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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I recently received this from ubertech Jim and feel it worth passing on:

am glad to report that the statments used to include Robin Williams
as a Hollywood Half-wit..... Are pulled directly from His Robin
Williams Live show recently aired on HBO out of context...... While
he may have liberal idiot leanings (donno never heard him asked or
heard of him expounding on his politics) if what he says in this show
is going to be allowed as qualification in HH-W then he also needs to
be included in the Hollywood Heroes section because in the same show
he goes off on Osama, Al-Queda, Al Sharpton, Madame Cleo, Cher,
Michael Jackson, Teddy Kennedy a.k.a. the macy's day blimp, Colin

Now, I like this site, but here's proof that anyone can make mistakes. I appreciate Jim bringing this to my attention because I really don't want to ward off Robin and his stuff. Hope we hear more from ubertech Jim.

Sorry about not posting yesterday , but I am no rocketscientist. The blogger folks have been awesome so far and my loss of posts is strictly my doing. So, please bear with me. And email me! In the immortal words of Red Green, "We're all in this together."
I posted early yesterday and just realized that it didn't make the trip. More will follow later this evening

Monday, April 28, 2003

I just don't like Steve Jobs. I've never met the dude, but he is not my cup of tea. He's abrasive, a smartass, conceited and for what? He sells computers that use two year old technology and cost three times as much as a windows machine. He didn't invent this machine , Steve Wozniak did. The company ran him off at one time and he somehow wormed his way back. And puh-leeze don't start that barnyard material about how Apples need to be rated differently! A 1 gig processor is a 1 gig processor, so deal with it. You have to buy everything from this overblown overpricing company; there are no Apple clones. Mr. Jobs has made sure of that. Who would want to "clone" them anyway? Let's see, they possess less than 5% of the market, run slow processors and are way way way too costly. Now tell me again why you bought that Apple? Can you say 'Ima rocket scientist'? I bet Steve Jobs can.....
Here's a neat site that has mucho info on Windows stuff:


Kewl name or what? This is an older site that has many tweaks, fixes and links concerning everyone's, ''favorite operating systems." If you want to see a truly awesome map of your system got to:


Download the advisor and it will reveal hardware and software on your personal confuser. Please remember, be very careful when downloading stuff. It's at your own risk so you won't get cheese to go with that whine from me.

If there is anyone that is suffering from notenoughyardtomow-itis, I am here to help you. My lawn awaits!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

It is hard to decide whether I dislike telemarketers, spammers or popups worse. I think spammers. I received an email concerning another site at the Cybersouth email address from someone at a Yahoo address. Now I am being spammed. I liked Yahoo at one time the way I now like Google. Then, they became proponents of spam. I simply put these unsolicited mailers in block senders. BTW, I have found a way to stop receiving mail at Yahoo and still use messenger. You go into mail options, then filters, create a filter by clicking on the more arrow and change the subject filter to 'does not contain' instead of 'contain' and input some wild phrase like, "liberals are purplepeople eaters." Now, unless the subject line contains the words "liberals are purplepeople eaters" your email will be bounced. Yahoo Messenger will now be available without that worrisome, spammed out Yahoo Mail. I also use an outdated Popup stopper called Popup Killer. Support ceased in March of last year , but it works and I've had no problems with it. If you download Popup Stopper, beware. I have heard some issues. Others swear by it. The poor telemarketers need to visit the washingtonpost or womencentral site and read Miss Manners. I just hang up on them after telling them to put me on their nocall list. If they argue with me I will become irritated and explain exactly how I feel about their lineage.

Segue. When I recommend things like using antivirus software, doing updates on windows operating systems, defragmenting on a regular basis, running scan disk, please understand that every computer is different. If you read the Windows Update 'more' tabs, you may decide to skip one. Yesterday I was using my Windows 98 machine and noticed there were a lot of updates (non-critical) I haven't done. The majority of these were language thangys, but I checked on Media Player 9. After reading the system requirements I have found that my lowly 200mmx processor will not meet the current standards. Hence, no Media Player 9 for the Windows 98 machine. So, please be careful doing all downloads.

Free BSD did not get installed this weekend. It will probably be towards the end of next month now. My PDA tells me I won't have time unless I finish my second job early while on vacation! I apologize to Jim because he had planned on assisting and I sorta' ducked out yesterday. But, I am learning more about Linux everyday and like it a lot. May even dual boot it on my laptop.



That's the email addy and it resides in the top left corner of this blog. Use it! Even though my days are busy I will always try and take time to answer anyone and love when people write to tell me I am right/wrong or give me wonderful tips. I stay in this cyber-world a lot and this is quickly becoming my primary email. I am fairly thick-skinned and can take criticism. I believe in manners and am trying to resist the use of profanity in here. We all tend to be irritable and grouchy sometimes, but should be positive and nice the vast majority of the time. Being polite goes a long way in this world. Pay someone a compliment today. Try it, you'll like it.


Saturday, April 26, 2003

It's Saturday night and I am looking forward to watching "Enterprise" which is the only Star Trek that runs on the local cable system (there is TNG on TNN but I've seen em all). I actually took the day off and didn't answer the phone and guess what?! - I feel rested. Hate working on Sundays, but will tomorrow. Cable must be pulled on a current project and a friend is running some wire and needs help. Then I must help someone with their car and come home and mow the yard, which is almost an acre, with a 20" push mower. There are not enough hours in the week to get everything done. Taking vacation the second week in May and it is sorely needed. K, I am whining. Glad to be employed and that my family and friends are healthy. Anyway, if you are thinking about creating work for me, might be a great idea to check with me first; am booked up for several months now. Phone not being answered? There's a reason....

Glad to see that Grokster and Kazaa won in court and are not responible for what files people swap. Now if the court would just order them to stop using that Gain/Gator stuff! Worse than a virus and extremely hard to remove once it sneaks on your machine. Bonzi Buddy, Gator and Xupiter travel in the same circles as the hollywood halfwits, the taliban and the french. Wormy I tell ya , wormy.

Friday, April 25, 2003

I posted early this morning and it has mysteriously disappeared into the etheric so please understand redundancy if it decides to show up. Don, a fellow windows user has had a problem with runtime errors when trying to download from the Windows Update site. I have tried to send 4 machines today to Windows Update and they all seem to be sorta' timing out. So Don, when you read this, please understand that this may be the problem and I researched this in Microsoft's Knowledge Base using the error code you gave me and it resolved the problem by turning off script debugging. Send me another email address and I'll relay all I've found to you personally. The emaill addy I have listed for you is being rejected by 3 different email servers. So, please email me again, I have info for u. BTW, Don is running 98SE if anyone has experienced similar problems.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of diagnostic software for windows machines, please contact me. Another 'tech in arms' , Chris from Booneville and I have been going over this for a day or so. AnalogX has some really nifty stuff and is a well established site. Mike Lin at http://www.mlin.net has really put together some awesome stuff and uses very little space to accomplish great tweaks. His Start Up Control Panel is awesome as is Seesaw for dual processor machines. We realize these are just a few and would like to hear more on the subject.

Tomorrow I will install Fre BSD 4.8 if I finish my other dinosaur machine. I want only Free BSD on this unit and it's mandatory that I run one machine with windows 98 due to the widespread use of this os. Free BSD is going on a pentium 200mmx that has 96 megs o ram and an 8 gig hard drive. This should be an awesome machine for this os. I did purchase a flat screen CRT Mitsubishi for this system, expecting to be in front of it a lot! So if u r mid-fi geeky hang on to those old puters and run linux or bsd; they make great mail and web servers for a local network!! And are just downright fun after a day at the grind wif Mr Gates various flavors of winders.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Wait! Hold it! Can you believe what's happened now? Astounding news!! Microsoft issued two new critical updates last night. They concern everyone running the winders os's. One is for Internet Explorer and the other is for Outlook Express. Click the start button, go to the top of the window that opens and click on Windows Update. They will guide you from there. If you are not updating your operating system then you ARE definitely open to attacks. This is like, uh, critical!!
It's raining, really raining. There was a catfish on my porch wanting inside when I got up this morning. Rain slows things down and the south is inherently casual in a really kewl way. When I have to re-roof the house it will be metal. Rain on a tin roof is poor man's morphine. Sleep and dream tremulous dreams; ahhhh the good things in life.

Thanks to the great response about the opaserv virus. Glad I was of some assistance. Keep them cards n letters a comin'!

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Shannon is having a problem with compatability concerning a ZIP 250 USB and general software used in a buisness environment. After some research fellow techs are saying to definitely upgrade to the latest Iomega software and that addy is:


The main issue is any "text type" operation seems to 'drag and then catch up'. This did not happen until installing the ZIP 250. This happens in Word, a terminal emulation program, etc. I sat there and typed in Word97 and realized his frustration; text not showing up when typed is extremely frustrating. It has also been recommended to check the microsoft knowledge base and I am in the process of browsing the KB now. Anyone that has suggestions, please email address in the top left corner of this page. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The following is a VERY kewl and important addy:


If you copy and paste this into the address line of your browser, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, etc., this will take you to a page where you can download the tools that will make Google your default search engine. If you are not using Google?.?..START! This is by far the best search engine out there, bar none. They also have a really cool Google tool bar, but I favor having more space in my browser window. If you haven't searched for images in Google, try it. Click on the images tab and search for parrothead. Literally thousands of pictures will be made available about Jimmy Buffett and various parrotheads. Or try Ole Miss. Pictures galore of the mighty Rebels, Eli, the Atrium, etc. Usually these images can be downloaded and incorporated into say, a wallpaper for your desktop! Yes, State fans, there are many pictures of your university too. Groups search in Google can be a wonderful source of info concerning most anything. I've posted stuff about puter problems and found wonderful answers. My delightful days here in paradise, at the Saltillo Beach House, usually start with a cup of fresh ground coffee and a glance at Google News. Google, truly an awesome place to visit on the net. There have been books written about this versatile site and the strength of its engine. So crawl out of that cave, put on your rocket science hat, step up to the 21st century and blow off that horrible MSN search thangy! Get to googling, it'll turn you on...

The only stupid questions are those not asked and any pertaining to the sanity of Barbra Streisand (I hope I misspelled it) and Ja-nobrain Garofolo (say that really fast and it sounds like u r heaving). So, the email address is posted at the top left of this page and it's there for a purpose. Sometimes a good group think can produce wonderful results.

In the near future boolean search will come up. Any input or tips will be appreciated.

Now stop reading this and go to Google n look at all those pictures, etc.! Courtney Cox is a lovely child, isn't she?

Monday, April 21, 2003

Did my email addy post in the corner?
Since there is a drive formatting on the bench I have a few minutes to share something. Our office manager had a wreck Friday. She was inside a business when the PA system blurted 'the owner of a white chevy van needs to go to their vehicle'. She went outside to discover that an 80 year old lady had backed into her van and it had moved forward and hit the car parked in front of her. The lady was hysterical and so upset; she thought she was in drive instead of reverse. 'Our office manager' forgot about her vehicle, the damage and proceeded calming the elderly lady down. After further inspection the van was found driveable and 'our office manager' tried to contact the son of this woman on her own cell phone and then decided to drive the lady home since no one could be reached by phone. They talked on the way about her deceased husband, how she had moved next to her children when he passed and even stopped to look at flowers in the garden upon arriving. This was not a short trip, she drove about 30 miles out of the way to help this lady and ease her strife. It makes me feel good to know there are some good human beings in the world. I am being sued for $48,000 because a lady was driving on the wrong side of the road and hit me 1.5 years ago. There are witnesses and pictures. I asked her three times if she was ok and she replied yes everytime. Friends of mine actually pried her fender away from her tire so she could continue on her journey home. She went to the doctor a week later and missed no work. There were no tickets issued. All this because an ambulance chasing attorney thinks he can just bark like the dog he is and the insurance company will pay him to quit his howling. They probably will. So, when our office manager embraces this elderly lady and seeks to comfort her because it is the right thing to do, I rejoice....
once again the email addy is cybersouth@mail.com
New week, beautiful morning, birds are singing and the sun is shining! WILL YOU UPDATE YOUR ANTI-VIRUS DEFINITIONS TODAY???!!! If you don't, take your whine elsewhere. My pcs check for anitvirus updates EVERYDAY! I recently had to heal two machines plagued with the opaserv virus. This thing is a nightmare to an unprotected winders 98 machine. Has to do with ports 137, 138, & 139 being open and the way the virus re-infects. Fall of 2002 it appeared and has reappeared in several varieties. It will show up after fdisk and format! It does not stay on the drive but is so prevelant on the net that there are unaware machines sitting everywhere waiting to reinfect you. My youngest son-in-law and I fought this for days. He'd reformat and go to windows update site (have u been there lately? they have security updates that are all but mandatory!) and the next time the machine booted the virus would be back in all its glory. Left alone and not healed it may eventually shut down your hard drive leaving a message that you are running illegal software and contact 1800PIRACY, etc. Thank you, http://www.computing.net and Brad Petersen for all the research and postings about this pain in the butt virus. Most at this site seem to think the anti-virus software community is ignoring it. So the next time the anti-virus software on your computer wants to update, go get a cup of coffee, walk the dog, embrace your children and let this wonderful protection process finish! Then, RUN A VIRUS SCAN!!!!!!!!!

I personally use and recommend AVG. It's free for the basic version at http://www.grisoft.com and easy to install. A scan runs everyday on my machines and it is the only anti-virus software used. Some folks don't like it, but I usually know about new virus infections before anyone not using AVG. Norton's, which is now Symantec, is good if you use only, I repeat only, their antivirus program. Beware installing the internet security tools or utilities. I have seen both wreak havoc on networks and shy away from most of their products because of these experiences. The internet security software from Symantec shut down a network and it took forever to remove that load of barnyard material. If you have had different experiences please let me know.

Most virus writing script kitties are pimply, insecure, little-bitty, unwashed, grunting satan-worshippers. They need to get on that jet with the hollywood liberal bunch and land in North Korea. Sometime in the future i'll drop my reserve attitude and tell you how I really feel about this bunch!

Sunday, April 20, 2003

K, the q key is repaired. Something I might mention is that I like most anything on TechTV. Screensavers and Call for Help are great sources of information about computers and technology. I am intergrating a Linux Red Hat machine into my network (it's WAY kewl so far) and about to install Free BSD 4.3 on another stand alone PC. Anyone that has done the Free BSD dance - all tips and guidance will be appreciated. My windows 2000 machine is a dual p3 1.0g, asus mobo, 1 gig o ram n it's SCSI. Antec Server case, with TDK CDRW and DVD. Also sprung for the Audigy Platinum card since i am a music junkie. Monitor is 21" and the system migrates into the home theater, audio and video. Linux machine is dual pentium pro 200 and SCSI. I recently purchased a 2.4 p4 toshiba laptop that rocks and it is my only XP machine - still a win 2000 fan. I faithfully carry my Palm V (it's old and dependable). It helps make up for my massive brain cell loss! Acquired neat Canon S200 digital cam last year and it goes most everywhere with me. Now I am mentioning all this so everyone can understand how geeky or not-geeky I am and this may provoke questions or tips.

Going to a tool sale at the community center and drive my El Camino. Email is cybersouth@mail.com

oh i forgot something, the email is cybersouth@mail.com -
A definite southern, conservative slant here...liberals need to go to http://www.hollywoodhalfwits.com and read about their 'heroes'. Yes I am truly southern and a Mississippian during the best part of my life. Being in the Tupelo area always provokes questions about Elvis (for the uninitiated, Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo). Yes, there is a kewl birthplace museum and giftshop here and no, I haven't seen him lately. I work for a local company that specializes in telephony and networking. Our clients are commercial and industrial businesses, hence we won't work on your personal computer. One of the reasons I have 'just begun to blog' is to try answering questions about our "personal confusers" and learn more through everyone's input. If this experiment works out a web page will be posted.

I have two beautiful daughters that both work in the business. My oldest lives in Baton Rouge and is an Access/Powerpoint person and my youngest is employeed by a local ISP/computer service company. My oldest finished graduate school at Ole Miss and was summa. My youngest graduates next month with a double degree in programming and networking. I have been happily divorced for 11 years and I should mention that my being happily divorced means my ex has probably been elated-ly divorced for the same period. We don't see each other much and are civil. She has been awesome Mother. I am reclusive and spend most of my time in front of my machines trying to gain more knowledge. I also have a 79 El Camino that I hope will be used as a coffin for my funeral.

About the recent dissent concerning our President; Natalie, Babs, Alec, George, Sean, Janeane, Harry, and the rest of you jerks, grab a plane, leave the country and don't come back. The majority rules in the United States and we support our President. I pray to God that Clooney never does another movie that is set in Mississippi.

The q key is sticking on my keyboard so I must go and try a repair. God willing more will be posted later....