a really kewl site as we speak.

Folks, please don't download weatherbug, precision time, that stupid calender, etc. This is all Gator propaganda and it is SPYWARE in spite of what they say! Screw the evil bastards! This is horrible stuff that is a nightmare to uninstall. This type of cyber abuse is equal to virus infections! Sneaky stuff that constantly reports activity to others so they can bombard you with ads n other barnyard material. If you have it on your PC download Spybot search and destroy and remove it. There is a link posted.

"Gator, doubleclick, and the rest are virus infections written by Satan's agents."
-Billy Wobblynife

Monday, November 10, 2003

It's Alive! It's Alive!

Worked late on the new page last night. Actually, a few of us got together and watched our HTML goddess at work. There were major changes and the launch is ahead of schedule. Everything may be in place to make an official announcement this week. Sorry, but I am just geeky enough to tell you that this has been a blast. I have laughed out loud on several occasions.

While watching this thing come together I thought of how kewl it was that Mudslingr sat at another machine here doing stuff, Nookin4Nub-inthe662 sat at his crib participating and Beagle was at home orchestrating it all over a communal yahoo chat - constantly astounding us with an array of templates and colors. We have a logo now and it reflects the spirit of what this is all about - it's fun! Ubertech Jim (aka ARCIII) came later and did an awesome post, Red Dragon made some great comments and Corinth Chris (aka Grasshoppa) has been a constant supply of great info and ideas. We got Uncle Snake and Verdana signed in too.

When starting this project it seemed like a good idea to bring geeks/nerds in our area together for a general forum. Corinth Chris n I started talking about this months ago and it is great to see talented people come together and work like "robots" to make this happen. I think everyone will really like the cyberwit and cyber info. The core group is diverse in fields and some opinions. Avatars for each member are being developed and they will reflect this diversity.

We by no means are limited to our own devices. Comment bars are in place and we hope to have many people rant and rave through articles sent to us. Hey, I am so taken with all this I am actually looking for an Apple person to submit stuff. Of course, you better have thick skin to run with this Windows/FreeBSD/Linux bunch.

Gotta go, the shower beckons, n I am looking for one of those 'wonderful Mondays' the Laundry Witch has talked about in the past. Well an uneventful Monday will do...

"Data expands to fill the space available for storage"
- Parkinson's Law of Data.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

I say there-a boy, Ima' not a chicken!

Microsoft has leaked info about their new OS for several months now. It's presently titled Longhorn. Whether or not the leaks are intentional we will probably never know for sure. There's a lot of vague articles floating around the web and great speculation as to what the dudes n dude-ettes in Redmond are doing. There is constant chatter about the release date being pushed back to late 2005 or early 2006. Then there are several frightening mentions that they may issue an interim version. Great googlymoogly! Did they not learn their lesson with Windows ME (Millenium)? The least successful operating system in the history of the company that most people love to hate was only forgiven because Windows 2000 was and is way kewl. So people quickly forgot and forgave Microsoft for ME. I do realize there are some folks that like ME. Hey, after formatting and doing a complete install, go directly to Windows update and download ALL updates. Make the floppies and NEVER count on the Restore function to work. ME ain't that bad. It's just that Windows 2000 is soooooooooo much better. Ok, back to Foghorn Longhorn.

Looks like they'll have a clock on the opening screen. Also, a function exists called sidebar that is supposed to make our life easier. There are changes in the way the file system will work. Let's see, a few of the new file system names being thrown around are WINFS and NETFS. Ubertech Jim tells me that NETFS is not a new idea, but one that has been rehashed. The work of video and audio integration is supposed to make all the gamers happy, something about 120 pixel count versus the 95 pixel count now present in XP. Server tools, i.e. ClickOnce, will make the IT/IS people happy. Along that line, it looks like Yukon will ship late next year. This is supposed to be the 'mac-daddy' (sorta funny description about a Microsoft product, huh?) of databases that will replace SQL which is pronounced sequel. Anyway, if you are jonesing for info on this latest offering do a Google search and you'll be happy. Just don't get it confused with things related to the University of Texas mascot. If you want to have some fun, search for Foghorn LEGhorn and enjoy things relevant to my second favorite Looney Tunes character. Hey, who doesn't like the world's greatest curmudgeon - Yosemite Sam!?

Can't post this without saying something about Linux. Bill Gates is smart enough to know that if he doesn't do something wonderful in a timely manner more people will dabble in Linux. He's also smarting because the world's 'biggest asshole' Steve Jobs, is reaping great financial rewards with 'wayyy too pricey legal' music downloads. So Billyboy may up the schedule and pump out the latest offering sooner than one thinks. In the meantime, it might not hurt to look at Linux Red Hat . I find something new to like about it all the time. Free BSD is still an ongoing project. It's been a victim of the flu at this house and I hope to return to this install in the near future. Ubertech Jim loves Free BSD and Corinth Chris is a huge fan of Linux. Both of these guys are core members of the new site. There will be articles on these alternative operating systems.

The new page is still being developed. My recent whinefest with the flu slowed everything down around me except the Hitler strikers being pissed because I was sick. Anyway, we are on track and small changes keep happening that make things better. The present structure is basic and hopefully the real template will be in place in the next week or so. Then we have to decide placement. After that the posts will start. Yes, we are having fun. A place for geeks of the south to air and share is just darn near a necessity. The door is always open for comments and suggestions.

I am aware of the problem with comments. They work sometimes; like right now. Never has it been said that I am Emporer of HTML. This is a work in progress and I just installed the comments tag a few weeks ago. Need to send the developer money and have a chat. Then I may be educated enough to make it work. In the meantime, if someone knows how to fix it, please email me.

"First we thought the PC was a calculator. Then we found out how to turn numbers into letters with ASCII — and we thought it was a typewriter. Then we discovered graphics, and we thought it was a television. With the World Wide Web, we've realized it's a brochure."
- Douglas Adams (1952-2001)

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Yada yada wif a to be continued

Missed posting last night. Am languishing slovenly in bed trying to let the flu run it course. Dr. John said, "Rest my boy, and stay away from stress for a few days." So I am staying horizontal today. Work planned tomorrow, n it'll be taken in slow stride. I see a flu shot in my near future. Here in our corner of paradise the weather is awesome. I have the windows open and am enjoying watching the birds out of my bedroom window that faces south over the patio. Even though ailing it's great to enjoy life. Grab a loved one and give them a kiss. It'll make your day glow better. Will try and post about longhorn, etc. laytor.

"One of the signs of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important."
- Bertrand Russell

Friday, November 07, 2003

Later this evening we'll longhorn

Friday! Only two more days to work this week! I am going to be busy today and may not be able to post again until tonight. Then I'll tell you about what's going on with the new page, who all is involved, some of the current projects they are doing, so on n so forth. Also, I have some info about the new "Longhorn" OS that will replace XP in late 2005 or early 2006. Stand by n stay casual. N remember your comments are always needed.

"A clever man commits no minor blunders."
- Goethe (1749-1832)

Thursday, November 06, 2003

The cheese is dwindling at a rapid rate

Being ill sucks. The bathroom tour is getting old. Can't sleep, can't eat; right out of a Robert Palmer tune.

My ability to sit in a vertical position hasn't been great, but we have started on the new site. It'll take a few weeks to get it tuned, but I am surrounded by kewl, diverse individuals. We are busy laying the groundwork to produce a slick site that all y'all will like and talk about. The name has been decided, but let us get things a little more structured and then I'll announce it with the gusto of a hound-dawg. After reading some of the comments posted here and there we may decide to make it a comedy site instead of tech-help (a joke).

Always glad to hear from everyone. Just click on the comments at the bottom of the post and let it rip!

"Did you ever see an unhappy horse? Did you ever see bird that had the blues? One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses."
- Dale Carnegie

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Ailing, wailing and whining at the speed o' light

Am home sick trying to recover once and for all from this horrible flu/earache/gastro-nasty. Really wanted to see Matrix Revolutions tonight, but don't want to stray that far from my bathroom and medicine cabinet. May post later this evening if feeling better. Will appreciate any prayers, words of wisdom, remedies, etc. Just post in the comments. My refrigerator is full of cheese...

"People that put sugar in their cornbread ain't right with the Lord!"
-Ludlow Porch

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Alas, where's our Uncle Snake when we need him? (it's almost Matrix time again)

Laundry Witch sent a Yahoo IM saying that Monday can be a wonderful day. I will try to hold this thought in my feeble mind until next week. The PC that resided at the house all weekend was not happy as it returned to its desk early yesterday. It's back on my bench again. Contrary to being contrary, it is presently warm and fuzzy. I re-taught it a favorite phrase * format C: * Enjoying this helps me deal with my control phreakiness. All drivers are installed. Now we will take it down a notch and install the Satan software Word Perfect on it. No one said the zeroes n ones would always line up right.

Matrix Revolutions will air Wednesday night. Be neat to see where this ends or goes. Mudslinger, Arial, others n myself will be there. Hate that Uncle Snake and Verdana won't be here to go, but they are planning on seeing it in Baton Rouge. Watching Animatrix and it fills a lotta' gaps. Nice work too. There are 9 tales and the animation styles vary. Watched the first Matrix last night and Reloaded several times last week. If you are a geek/nerd type these movies are almost mandatory.

You've seen the case work of one of the people (Red Dragon) involved in the new site so here is a link to an article that Arial/Beagle/Emily wrote last month about a Better Than Ezra concert. Good rock group and I personally think the article is written by one of the best!!

Better Than Ezra (by Emily)

Neat writing and some really good photos of a really good band. Check it out and get a preview of another talent participating in the new site!

BTW, when you click on comments don't be afraid to leave a rant or rave. There is NO tracking so you cannot be found unless you leave your email address. Red Dragon, Verdana said to tell you, "The case is way way kewl - keep up the good work n do a LOTR case, LOL." Stay safe my fellow nerdlings and keep on geeking...

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens."
- Jimi Hendrix

Monday, November 03, 2003

RIAA NOT!!!!!!!!!!

The RIAA mule-asses are back at it again. Stupid lawsuits flying and the 'woosie fraidy cats' giving them money. Something needs to be done about these jerks. Seems most of us endorse paying for downloads (a reasonable amount), and we can still record ANYTHING off radio or TV for free!. Here's why - radio and TV have paid the RIAA 'juice money". Without this graft and the thug charge on each music cd, thug charges on music systems (like in malls) the RIAA cannot exist!

Let's get rid of these rotten, smelly, slimy, perverted, devil worshiping, sons and daughters of those who haunt red light districts !!! Stop buying prerecorded CDs!!! Write to your favorite musician and tell them you'd love to download directly from their web site and send them the money not the RIAA! Write your Congressmen and tell them that Nazism is not tolerated! Be verbal about this and stop the persecution of innocent people!!!! Let everyone know we want to pay for music downloads, but we don't want to pay the RIAA under any circumstances!. They must cease and desist FOREVER!

Civilization does not need hitman/mafioso mentality, but okay, let's say fight fire with fire! Make dueling legal and I'll challenge everyone of the scumbags! Nothing will happen because not one of them has the balls to answer such a challenge. Forget pistols or swords, let's do boxing matches for charity! They still won't answer; they are nunu-less people without souls. Boycott, Boycott, boycott!!!!!! Click on this link and join! Buy a ball cap or a t-shirt! Fight for your rights as an American and a human being! BOYCOTT RIAA. Get rid of these cretins. Ahhhhh, the day is coming when I will loosen up and tell you how I really feel. In the meantime, these are my alternative solutions and my present state of mind concerning the dregs of society.

Got better ideas? Don't agree? Click on comments and leave your post. You cannot be tracked so fire away! Certainly, you can tell how you feel about jerks that sue 12 year girls!

"No quote, need comments, so post!"

60s music n Star Trek philosophy

The PC that has been on the bench is still not happy and my cold may be trying to make a 3rd or 4th comeback. The Mamas and Papas had it right when singing, "Monday Monday, just can't trust that day." Really tough starting a week in maximum failure overdrive. But, you know what? There's a very good chance things will get better! LOL

Anyone have a webmail service they recommend? The mail.com people have become ridiculous. Glad I waited to upgrade otherwise their little nasty tricks might not have become apparent. Being asked is much better than being coerced (God, I despise control freaks). Such a sad thing to see a good site deteriorate. As often said here, dueling should be brought back. Anyway, a good webmail sight is needed. May end up yahooing and getting 5000 pieces of spam a day. There is a way to stop all spam there. Use filters and give all your emailers a code word to put in the subject line.

Hope everyone has a happy, productive week. Please remember that contrary to the borgs in this world 'resistance is NOT futile".

"Money talks...but all mine ever says is good-bye."
-Billy Wobblynife

Sunday, November 02, 2003

see today's post below

As Dylan wrote, "These times, they are a changin'"

It's a great weekend weatherwise and we may not have too many of those left this year. If you haven't clicked on the links in the last article and viewed Red Dragon's latest case modification please do so at this time. This is masterful work and his attention to detail is super. After reading this post, possibly making a comment and finishing surfing in general, go outside! We all need our place in the sun especially those geeks that sit around absorbing "RF" in front of a personal confuser.

Still running Windows 2000? Resisting the big brother gates authentication code in XP? Yet, disappointed that there is not msconfig option in Windows 2000? Hang on to your barbeque grills and secret sauce because I've got a really kewl site for you. Mlin.net is a site created and maintained by a 19 year old student at MIT. Mike Lin started this site several years ago and has some really nifty utility programs for ALL Windows users. His Start Up Control Panel is a must for those using Windows 2000. He has a Rapid Backup program that is easy to install and use. Seesaw is great if managing a PC with two processors. Startup monitor helps keep trojans, etc away. Just go to this site and take a look. N if you like something, go back n hit that tip jar! MIT isn't free.

Have to go work on a PC that needs to return to its desk early tomorrow morning. Those whom I have given my pager number, throw it away. I wasn't given the option to switch it to my name and continue the service. Seems that when I had kidneystones a few months ago and didn't answer pages this rendered its function null. Hell, I wasn't just not answering the pager, I didn't even answer the damned doorbell. Anyone that has had this malady understands. Those that haven't, hit your knees and pray prayers of gratitude because it is so painful you actually want to die. I have asked people to please not use the cell phone unless you have an emergency and now it will be gone January 1, 2004. On the same note, everyone should know that my sense of duty WILL permit calls to my home if you feel it's necessary. God knows that many problems have been resolved over the cell phone in the past years, but now they will have to wait until the evening hours. Hopefully by then the cable modem will be asynchronous and the phone line won't stay busy. I need both jobs to make ends meet and cannot afford another expense. This post may be one of those that gets one fired or in deep doodoo. Screw it, the truth is the truth n I must get to the PC mentioned above. God help us all.

"Patience is the companion of wisdom."
-Saint Augustine (354-430)

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Kewl Pics n Solicitation

Red Dragon has put together a case mod that just blows me away. Take a look at some really fine craftsmanship:

Red Dragon Case 1

Red Dragon Case 2

Red Dragon Case 3

Looks like I just need to post everyday and let everyone else do the writing, LOL! The comments from yesterday are too much. I have solicited names for the new site for a month now with hardly any response and yesterday people came forward with really good suggestions. Please remember, when clicking on the comments tag, just use one click and while your there go ahead and post something! Hey, Red Dragon wants feedback on the case mod and suggestions for a site name, etc. are definitely welcome!

"He who laughs last probably made a back-up."
-Murphy's 7th Law of Computing