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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Auld Lang Sinewave

2003 hasn't been one of my better years, but it was great to be alive and involved in all the things surrounding me. Technology had a weird year. Still can't believe that Linux Red Hat was so close to getting a fair market share and then turned their back on home PC users. Free BSD, here we come! Do like the fact that hardware prices are good. The lepers at RIAA finally got a slap for being horse-turd Nazis that are hell bent on making people miserable. I certainly hope all you wimps that gave in and paid these jerks are feeling really stupid now - you are! TechTV added new shows and the staff members are really entertaining as well as being informative. We got Saddam! Osama, your next. My sister site, Southern-phried is up and running and has many good people involved. I am addicted to emoticons, especially the ones that blow up n stuff. And this post is proof positive that I can ramble with the best! Happy New Year!

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Things are happening

It's obvious that a crash happened this weekend. Sitting here at the office I have no problems uploading. Air of change is blowing...

"In this age, which believes that there is a short cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest."
-Henry Miller, The Books in My Life

Friday, December 26, 2003

I hates shoppin', me precious!

K, changed comments some. Sorry, no smilies there now. Since negative comments were zero the green may stay for a while. Don't be suprised if it lightens up a few shades over the next few days. Change is a good thing.

Am dragging out to the place where evil dwells in a few minutes - the mall (just heard a horror story about the traffic there today). Have to meet some friends there and pick up a hard drive for David and Michelle's Media PC. We are rebuilding this one to serve the home theater system in their media room. It's Polk Audio, Onkyo, Carver, Sony Vega, etc. Nice combination of great names in the home theater world. They are really good friends and I'll suffer those rude urchins and their older brothers and sisters to help 'em out.

"I'm a man, I can change, if I have to, Amen!"
-Man's Prayer, Possum Lodge

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Binary dis Binary dat

K, let's get one thing straight. I certainly am NOT soliciting gifts. Anyone that knows me realizes that 'gift giving' has become a chore in my opinion and I wish we'd all stop it. Just thought the watch thangy wuz kewl.

Am ailing. So whiny boy is checking out early . In the words of that greatest of Texas philosophers Ed Coffin, 'Have a better than expected day!'

"I am not young enough to know everything."
- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I hear reindeer love calls

Nothing pleases me more concerning Cybersouth than to hear from folks. I have an email addy dedicated to this site and the comments have been a blast. I occasionally look back a few weeks to check and see if there are comments in older posts. For instance, it's neat to see my Fellow Tishomingo Countians, Brenda, Sonya and Kim are checking this out. If there is any way possible please enter a name. Make something up. Just easier to refer to comments if there is a name attached. If you have to be nameless that's okay. Been there, done that!

Just a few days n the old red-suited dude will be sliding down chimneys. Hope he's good to everyone. My family and friends are safe and happy. Like it when things are that way. Here's a really neat gift for the geek in your life --> Binary Watch. Might not get here for Christmas, but will be the hit of a New Year's geekfest! Safe shopping and all that to ya!

"There is no benefit in the gifts of a bad man."
-Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC), Medea, 431 B.C.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Update-arama! and bathing

AVG Antivirus has an update. You need it. Go to the icon residing in the system tray (bottom right corner of your screen) click on it and then click the update tab. After installing the update run a virus scan.

ZoneLabs has an update for the free version ZoneAlarm. Here is the link -->ZoneAlarm Service and Support. There is a small rectangular box that says "Security Advisory - Click here for update" located at the top/middle of the page. Click on this and download the file.

Spy Sweeper has new definitions to download. Just click on the update definitions bar. This is a shareware program. A very good one.

Ad-aware has updates. Click on their update tab and download. This is for the freeware version and it's almost a sure bet that the shareware version probably has updates too.

SpyBot Search and Destroy has updates. Do a search for updates and then download them. Also, while here take time out to read the News section. Patrick has a lot of info on recent scams and the vile cretins that do the spyware/adware thing. He's in Germany so he can speak the truth without the pack of money grubbing internet lawyers harassing him. Extremely smart dude that has given us a wonderful tool that protects our 'personal confusers' from the pseudo-legal virus writers. I actually detest the spyware jerks more than the script infants writing the annoying virus infections.

Expecting company at the beach house today. Haven't wrapped all my gifts and it looks like a tornado hit here. Have to gather up all the 'puter parts, wash dishes, vacuum n all that. A shower will be awesome this wonderful morning! Hope the above tips help. Links are posted for most sites mentioned.

"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."
-Carl Sagan

Friday, December 19, 2003

One of my favorite sites

Added some links and banners so check 'em out. I've mentioned Chynamoon before and really like this site. She has a plethora of info, the site is downright good looking, and it sounds good too! And the nice looking link to the beach house is wayyyy kewl, LOL. Wish I had the talent to do such things. Chynamoon is also an award winning poet and has some really great work posted. Take a look . You'll like it!

"Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance."
- Carl Sandburg

Thursday, December 18, 2003

My money's on Frodo to win!

I told a lie yesterday. It was unintentional. We gathered at the theater, stood in line with the rest of the LOTR nerdlings and saw an absolutely fantastic movie. Standing in line was even fun for a change seeing all the people and listening to all the chatter about ring lore. Mr. Jackson left out several things in this last episode, but more than made up for it with his vision of how this tale should look and flow on film.

This is a beautiful story about friendship and doing good things. J.R.R. Tolkien was a precious soul blessed by God. His eloquence with words and extraordinary imagination gifted mankind with a wonderful guide book that teaches us how to interact with others. If you think this is a tale about elves, wizards, hobbits, etc., please get help.

I was 'conned' into reading this book about elves, wizards, hobbits, etc., by possibly the 'baddest' dude I ever met - Larry Easley. He could fight a rabid mountain lion, 2 ex-wives, their lawyers, a legion of liberal democrats, and a flock of seagulls while standing on his head n all at one time after drinking a gallon or two of gin n' tonics! He always had a can of Balrog whup-ass in his back pocket. Yet, he found great value in these gentle books. Larry told me, "Read these books and you'll know the meaning of friendship." He was and is right.

So, if you don't like the Lord of the Rings that's your business. I cherish the things I really love and value morally sound attitude. K, guess what I am saying is don't be rude about LOTR stuff. Balrogs may be just around the corner...

"Not all who wander are lost."
-J. R. R. Tolkien

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Frodo oh Frodo, wherefore art thou?

Attendance at the local movie theater will be lacking tonight. For the past two years my youngest daughter , her husband and I have seen the Lord of the Rings movies on opening night. It has been great fun. Paid somebody the first year to stand in line for the tickets. Last year we saw a wedding proposal in the theater before the movie that got a standing ovation. But, I've too many computers on my dining room table and floor.

Due to my haphazard approach to life and irresponsible attitude during my "younger" years a self imposed guilt trip exists. Came in tonight and fell asleep early so now it's time to hiho hiho. I digress. Everyone have a happy Return of the King opening day!

"Strive to utilize time efficiently, but do not let time rule."
-Billy Wobblynife

Monday, December 15, 2003

A man's gotta' know his limitations

Ever been hacked, had a SCSI hard drive fail, network just FUBAR out of the blue, power supplies in two computers on the bench fail at the same time, cornbread not get done in the middle all at the same time? Come spend Sunday afternoon and evening with me. K, the hack is my fault. Rebuilding my system, adding stuff and had my guard down. NBD (no big deal). Only two machines were online and they are both due for a format and reinstall. The hard drive failing is more critical. It is a SCSI (pronounced scuzzy) drive, they are tough and I salvaged what little data was not backed up. "Networking is my life. I live for these moments," the poor depraved soul said. The power supplies are remedied by replacements. But that cornbread not getting done in the middle? What has happened to me? I have to spend more time with my stove.

"This ain't rocket science you know!"
-Emeril Lagasse

Sunday, December 14, 2003

The quote is carpe diem, oriental style...

After the crash earlier week I've decided to incorporate some minor changes. The page transition in the links section is different. You can actually pull up the linked page and still remain here at Cybersouth. The colors will probably change. Anyway, just trying to improve.

Really glad the comments were positive about yesterday's post. Anyone can read the comments and anyone can post comments. There's even smilies that can be injected into your comment. Just click on the comments line and go for it. In the words of that great 'Short Circuit' metal philosopher Johnny-5, "I need input."

Two links have been added. Lockergnome is Chris Pirillo's site. He appears to consume large quantities of caffeine. A geek's geek. Good site with lotsa info. Hardware Secrets is maintained by Gabriel Torres. He hails from Brazil and is a best selling author in Latin America. Glad he has a grasp of English since his site is full of pertinent information. Check em out!

Everyone have a safe and joyous Sunday.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized."
- Sun Tzu

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Thin skinned about computing? An expert in computing? Then don't read this post.

Sometimes things have to be repeated. Like, install antivirus software, update it every few days and scan your computer. Find a good anti-spyware program and run it. Update it every few days too. If you are using Weatherbug, Precision Time, anything Gator, Gain, GMT or Claria then doom on you. ALL of your internet surfing is being watched and reported to nefarious entities that will use this information for no good. Yesterday a computer that was barely a month old showed up with every piece of that Gator barnyard material installed on it. It also had multiple virus infections including a few trojans. My money says that on the initial run of SpyBot all kind of nasties will be found residing on this computer including Doubleclick, Adclick, Gator, Gain, GMT, Claria, keyloggers (yes I said keyloggers- they can be remotely installed) and other adware/spyware. Adults should know better.

Folks, this is not rocket science. There is a wonderful website called GOOGLE. If you decide to download something please go and type in the name of that program into the search box on GOOGLE. Or use Yahoo or Excite or Lycos or even MSN! Read about your chosen download and make sure it is not some horrible tool of Satan like that damned Weatherbug or Precision Time! If you have these programs I absolutely guarantee that your every movement on the world wide web is being tracked and reported to various spammers, telemarketers and other village idiots. If you enjoy these clowns bugging the hell out of you then just keep running the stuff! I am sick and tired of trying to help folks that won't put forth the effort to protect their computing environment. Why don't you just walk in front of a cyberbus? Quicker and less cyberpainful. Or go buy an Apple. That's what you really deserve.

I have used AVG antivirus software for several years and it has done a wonderful job! Guess what? It's free! Just click on the link and go download the free version. If you insist in paying for software then Norton's/Symantec is very good. There's also Sophos, Panda and many others. If you are running McAfees, well, remember that cyberbus mentioned earlier? My system scans promptly at 6:00PM every day after checking for an UPDATE. When first online I usually manually check for an UPDATE. If you don't UPDATE your virus definitions then you are wasting hard drive space with the antivirus software. Not only do new infections show up but regenerated versions of old virus/trojan malware constantly resurface. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. If I ever become ruler of the known universe all virus writers will be hurled into raging volcanoes. K, this will not likely happen so get with it and protect your system.

SPYBOT (Search and Destroy) is a very good spyware/adware remover as is AD-AWARE. Please read the tutorial on any utility that you download and do not whine to me if you screw something up. You did it. And don't blame the programs or the computer. If you can't download AVG, Spybot, Adaware and install it properly please reconsider you personal confuser of choice and regress to an Apple or pen and paper. There are wonderful instructions on all these sites and if you are reading this then you can comprehend what they have to say.

I know this is harsh and feelings may be hurt. This rant is meant to help make computing easier. It also helps me vent. When you don't protect yourself, come in blaming the computer because YOU downloaded some awful junk then there is 'no quarter'. Remember, these are machines. If you have Gator or some such malarky on your machine YOU put it there. It didn't just show up in the air and land on your machine. All words in this post that are in bold type are links that will take you directly to the site. Just hover your pointer over the word and click on it. Nuff said. I'm outta here for a while.

"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers."
-James Thurber

Friday, December 12, 2003

It's gettin' betta' all the time

Well, the crisis seems to be over. Reassembly is in progress and the template (background, colors, etc.) may change again. Thank God for back up! LOL.

Robyn wants to know about MarkMonitor. They police web sites, among other things, to see if someone is using a registered domain and so forth. Cybersouth is a generic term that many people use and I hope no one is trying to "Spike Lee" this name. Spike wouldn't let TNN (the cable TV channel) change their name to Spike TV. Well, Spike ole boy, you have proven yourself an idiot and a buffoon. Yeh, let's copyright the name uh, uh, "computer" and sue folks to keep them from using it! Yeh, right, LOL. How about cybernorth, cyberspace, cybernaut, cybereast, cybertirade, cyberjunkie, cyberworld - you see my position? BTW, TNN did go on and change their name to Spike TV.

The very bottom link posted is Mailwasher. Several folks have asked about this site. It is a free program that cleans your mail before you download it. Love this program. Can we say spam-no-mo? It actually bounces spammers and makes it appear your email addy doesn't exist. Is that kewl or what? As with all downloads, be careful - READ the tutorial. And kudos to the New Zealand folks for this wonderful program! My donation is on its way!

Gonna sign off, will be back to finish reconstruction. Stay kewl

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
- Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

Loading slowly....please give it some time

After several attempts to post I realize something is happening here over which I have no control. Am still reconstructing so please keep visiting. Oh yeah, MarkMonitor person, let me know if there is a problem: My lawyer and I had a nice visit yesterday (he is one of my best clients, LOL). Hopefully things will be back to normal this evening. BTW thanks to everyone for putting up with this TARFU!

Thursday, December 11, 2003


The cyber devils have been at it again. I've been up all night trying to put this site back online. Please understand that construction will be going on for the next few days. Wanted to make some changes anyway so I am still drinking from a half full glass. The links should be back up in a few hours. Gosh, the art of tearing it all apart just comes natural, huh?

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Bear your geek some gifts n hi all y'all in Tishomingo County

Christmas gifts? Is the nerdling in your life using a cordless mouse or cordless keyboard? Have you upgraded your video card lately? Check out the the newest version of the audigy 2 sound card. Have you purchased a copy of the best PC game around - Unreal 2003? Logitech makes several sets of medium priced 5.1 dolby speakers. If you want to spend the big bucks go Klipsch; they are awesome. The Creative Inspires rock too. Mo' mem'ry is always a good thing (memory is like closet space, you can never have too much). Be sure and get a +R and -R compatable DVD burner. I like the TDK. Leo Laporte's Almanacs are always good book gifts for geeks as are any of the tomes written by Mark Minasi or Scott Mueller. Digital cameras certainly come in handy this time of the year so open it early if it's under the tree. K, this is a pretty good start. More to follow.

Glad to have the Belmont group tuning in for a 'glimpse'. Hyya Kim, Brenda n Sonya! Y'all make em behave in Tishomingo County. N say howdy to the Padenites for me!

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."

-Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Think that Nazism is dead? You better think again...

A 79 year old man approaches the judge's bench. He hands a note to the bailiff. Because he cannot speak he has written down that he is computer illiterate and doesn't own a computer. His wife sits sobbing. In the back of the courtroom and over by the prosecutor members of the RIAA sit laughing and sniggering. He has been swept up in the furor of the Gestapo strikes and accused of downloading 774 files off the internet. The family is distraught and frightened. They may lose everything they own. This happened only a few days ago in a court in the United States! What if this was your father and mother in this courtroom? If we keep sitting by silently and doing nothing, they may be next.

Give me a break! Why is this happening? The man not only didn't own a computer he had no idea how to find the power button to activate it! And the slimeballs at the RIAA Temple of Doom will get away with this persecution; they don't care if your guilty or not! Tell your neighbors. Write your Congressmen. Talk to your Pastor, Minister, Rabbi, Priest and pray to God! Click on the RIAA boycott link and find out more about this madness. Our rights are being violated and we stand by, once again, doing nothing.

Do not buy any prerecorded music unless all the funds go directly to the artist. Check your favorite artist's web site and see if downloads are offered. The RIAA leeches thrive on the hard work and efforts of others. Not only do they bleed the artists now they are going after the American Public. I endorse paying for downloads as long as fair price is involved and the RIAA isn't receiving one red cent. For a decent alternative to iTunes (Apple) and the others take a look at this site -->Magnatunes. Microsoft will soon be in the foray and then prices will drop. Sorry, $1.00 a tune is too much. Your comments are needed. Click the comments bar below and tell me what you think!

Sunday I mentioned remembering the elderly in your prayers. Pray for these folks. Pray that justice will be served.

"The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough."
-Bede Jarrett, The House of Gold

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Geek speak with a southern drawl

Over at SOUTHERN-PHRIED things are progressing. We actually launched the site several weeks ahead of schedule and are awaiting our host to upgrade the site. They have had our money since mid November and are dragging their feet. It's also planned to do the same here. One thing at a time. I realize they are experiencing transition; Google recently purchased them.

We really need this upgrade to take place. Our page parameters and style won't be set until all this happens. ChynaMoon has created a really kewl title banner and it needs to be seen. We also need the ability to post images because we have several articles that will be pix intense such as Red Dragon's case mods. Anyway, the site is up and people are posting really infomative and sometimes hilarious articles. You can recognize each writer by their avatar that resides in the top left corner of each entry (mine is a blue parrothead, LOL). Everyone has links posted.

Eventually there will be bios of all the geeks/nerds that belong to this eclectic group. Each member shares a love for the South and technology. These common bonds should make for some interesting interactions. We encourage all to email and have a comments section that is working to some degree. Official grand opening will be January 2nd, 2004. We already have advertisers and will gladly talk to those people interested in placing banners on this site.

Also, readers are encouraged to submit articles, etc. for posting. There will be NO popup ads and no one will ever be spammed. We will help anyone wanting to stop these horrible nuisances. We are Netizens' Rights Advocates to the 'Nth' degree. We actually have archives posted from the first day foward. You can read how this all came about just by clicking on the archive links. So get over there and check it all out.

It's early, I need mo' sleep. Remember the elderly in your prayers. Everyone have a super Sunday!

"A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams."
-John Barrymore

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Life's casual and that's a good thing

This has been a nice easy day. Sometimes you just have to sit down and let the batteries recharge. Am looking forward to a good day at work tomorrow followed by the decorating of the Beach House Christmas tree. The red and blue decorations help me celebrate an Ole Miss Christmas, LOL. Next weekend I hope to finish all the shopping.

Tomorrow we shall cook out and do burgers. Be a nice switch from the turkeyfied food that has been enjoyed this week. The weather should be nice with temperatures in the high 50s or low 60s. Early in the afternoon work will call and this weather will help that go by quickly. Then another day of relaxation! The evening will be topped off by watching my newest Jimmy Buffett DVD.

My Odyssey coffee came in and it's time for another cup! Everyone stay safe and keep the welfare of your fellow humans in mind this season.

"When life serves you lemons, screw the lemonade! Get a bottle of tequila and a shaker of salt!"
-Billy Wobblynife

Friday, December 05, 2003

Marty!!! The popup killers are here!!

Marty from West Tennessee emailed and asked about popup stoppers, blockers, killers, etc. I recommend two. Check the links for AnalogX and surf to the Network section. There you will find POW which has garnered 100% approval from all people that have tried it after coming here. This is an old trusted website full of goodies and they are FREE! The other is the Google toolbar. Just install the toolbar and be sure n let them anonymously record some stuff (I think they can be trusted, LOL) and use the default settings. This has many neat features and the pop up blocker is awesome. That's right there is no link posted. If you aren't using Google then you must be in the giggle house or comtemplating stone. Only the insane and cave dwellers haven't used this wonderful site!

K, waiting on a network to shut down so I can put a voodoo mojo on the server. They are about to go dark so it's time to work. Ahhhhhh the joys of working late! Peace out n Live Long and Prosper!

"A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
-Douglas Adams

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Great utility site and a wimplatude

Steven, From Aberdeen, MS. was having problems with sound drivers. His Hewlett Packard was upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 and the sound card resides on the motherboard. After spending hours searching for a sound driver on the HP website he gave up. Then he found Driverguide.com. Nice site that posts drivers for many applications. So, if needing a hard to find driver visit this site. Be sure and read the reviews that accompany the downloads and see if it does work for others. Great site!

It's cold outside. It's raining. My chronic cold is accompanied by a slight fever. I am going to bed and rest.

"Any idiot can face a crisis, it's the day to day living that wears you out."
-Anton Chekhov

Monday, December 01, 2003

Dumber than a box of rocks

Okay I did something last night that I need not do again. I tried to watch the 'Big 2003 Awards' thangy on VH1. Wanted to see Matchbox 20 and Shania Twain perform. Both of these performances were stellar. Cheesy Bill Maher (a worm of a human being that should win the faux intellectual award for life) introduced Natalie Maines as the winner of most outrageous statement of the year award. She continued to make horrible statements and apparently doesn't know when to shut her ugly, smarmy, dumbass mouth! Why give this award anyway? It's like giving an award for the best mass murderer. Lord help us!

Please consider the next statement carefully. DON'T BUY DIXIE CHICKS CDs!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope these unAmerican jerks move to Iran or France where they belong. God knows the strongest, bravest country in the world doesn't need their likes drumming up hatred. It's my right to say what I feel just like this horrible, little, smelly, evil person. I mentioned my dislike of liberal buttheads in the first post ever made at this site. If you support the Dixie Chicks and other such liberals, please leave now and don't bother coming back. There's nothing here for you.

If you endorse the freedom we enjoy, support our President and our country you might be interested in these sites: Action America or Right Nation.

"And so, my fellow americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man."
John F. Kennedy (1917 - 1963), Inaugural address, January 20, 1961 (Shouldn't the liberals try to emulate one of their heroes? I guess not...)