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Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Puzzles Via Microsoft

Seems like I've been up all night researching how to create a peer to peer network with XP Pro playing the role of server and the workstations are Windows 7 Home Premium. Yes, I realize that 7 HP is not intended for the workplace. Last network I fused together were all 7 Pro 64 bit. Sweet! Anyway, I did not supply the workstations only the server. It was all set to go then we found out that Quickbooks Pro 2011 would not run on older Windows Server operating systems so the machine was reverted back to its original OS XP Pro. If your machine will be networked please spend a few dollars more and buy a machine with either Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate. You won't regret it. This has turned out to be a proverbial nightmare. Am a member of the MSDN group and finally found a detailed explanation of resolving this problem in one of their forums. Any input will be appreciated. Will keep you posted with the results.

And now for something completely different. On another network I am constantly plagued by a 'return of the glyph' syndrome. Have a Windows 7 machine and an XP machine that during reboot change all English language fonts to a unicode like set of glyphs, symbols, etc. After much research I think it's time to go back to a restore point one last time, save the data then 'format C:' plus a re-install of the operating systems. This has plagued me for several weeks and I am tired of reading a bunch of voodoo suggested that just doesn't work. Please don't start in about it being viral or malware. I have scanned extensively and deeply. Besides, most of the forums indicate a problem with a Windows update. BTW, Microsoft won't get their heads out of the sand and address this problem which leads me to believe that it may well have been their SNAFU. Looks like the update erases all fonts. It all started with an Office 2010 installation. Very puzzling and frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Please please please talk to me if you know anything concerning this matter.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nerds Having Fun

We had an absolute blast at the LAN Party during Labor Day weekend. The group was small, 6-10 players, but the fellowship and food were awesome. Good to see everyone. Even better that people were smiling. Tina I am so glad you are doing better after a long bout of harrowing medical problems. Seeing you smile, laugh, cut up with the rest of us was a great joy. Chris, take care of her my brother. Why even say that, lol! We all know you will. It was good to see the young ones playing. Hey Brandon! You can use my laptop to LAN party anytime! Maddie, it was super to see you and watch you play the great game of Guild Wars.

Felecia graciously opened her home and we cooked burgers and dogs. Tina brought her famous LAN Dip and Felecia made the best cole slaw I've ever eaten! Em sent outstanding cookies and Fel's baked beans were just about too good. Thanks out to Charlie for all the great help and the loan of an awesome grill. Thanks to Jim too for all the assistance! And thanks to everyone for chipping in and bringing stuff. What a great time! It really helps to spend time with good people. Robert sure helped people in Guild Wars and everyone seemed happy. Welcome to the group Casey! BTW, he has a great site that is new and leans towards conservative politics and a positive attitude towards life. I highly recommend it -> Pieces of Mr. Dixon's Mind.

Everyone stay casual and enjoy Wednesday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Monday - JB's Volcano

It's always fun to see this song performed live. Just a fun tune that puts smiles on faces.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The present format and banner are temporary. A new banner , very much like the old one, is hopefully on the way. The actual page structure will change as will the layout. Things like links and archives will have their own tabs. It's taking time due to pulling info off a very old drive that is close to its last spin. Easy to read and easy to navigate. That works, doesn't it?? Hope so, because it's a general direction for now...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Music Monday - Favorite Song by Favorite Singer

The Good Lord knows I've heard this song many times. And by different people. It was written many years ago (circa 1974) by a very famous songwriter named Jimmy Webb. Linda Ronstadt did it and so did Judy Collins. Then I heard it during a Celtic Woman broadcast.

Lisa Kelly sings like no other. So soulful, so beautiful, so moving. Earlier this year I had a chance to hear this classic ballad performed live by Lisa and there was not a dry eye in the house as the crowd thundered applause afterwards. The words are haunting, the melody mystical, and her voice must be admired by angels.

This thrills my soul all the way down to the depths of my heart.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Continued Construction

As is apparent changes are still underway. Different elements are being implemented and the end result will certainly have a different look. Thanks to everyone for the supportive emails!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

What Patti Davis Said...

Last night's Republican debate took place at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, an expansive space containing a former Air Force One jet. If you walked out of the hangar-like building and turned left, went up a path past a wide grassy area with a canyon below and miles of sky above, you would reach my father's burial site. On the stone tomb you would read these words: "I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph, and there is purpose and worth to each and every life."

My father said that, and other memorable things, with an earnestness, a resonance, and a sincerity that came from a deep well within him. Note to Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and especially Newt Gingrich, you can invoke my father's name until your tongues fall out, but you will never be anywhere near his shadow. This isn't a political pronouncement on my part. I didn't agree with all of my father's positions and policies, and I would never consider myself a political commentator. I'm the daughter of a man with deep character, who left a huge imprint on this world. He lived a large and meaningful life and I learned over many years that I had to share him with America. But before that, before politics and the presidency, I listened to his stories about being a poor boy in the Midwest, about standing up to racism and learning from his parents that God has a purpose for everyone and everyone is precious in God's eyes.

That character is what drew people to my father, whether or not they agreed with his politics. That character is what we are starving for, that many of us had hoped we would find, but are now disappointed that we are not finding in President Obama. I think my father, if he were here, would also be disappointed in this administration. But here is the important part: he would never have expressed that with anger and vitriol and snarky soundbites. The Republican candidates tonight appeared to be auditioning for a reality show, not for the lofty position of leading America through and out of these terribly troubled times.

Ironically, the one man on stage who did comport himself with dignity, John Huntsman, is now being dismissed as having not made an impact. The moment he brought the discussion back from airport security to the sweeping poverty and economic panic that is gripping this country was, I thought, profound. It was something my father would have done. But that moment isn't making the news. The zingers like Perry's Ponzi scheme comment, in reference to Social Security, are getting more attention. Maybe the candidates should have wandered over to my father's gravesite before going on stage. Maybe they should have lingered over the words carved in stone there.
The moment that would have broken my father's heart was the moment when applause broke out at the mention of more than 200 executions ordered by Rick Perry in Texas. It was stunning and brought tears to my eyes. This is what we've come to? That we applaud at executions?

I remember the first time my father ordered an execution when he was Governor. He and a minister went into a room, got down on their knees and prayed. The real shame of our times is that there doesn't seem to be anyone on the political horizon with that compassion in his or her heart.

I'd like to say 'Rock On', but such a statement is a bit trite isn't it? Should we worry about Perry's policies or the simple fact that our great nation is being executed? Tell me...inquiring minds want to know. God bless the United States.

"The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much."
~Ronald Reagan

Monday, September 05, 2011

Return of the Beach House Ramblings

After a much needed break for various reasons, plans are being formulated for a return with several changes. More will follow...