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Monday, September 10, 2012

Okay Now

My Aunt Judy gently slipped into the everlasting good night. I am very sad. Oh, Lord help me. Life has been so hard the past few years, but the deaths of friends are such a tremendous loss. Overwhelming loss. Please pray for the family, Judy is okay now.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Not Especially Liking Peter Parker

Reading back through this year's ramblings, my belief in my own posting has jarred me. This horrible streak of bad luck is, well, just get ready for a short turbo whine in the next paragraph. Being destitute and hungry are not fun either, lol. Please vote against NObama by voting for Romney in November.

Now, the latest adventures: Thought I was having a heart attack this past week. Turned out to be anxiety. Was bitten by a brown recluse spider and folks, avoid this nasty evil critter. If you have the stomach for it, check it out on the web. Talked to a friend of mine whose father was bitten a year ago and it's still not healed. Separated my left shoulder and of course I am left handed. Then tonight my oven caught on fire. Being a snakebit...oops... spiderbit person I did have enough sense to put a fire extinguisher on the wall years ago. Anyway, it was contained in the oven and should be repairable after a thorough clean up. Just glad I was home!!!

Enough. Next thing you know a meteor will hit the house. Just another "stellar" event in this spiderbit life.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Prayer Request

Have a sick aunt and am concerned. I remember her always being kind, laughing, and the first convertible I ever rode in was her 1958 Thunderbird. Yep, fun times. Now she's sick. My cousins Pat (RIP) and Deb were important when growing up. My brother and I liked them a lot. Still do. Pat passed on and for many years Deb was in touch. Need to re-establish that family relationship. Pray for Aunt Judy, please.