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Monday, June 30, 2003

Enough of the Music Nazis. I will try and keep my rants to a minimum. It's Monday, Monday. Things to do and I'll be back.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

We might possibly be hearing the death cries of mass music syndication. Mitch Glazier, a first class jerk and a butt-ugly horse's patoot, says that we all will be prosecuted and that we will pay for music downloaded through sites "blessed" by the RIAA. Hey Mitch! Kiss my Mississippi Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have many files and if I want to share them, count on it Mitchypoo, it will happen. You do not have the power to stop me short of blowing up the TVA dams in this area. It's very obvious this has really angered the masses and file swapping is still out there going strong.

Hey, let's say that Grokster, Kazaa, WinMX, Morpheus, etc. disappear and I hope they don't. There are many ways to transfer files. We were doing it a long time before the peer to peer folks came along. I still occasionally send stuff thru file transfer of IMs. Last time I looked there are several programs in my arsenal that give me the capability to "burn" CDs. I also have an extra network card and can easily transfer stuff over my network to any computer that happens to show up. What about vcr tapes? Get out some blanks and record music video channels and then transfer the audio to a cd. This is not rocket science. I don't see the RIAA trying to ban music videos or vcrs. Duh! Go figure!?!?

Believe me folks, there's enough music around to keep me entertained for a while. I haven't even asked my ex if she'll loan me all the old albums we collected through the years. I'd love to "rip" some of the stuff that's just not readily available and lives on in that collection. You see? File sharing is almost unstoppable. I said almost. There is one way it can happen....

Cut out the middle man. Choke the very breath out of the RIAA and any like subspecies. Artists need to embrace the internet and publish their own libraries and new tunes. Make it available for download at a reasonable price. Clint Black did this a few years ago and was selling a new album for about half of what it costs at Wally World. This makes sense. Maybe too much sense.

Through the years I have bought many, many, many albums. Music is a wonderful gift. I've definitely given and received. Buffalo Springfield made 4 albums. No doubt I've owned 50 copies. How many times have I played 'Waiting for Columbus" by Little Feat and then given the album to someone because they were blown a way by this wonderful compilation? I've no idea. Lots, fer sure. Pink Floyd...I've bought numerous duplicates of their stuff. I certainly have no numbers there because I've listened to them for decades and some of those periods were sorta foggy. If you know about Telarc then know that I've owned many albums they produced. They were way pricy; worth it too.

Purchasing music has never been a problem until now. I absolutely will NOT buy any recorded cds. I am through paying the leeches and bums at RIAA. I'll listen to my collected tunes and wait for the musicians to wise up and do away with these scumbags. Then I'll gladly pay them directly. I'll have saved money and will be able to afford going to concerts once again. This is a win win situation for the decent people embroiled in this turmoil spawned by hell's lackeys.

So Mitchypoo Glazier - Mr. Nazi Potentate, and Steviepoo Jobs over at Apple, rave on. Wish they'd show up, stand toe to toe and defend themselves. Alas, a pipe dream. Only a man real man would do that. Worms have no backbone.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Wow, very productive Saturday. Have new Nvidia G4 128 video card installed in this machine and have a bad to the bone dual AMD machine on the network(belongs to a friend). Just installed a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro in it and both are kickin'. We are going to do the Unreal Tournament thangy later, I hope. The dual AMD machine is awesome and running very very stable with air cooling (Thermaltake of course). Am installing Zone Alarm (freeware) firewall on another machine. K, I am steeped in my geekness. Will post later or early tomorrow.

The file sharing is still going on so not a lotta ppl are scared of the Music Nazis. Nice sidebar to that dreaded disease, lackamoola, is let 'em come on with their bad 'musicnazi' selves, can't squeeze blood from turnips, etc.

Friday, June 27, 2003

The following has been on Grokster's page 1 for several days:

If you have received an Instant Message (IM) warning you that you can be easily identified and face legal penalties, it is the result of our recent victory in the lawsuit brought by the Recording Association of America (RIAA). The RIAA has elected to utilize Grokster's built-in tools to send these messages to our users. As you know, Grokster does not have any control over what content (be it files or IM messages) its users exchange. The RIAA has chosen to become one of our users, and to use our software to combat illegal file sharing. If you have any complaints, please direct them to the RIAA (www.riaa.org).

Grokster dudes! This is all well and good that you want us to direct our complaints towards the music mafioso, can you give an email addy for these bozos?

I've watched the usage count for the past several days and the numbers are still about the same so not many folks are scared of threats made by the vile ones. Hey, RIAA! We're giving you the cyber finger!
Okay, I've reviewed the music of "Oral" Hatch and most of it is LDS religious music. Out of respect for my Mormon friends I am not going to help expose this stuff to the world so I won't publish a list. Believe me, this is a change of mind that is positive for everyone. Oral is also promoting an anti-spam bill that wreaks of hidden agenda. The following link is about his desire to bomb your personal confuser:


Rave on Oral boy! I hope the folks around Salt Lake realize that Oral's noodle has become overcooked.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

The RIAA is at it again. They even made front page of the local paper. Seems the music nazis are turning up the volume! Somewhere in history there was a similar incident, let me think.... oh yeah, the Inquisition!

They've now announced that they are going to prosecute anyone that downloads. And that idiot Orrin Hatch wants to let em have software that'll actually damage a computer that is downloading. C'mon Orrin, don't you think constituents are worried about what's rattling around in your noggin? He's a songwriter and made thousands of dollars in royalties last year. I will obtain a list of stuff he's written (it will be long and unfamiliar - i wonder who buys this garbage?) and post it so we can all download it and then mail him copies of cds. You can contact him here:


Nothing is perfect n Orrin is proof when it comes to the Republican party. He is not a democrat, but easily qualifies as a potential mascot. Say what you want about Mississippi, but I sure am glad that I don't live in Utah close to that village idiot. He's right up there on the goofball list with Metallica and Mo-donna the witch queen. Now there's a group of real Americans. While Metallica is busy worshipping the 'evil one', Madonna is busy dissing Bush and spouting anti-war rhetoric. She needs to go room with Hillary on one of the moons of Mars. Blithering I tell ya, blithering!

RIAA, you may have thrown down the gauntlet that will invoke your demise. I certainly hope so. Think you bunch of slobs will enjoy those front row seats by the fire? Say hello to Osama and Saddam when they arrive.
Thinking about making a purchase on the net? It's old hat to some folks and others still don't trust the cyberworld enough to bring forth their hard earned dollars and electronically transfer them. It's just like shopping in your local town. You know there are places you can trust and some that are shady. Let's see, most everyone has made purchases at the Wal-Mart or Sears or J.C. Penneys - you get the idea. Exercising your right as an American to shop is available on the net and relatively safe if you just use that melon.

Computer stuff? Circuit City, BestBuy, CompUSA all have dot com sites where you can purchase geek fodder. OfficeMax and Staples carry a great variety of computer related gear and sometimes have suprisingly good buys. For instance, I bought my digital camera at OfficeMax after shopping for two months (their price even beat Wally World!).




These sites have been around for a while and their prices stay within reasonable ranges. Just beware! Read the return policies and gather info about the site. Google search about them and then make your decision. Compare when you shop. All seem to have closeouts and specials. Check this area first for your desired item. Remember, review the return policy and warranties. They all have toll free phone numbers and orders can be placed that way. Just don't cyber shop until you drop...

Sorry about missing yesterday. My host even informed me they would be down for a bit and of course that's when I decided to post, LOL.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Now for a little musica!


If you like John Mayer or Jason Mraz give this a listen. Josh Kelley is a native of Georgia and an Ole Miss dude. Neat site that you just click on and it downloads the tune for your listening pleasure. May take a bit o time for it to play but great tune that's well done. Thank you Em for the email and Dad loves you! (heheh)

Hunting for Bible software?


They have a really nice freeware King James version with several neat plug ins. They also offer some extensive stuff for sale. I actually picked up this info off a fellow geek's web site, so religion and worship exists amongst the "barbarians" of the cyberworld. Please understand, I have no idea of the religious affiliation of this site and don't care. It's neat software and I am not here to pronounce eternal judgement on anyone. I'll leave that to God.

Jet Audio is working out on my pentium 200mmx machine. Most media players are resource hogs and this one seems a bit tamer than most. It's easy to use and comes packaged with a program that helps you create your own internet radio station. Of course the RIAA hates such things so I encourage everyone to create their own station. Thanks Corinth Chris for a most welcome tip. I am using the freeware version downloaded from the Jet Audio site. Try it. Remember download at your own risk.

Am dragging tonite so will try rest. This growing old has its problems, but beats the alternative. In the words of a great southern rock group, Little Feat, 'Ain't Had Enough Fun!'


If you have not heard Little Feat's "Waiting for Columbus" then you have missed one of the best live albums ever recorded! This one is in my Top 10 of all time. Time for hex, active directory n sleep...n mebbe dreams of old rock concerts.

Monday, June 23, 2003

There is a world champion in our midst. Allie Couch won the World Championship for Horsemanship in the Paint class this past weekend! She rode to this honored position astride Sucha Sirprise in Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas. Quite an accomplishment for a teenager from Tupelo, MS. She is a good student, very polite and just downright nice. Her Grandmother and Grandfather are really proud and Jim (her Dad) can't get the grin off his face!! Congrats to a well deserving young lady!!!!!

I myself, would have trouble riding a possum and I pity the possum I'd try to ride.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Wanted to road trip to Baton Rouge over the 4th of July, but that dreaded disease, lackamoola, and work will keep me home. But, I have been to some neat sites. Mapquest is awesome and can be reached by way of several portals, Yahoo, Excite, etc. Citysearch is a kewl site that has info on most everything about various municipalities. Expedia, Orbitz, Adventur (yes, that is the correct spelling) all offer trip assistance. Check out:


Really kewl site that is forum format. This page offers various views concerning travel and be careful, reading the posts can become addictive.

Web site builders, I have a client that is looking for someone to build a page with shopping cart, etc. It will involve parts lists and they need hosting, posting and training. Want someone else to admin for 1st year and train inhouse techie to maintain after that period - with occasional maintenance thereafter. You know what to do n the addy is posted at the top.

Wonderful, cool night last night in the 50s. Today is beautiful! High will be in the mid 80s, but the humidity is low for now. Tomorrow we'll be in the 90s which is still bearable as long as the humidity is nil. Low humidity around here is about as rare as a restaurant that doesn't serve grits. Enough prattle, the lawn calls to me.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Saturday n it's not raining. Watching Call for Help and then Screensavers on TechTV. Drinking Kenyan coffee, just ate a chili dawg, have my Pocket PC Reference book beside me, finishing the final driver downloads for a laptop I am repairing, also have the manual open for my new cable test/calibration tool that is uber - just a "geek out" in progress!! Saturday! Only 1 more day to work this week! Life is good!

This link is about test equipment for those that are in the biz


Just received the 826 tester n the toner n sniffer. I've been using a Siemens, but decided on this tester because of local support (NESCO @ Tupelo, MS - they have the best looking IT/IS tech-ette around) and the fact that it reads the length of cable run. Smooth, I tell ya, smooth. Any opinions? All are welcome.

Screensavers is on the tube n I just heard Linux mentioned. I gotta go, the windows voodoo is wearin' off!

Friday, June 20, 2003

Got another flame. Great length telling me how my opinions ought to be restrained. Let's see, I created this blog, I am the only one that posts to it, it is a web log, which is a form of a cyber journal. Any of you folks that have people putting guns to your heads and making you go to the above URL please let me know. God made us all different. If you don't like what I have to say then go away because I will not. Part of our problem in society today is passive conservative attitude. This is not a forum. It is an open book to one southerner's thoughts about life, the universe and everything. Sometimes I am openly kidding and it should be obvious. Sometimes I am serious as a heart attack. The spirit of this page has been apparent since its beginning. It is not for liberals and NEVER will be...



Thursday, June 19, 2003

"Foresake not an old friend; for the new is not comparable to him: a new friend is as new wine; when it is old, thou shall drink it with pleasure."
- Ecclesiastes 9:10

"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure."
- Sirach 6:14

"If you lay down with dogs, y'all don't fuss about those fleas."
N.B. Forrest, CSA circa mid 1860s

"He that does not attend, does not win."
Bob Rackley, Arkansas minister's son

Friendship may be the most important thing on earth next to one's immortal soul. People that screw others out of money and try to gain at the expense of others have no concept of friendship and immortal soul probably doesn't even apply. I've known some real grifters in my time. Hopefully, they have been eliminated from my simple, spartan life. Rules of friendship are very simple and straightforward; Care, be a good listener, and DON'T LIE. Some of these clowns I've known in the past are in for a rude awakening at the gate. St. Peter will deflate the god-syndrome ballon they rode in on quickly. Wouldn't suprise me if he turns these cretins out with baboons. Yet, St. Peter probably cares about his baboons and wouldn't do this to 'em. If you are taking advantage of someone or are planning on taking advantage of someone please go away from this page and never come back. Woe be unto those that try to flim-flam those I love and I love my friends. Ok. enough preaching now for a profane rant.

The racist bigots 1 Ole Miss 0. I cannot believe that we have stood by and let the Colonel Reb mascot be outed. Now, they've hired some firm from Michigan or New York or where-ever to decide what a southern university should use as a mascot! Let's see, we had overwhelming vote to keep the state flag, therefore, don't let the student body or alumni vote on it! Nope, let's let a carpetbagger of an atheletic director make that decision for all. Lord, I sorely hope we can get dueling re-instituted as a way of life. Yes, I hope this fries the yellow-bellied, chicken-shit liberals', little-bitty, tiny, tiny nu-nus. Wonder what it's like to go through life as a coward? Before long it will be against the law to be a white anglo saxon protestant because we had ancestors that fought in the Yankee War of Agression. I am really tired of all this barnyard material. No matter how hard these liberal idiots try, they'll never be very intelligent. So flame on you jerks! We will always be more intelligent and we ARE a damn site prettier.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

"Oh, my aching back," said the wimpy boy to anyone that'd listen. My brief post yesterday was governed by a lack of perception due to meds for aching back. When I picked up that laser printer and moved it to the bed of the truck it started. Getting old and being fat does not make for a strong back. Still hurts like the dickens this morning but "duty" calls. Don't you just love a whiner?


This seems to be a pretty good site. Am a lay person when it comes to medicine, but I hear this site mentioned and it seems viable. There are many med sites out there so if you have one to recommend please, puh-leeze, email me.

In the words of that great Texas philosopher, Ed Coffin, "Have a better than expected day!"

Monday, June 16, 2003

Not a lot to post today. Time to turn in with my Windows 2000 Server Secrets and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. To sleep, perchance to dream...but I'll probably be up posting something in the middle of the night, lol.


This is a kewl site about Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker books. Geek material at its best. It's like, Monty Python in print, sorta, with a bit of 'Are You Being Served?' thrown in. Very witty British humor. Best read when listening to Dire Straits.

Pseudogeek says niteall n nyquil

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Very quiet this morning. The sun is occasionally shining and I should be in church. Overslept. The night was cool and that will come to a very abrupt halt in the very near future. Sweltering hot summer nights in the south make for restless nights interlaced with weird dreams. A/C is a wunnerful thangy.

Two things are mandatory for me to start a day. Shower and coffee. Everyone seems to have the shower thing 'figgered', but let me tell you brothers and sisters, I know where to buy coffee. Odyssey Coffee is a web based coffee distributor located in Picayune, Mississippi. Being an older southerner, I can remember Picayune cigarettes (do they still make them?). They made Lucky Strikes and Camels seem like a breath of fresh air! Strong I tell ya, strong. Anyway, Odyssey Coffee has no such problems. They have some of the finest coffee around. Their roasting schedule is apparently the way to do this coffee processing. You can read about it at their web site


Am a big Kenyan coffee fan, but love their German Chocolate Cake flavor and the Frangelica is the best hazelnut flavor I've ever tasted. The coffee arrives wrapped in white bags and is so good it's hard to stop drinking it! They are reasonably priced; a small portion goes a long way. They have a very informative, easy to navigate site. Try it, you'll like it!!

Gonna go watch Call for Help and Screensavers on TechTV. Praying is on the schedule too. On this Father's Day I will give thanks for my wonderful daughters and remember my really neat, kewl Dad. I miss him so...

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Sometimes the net overwhelms me. It's like thinking about the 'big picture'. A cosmology unto itself. Within all the spam, sickos, popups, virus infections, spyware, adware there is a enormous amount of information. Hexadecimal throws me for a loop. I think I understand and then it goes gray again. I've been informed that you cannot be called a geek unless you speak hexadecimal therefore I am pseudogeek. Just writing this confuses me...let's see, do i use numerals or letters, wait, something about 16? So I keep searching for that site that has the 'hexadecimal stone". If you are researching a subject, DON'T GIVE UP. Use search engines, links, forums, message boards, instant messenger, IRC and the rest of information gathering tools available. Let's see does the A start after the 9 or the 10?

I like http://www.majorgeeks.com because the techs there catergorize different subjects in a neat, easy to use way. They offer many freeware/shareware programs that will help in the quest for the "perfect" PC. Another site that is worth mentioning again is http://www.analogx.com . This site has been around for a while. Popup stopper, nettracer, mp3s, lotsa audio tools are just some of the items available. It's worth a look and go through each category. There are several neat tools in the networking catergory that will help with web surfing and browser performance.

Remember, download at your own risk. Don't whine to me if you screw something up. I didn't personally hold a cyber-pistol to yo' cyber-melon n force you to download. I love the people that "didn't even touch it" and just can't come to grips with "why it does that." C'mon folks, these 'personal confusers' are machines! Be big, be brave and admit you monkeyed with it! Good Lord knows I do, on a daily basis! How else will you learn? Something to ponder, there are event logs, security logs, etc. in most operating systems nowadays. The tech working on your machine can usually deduce why problems occur.

Please remember, the RIAA and AOL suck!

Pseudogeek out!

Friday, June 13, 2003

Email is a wonderful thing. I just received a catch up message from my brother, Daddy Dan. My nephews are going big guns. Matthew made the all star baseball team and Will won MVP on the golf team. They have been downloading music, which is a good thing. A virus road down on a tune and wreaked havoc on their 'personal confuser' and they have been down. I hope they keep downloading. Their Grandmother might like some Dean Martin, Harry Connick, Jr., Engleberg Humperdinck, etc. Everyone please download music. Download as much as you can. If you don't have the tools read back and check the rant about the RIAA. I have downloaded Kazaa lite and will install it in the next few weeks. Going to overhall this machine and add 90gigs of 10,000 spin SCSI hard drive. At that time I will completely wipe and reload the PC; going for optimal machine install and configuration. I will use some old stuff and incorporate some new things. The SpyBot program is really keeping spyware out of the works, but I will install Kazaa lite or Grokster lite for a test run at least.

It's Friday the 13th! That means there are only 2 more days to work this week!


The moon is in its fullest stage tomorrow.


This is a good moon site. If you google search for moon info be sure and search for moon phases and not moon cycles unless you are interested in motorcycle stuff influenced by the moon. The US Naval Observatory always has neat stuff about astronomy, weather, etc.

Everyone be careful this weekend. The Friday thing doesn't bother me, but full moons tend to bring the crazies out. My son-in-law, Dr. Jay (aka Uncle Snake, a very endearing nick that he may make me edit out! lol), said that emergency rooms tend to max out during full moons. A full moon on a weekend night? Think I'll stay home, pop some corn, make some tea and clean out my refrigerator.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

There is a major rant headed this way. Must verify some info before posting, but this one will be marked 'profanity follows'. It involves the justice system, people selling out, crooked ambulance chasing lawyers and so forth. The URL listed below is about one of the parties involved. Check out this 'rocket-scientist' and in a few days I'll tell you more that will make you want this guy dis-barred.

address will follow at a later date after checking legality, sorry

Flamers and ne'er do wells - contact him and tell him. I don't care. This is a matter of public record. It can be found by Google search. This pimple on the ass of justice needs to be stopped. Should dueling should be reintroduced into society? Let me know your thoughts...

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The frogs and catfish are back. I can hear their grumblings outside my window. They really want in out of the rain. We've just had about 2 inches of rain and it looks like that much more before the sun rises. Flash flood warnings adorn all the local TV channels. We dread it now, but will be wishing for it in August. Cable has been out. I will give them credit, their signal rarely fails. It's been out 4 hours, so no internet access. Not having TV is ok, but no internet access had me in a cyber-fetal position. Feel better now. When I signed on a few minutes ago I immediately googled several things and my circulation improved.

Ever wonder how fast your internet connection is really moving? The following site will tell you. Just copy the link and paste it into the address bar, then hit enter. When the results show up your speed will be listed at the top of the multicolored column to the right of the page. Hold down the control key and click refresh at the top of your browser to re-run the test.


Be sure and visit the home page. There is some interesting software here. Ignore the McAfee ad. They (McAfee) have the worst anti-virus program in the solar system and their customer support ranks right down there with Corel and AOL. There should be laws against such hoodlums.

Still looking for that high speed connection? This site has an ulterior motive (shhhhh! don't tell anyone, but they want to sell you something).


Maw bell has an availability thangy too that will tell you if they are in your dialing area. That's enough publicity for one of the most hateful, ungrateful companies on earth. Look up the URL, I won't list it here; sorta like smearing doo doo on your site. On the other hand Dixie-net serves Mississippi and surrounding areas and has a program that tests your DSL capability.


They have an awesome customer service department that is open 24/7. If you want the number of their nicest, most helpful rep, email me and I'll tell you where to get in touch with her. I endorse them because of their efforts to help people get online, especially newbies. The web site quality reflects such efforts. Nice ISP that has definitely endured growing pains and still survives.

I have not been flamed lately. Probably due to my not posting on a regular basis. Let me try something - Apple computers are overpriced and sluggish - RIAA really sucks and needs total annihilation - Liberals need to actually move their residences to Mars since their heads have already made the trip - and the Liberals need to take the French with them. Now I can get back to holding off the catfish/frog gang beating on my door.

Monday, June 09, 2003

"Monday, Monday, can't trust that day," said the Mamas to the Papas. Such a pleasant few days off and back to the grind. It amazes me at how these 'personal confusers' can stymie over small issues. I spent most of the afternoon installing an additional computer on a peer to peer network and bringing DSL on line for the first time for said network. This thing wreaked havoc! Boring to go into details, but I was cyber-punished for taking time off. LOL. All the machines are now warm and fuzzy n making nice. Whew! Having nice clients certainly helps when you are wiping that ten pounds of egg off the face.

My recent round with stress, being a fatass, and not exercising has been easier to endure with all the nice emails, phone calls, etc. It's nice to know that there are people that care. When my children were growing up they both wanted everyone in their lives to live in one huge room so they could go visit with each person on a regular basis. I have become that child. Maybe Wordsworth had this figured out. Thank you for your warm concern and regards!

I have downloaded jetAudio and it is installed. Thanks to Corinth Chris I shall pursue the use of this media tool. The review will be out in a few days. Always looking for new ways to play la musica! While you are reading this remember to download music. If everyone will read back and be very careful about installing spybot, search and destroy, it will rid you of any spyware/adware that the kazaa, grokster sites force on you. Be Careful!!! If emails come in soliciting written instructions on how to do all this I will post a "how to". It will be a bit lengthy...

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Yes I am aware that there is a problem with the archives. Am working on it. Remember, I am a Southerner. I shall "get to it" y'all.
'Summertime...........and the livin' is easy' - or is that 'Summertime.....and the chicken is greasy'? It's hot. The temperature has not soared yet, but the humidity is about 1000%. I just returned from a nice, short rest and was remiss in blog posting while away. Fishing, pool smoozin' and getting a tremendous sunburn kept me occupied. I always love being in Tishomingo County. Home; always was and always will be. When I shed this mortal skin, hopefully, my remains shall rest between my Father and Grandfather just outside of the town of Tishomingo. It's the northeast corner of the state and is rural, smalltown USA. People are not in a hurry and everyone is polite. People have vegetable gardens, flowers around their houses and speak to each other as they pass on the street. They know your are a "foreigner" if you don't wave as you pass by in the car. They still have street dances and heritage days.


My rant about the music nazis hit home with lotsa folks. I have had email suggesting not buying music cds, email bombing the RIAA site (good idea, can anyone find a true email addy on these criminals?), calling and writing artists, etc. Joyce of Tupelo says that these folks should return this poor kid's money. I agree. She also says it's a sad way for a young person to start life. I agree.

Waiting for the rain to start has been futile. Hi ho, hi ho, my yard now I must mow.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I just submitted this to the jerks at RIAA. The sorry so n so's don't even list an email address on their page. Ha! Why does that not suprise me?

Just exactly why do you not have an obvious email addy on your homepage? Typical of your attitude towards the people that have been putting bread on your table. After seeing the article on Tech Live about how you persecuted a struggling college student I cannot stand by silently and let this go unnoticed. I despise anyone connected with your organization and am encouraging EVERYONE to follow my lead and voice negative opinions towards you. My Senators and Representatives will be notified as well. Your Mafioso/Nazi regime must be stopped.

And I will contact the appropriate people.

Ever wanted to copy your dvds to cd? It's nice to have copies of all media so as to have a good backup in case of scratches. Hey, if the music nazis don't like it, tough! Make a media that is not so easily damaged. I think the inherent design was flawed purposely so that media had to be replaced periodically. This site is not freeware, but very affordable.


Don't know of any freeware for this purpose at this time. A search may produce such items. I hope everyone is downloading music as they read my rantings. It's not like this is a "just found" issue. I have voiced my opinion before about how these cheeseballs are ripping us off.

I realize that there are starving people in the world and other issues that need to be addressed. Flaming me about my priorities is a waste of time. Now, after my brief, profane tirade I must cloak myself in normalcy and go out amongst the people.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

THE FOLLOWING ENTRY CONTAINS MILD PROFANITY. Please consider this before reading further because profanity is not the norm at Cybersouth-from the Saltillo Beach House

I am mad as hell!! If you are NOT downloading music, START! Get to Grokster, Morpheus, Kazaa, etc. and start downloading music, movies or whatever. Especially download Madonna and Metallica (horrible people). ANYTHING you can do to make the RIAA go away, do it! Download, download, download!! Get all the music ever published. Download from anywhere and everywhere. Download music you don't even like. Just download. I hate the damned RIAA and hope they all become lepers. I wish there was some way I could make them all sterile. I hope the rotten sobs come to Mississippi and provoke me in person. I may lobby to make dueling legal. The fish in my tank have more soul than these despicable low lifes.

TechTv's news show Tech Live just broadcast a story about how the RIAA ripped a 19 year old kid off to the tune of $12,000.00. He forfeited the money because he knew he did not have the funds to fight these assholes in court. He was running a network at the college he attended and people traded many different things, school notes, pictures, and music. Now, this kid that worked in a pet store for years to save money to go to college is being made out a criminal because he tried to help out his fellow students. He DID NOT CHARGE for anyone to use this neat way of trading info, etc. This is absurd, absurd , absurd!! It was just ruled in court a few weeks ago that the people at Grokster and Kazaa were not responsible for what was traded on their sites! I hope the RIAA experiences an earthquake and they all fall to hell where they belong! Leave poor hard working people alone.


You are forwarned that these sites utilize spyware and adware. If you have the wherewithal to nullify these nosy , blabbing hidden pieces of barnyard material, get on with downloading music. Get classical, get country, get top forty, get comedy, hell, I may even download some rap. Download, download, download, download, download. Give the RIAA Nazis the big finger. I don't care if you even like music, download it. Email the RIAA and tell them what you think. Read the article on TechTV's Tech Live show notes. Google search about other horrible things these music mafioso's have been up to...but DOWNLOAD while you are doing this. Download while you are asleep. Leave the computer connected 24/7 and download. Download cartoon music. Download music from commercials. Download music made by real monkeys. Ima running outta blood pressure medicine and must go take some. Where's the Xanax when u need it!

Please read the NEXT entry first!!!!!

Glory bee n hold 'em Luke, they're headed for the barn!!!!! I am actually off until Monday!! After I get my medical test results I'll have more peace of mind. Will be out of town for a few days, doing the poolside thangy and prob do some fishing with Brother Dave. I will visit some friends in Tishomingo County, Neal n CC and get a ride in his"new" 46 Chevy truck. It will be awesome; they have a pool too! Hope to get in a lotta poolin' time over the next few days. No, it doesn't involve eight ball or que sticks. It will involve an occasional boat drink and some cooked animal on the grill. My trusty laptop will be in tow and I will try to make everyone envious if they are into getting away from it all. In the words of that great boat drink philosopher Jimmy Buffett,"I know I don't get there often enough, but God knows I surely try..."

Sunday, June 01, 2003

After just posting the last entry where I'm whining at the speed o light about yard mowing, my son-in-law shows up and drops off his riding lawn mower for me to use!!!!! Thanks Charlie!!! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, such a beautiful day in the neighborhood....
Here's a site that is about everything


A virtual plethora of info that easily links to many interesting sites. This might be a good home page for someone that is constantly searching many different areas. The Facts Search Desk is kewl and Curent News, etc is huge! Take a look at this page and tell me what you think.

Corinth Chris is using jetAudio. This is a player similar to Windows Media Player that has expanded capabilities. They offer a free version and and a 'plus' version that costs. I am downloading it onto my old Windows 98SE machine since I can't run the new Windows Media Player 9 on a 200mmx processor. I really like WMP9, but am always interested in other music applications. Over 15 gigs of music and counting, I am truly a music junkie. Will keep you posted on the findings concerning this new player. I have a gut level feeling it's good or Corinth Chris wouldn't have recommended it. jetAudio has been around a while and that's always a good indication. My favorite right now is Windows Media Player 9 w/DirectX 9. My least favorite is anything by Realplayer. Sorry, RealOne users, it just doesn't float my boat. So flame on and tell me why I should use it. jetAudio is available at jetaudio.com and WMP9 is available on the windows update site. Beware downloaders, read the specs and requirements. Download at your own risk. If you download that realplayer stuff and can't make it go away, do not, i said do not, come here looking for cheese to go with your whine.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood and I will spend most of it trying to mow between church services. Am developing a new policy for working on pcs. If you come to my house and I work on your machine, u may mow yard. Hey, it's the least you can do. Or should I start charging $75.00 an hour? I will provide the gas and mower. Let's see, a windows reload, registry hack? Ahh, you will weedeat as well as mow. Of course, you can take your woes somewhere else or 'fix it yoself'. There will be exceptions. I have a beautiful bonsai tree, thanks to caring souls. If you show up with a machine running AOL or ME, you'll mow the neighbor's yard as well....