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Friday, August 31, 2012

Oops again

JK; nothing left out on purpose. You know, see u next week with a handfull o de paperwork. not worthy... David and Michelle, tyvm for support down through the years. Thanks for being an anchor when Jimmy died. Chris and Tina, what can I say? Your support and prayers are awesome. And all of you, we must group and play GW2 when possible. Install it. You will be amazed.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


MJ; was reading the past few posts and thought it behooved me to profess gratitude for all you do. Too numerous to list. Just wanted you to know my feelings and will see or talk over this holiday weekend.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Cell Phone is Here/Hear

Mudslingr acquired a new cell phone for me to use. It's a Samsung Rugby II and so far it's a kewl, basic phone. Built to military specs, it's tough, simple to use, easy to read and I can hear it! No data plan needed here. iPad takes care of all that (TY Jeff, Chris, etc). It's a relief to know phone calls shouldn't be a problem now.

Thank you Mud for a most practical and durable phone!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fringe of Insanity?

Home and in overdrive to catch up. Had to roadtrip and pushing the clutch with my wounded left foot was not happy time. After a visit to the clinic, my wound is healing. Also found out the bite on my arm was probably a brown recluse spider, not a red wasp. Anyway it is sore and healing. If you don't believe all this stuff has happened over the past few months, I understand. Sounds like the ravings of a mad man. And no, they didn't prescribe any pain medicine. "Just tape an aspirin on it."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Thursday - Quotes Compiled

This is a great tune. The words are melodic. I think Byron, Keats, Wordsworth, Blake, Sandburg, Frost, etc., would all be proud that such great flow of words have been poured together this day and time. It's passion, from the heart. Sadly, some won't understand:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2nd Quote

"Not how many times you've been knocked down,
it's how many times you get back up."

~The Strange Familiar

Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Monday - Not for Wimpy Ears

Throw those overrated Bose headphones down. Get AKG, big bad Sennheisers, Turtle Beach or Sony PS3 7.1 ear muffs. This is for rock and rollers that want to hear it loud. One of the great rnr songs done the right way. BTW, this was recorded in the 70s. Wanna rock? Go Zep!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


"Take all my pieces of doubt,
and let me be what's underneath."

~The Strange Familiar)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Volunteers do good work!

Tupelo Lee County Humane Society is an excellent organization that places many pets all across this great nation. They shuttle animals back and forth to locations distant from our corner of NE Mississippi. They have a great website, Tupelo Lee Humane Society. There are pictures and info about adoptable animals.
WTVA Channel 9, NBC affiliate, did a nice story on these good folks which can be found at their site, WTVA. Be sure and watch the short video on this page. It features a very pretty young lady who is pictured above. BTW she is the youngest of my two daughters and they are both animal crazy! Yes, God has blessed me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Era's End

It looks as if online gaming at the beach house is over. Forever. After reading the latest blurb from the Guild Wars 2 site, I am somewhat disheartened. In order to retain your character's name you have to be involved in the initial pre-launch 3 day special. If that name is lost it just won't be the same. I built a mythology around it in anticipation of GW2. Many of the last things done in Guild Wars 1 revolved around playing GW2. To fellow players - Hall of Monuments is full.

The financial crisis that started in 2009 when I lost everything in a shop fire that was fanned by later gov admin economic FUBARs, has taken a bite out of beach house happiness. My reluctance to pursue VA benefits into hell called VA Hospital Memphis hasn't helped either. That's a blog unto itself!

This concern for Guild Wars may seem childish and petty to some folks. But, I never eat out, don't go to bars, don't go on dates, don't take trips, don't pursue any hobbies (golf, tennis, etc.) and I don't even have cable TV for entertainment. I drive a 20 year old truck that I spent a ton of money on this year and wear the same clothes I had back when God created dirt. Literally, homebody homeboy. So that 6-10 hours per week seemed a great investment for a one time fee of $70.00.

KK, am venting. As you can see warp whine can be reached at the beach house. I am truly blessed with a great family and super friends. Gettin' bizzy holding up my responsibilities to maintaining independence. The bitterness is actually repressed grief over failure. It surfaces on occasion. Wish this GW2 thing could be my largest problem, lol!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do Not Lift Over 10 Pounds, LOLOLOLOL

Moving the shop and finishing some basic "spring" cleaning. Posts will be short and intermittent. Such as this one...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Monday - Which Version Melts in Your Ear?

Love this song. And adore the three performers.

This first video is about as close to an "official" video that could be found. Enya, and friend Roma Ryan, should be given credit for writing this beautiful, melancholy piece that haunts my memories of loves past. She is a prime pioneer in the rebirth of Celtic Music and this song was recorded in Dublin, Ireland:

Hayley Westenra comes from one of the lands down under. A native of Christchurch, New Zealand, Hayley has had an extensive career including one tour as a member of Celtic Woman. Very much a philanthropist, her Christian faith shines through in her charitable activites throughout the world:

If you want to know what it's like to hear angels sing, listen to Lisa Kelly. She also toured with Celtic Woman from the beginning until this last tour. She is on maternal leave and I think rejoining the CW lasses will happen. This is a performance from a Celtic Woman concert circa 2005:

Which one is your favorite? My choice is apparent. Just click on comments below.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just a Note

Busy organizing equipment, tools, etc. My shop is moving in order to become more productive. I have fought the hard fight with life, the universe and everything for a while now and am going to become a fish back in the water or die trying. Posting here is not quite as simple as one would think. So I do write several at a time and am sometimes late in uploading. Finishing the 3 servers I have worked on for months is a priority. Please forgive my sporadic attempts. Certainly it will get better. Especially after November.

Will remain at the beach house residence. After the shop literally went up in smoke it's been a constant struggle to organize. Not enough room either. Will keep you posted.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Random Thursday - Paul Rodgers Sings the Blues

Amazing. My zodiac sign is Taurus. Wonder what that bull was doing when I was born? Decorating a field? And I don't mean Ferdinand the Disney bull that loved flowers. The one in attendance the fateful day I showed up was probably wet, hungry, extremely cold or sweltering hot, lookin' at the lady cows over the fence, had probably eaten bitterweed and just feeling the primary reactions to a rabid wolf bite experienced 7 days prior to May 10th. No. No flowers used here. Only BS. Still get a whiff of it almost every day.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More Music Tomorrow

Random Thursday Post tomorrow. It will be the assigned theme song of my life. Something has to give. Amazes me the consistency of a downhill slide on an almost daily basis has not let up since mid 2009. Sheesh! K, must quit whining.

I am going to ask one thing of my clients that require over a 5 mile drive. Please be ready to pay a small drive cost. I did a service call that was 28 miles round trip. After working a little over 2 hours solid, I left without pay (my choice) and ran out of gas. This will stop today.

Poverty sucks and it's hacking a severe wound into my jolly personality. If you vote for that mule's rear end, NObama, this fall, take me off your friends list. Don't want to associate with people that dumbass. My IQ can't stand the hit if it's contagious. And yes, that includes all the government snoops nosing around.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tuesday with Decisions

My online gaming days are being put on the back burner until I can find the gumption and where-with-all to overcome certain shortcomings. It's not possible to reward myself with a few hours of fun and howling in Guild Wars or SWTOR. So, I am going to take a needed sabbatical and try to reconstruct my priorities. Accomplishing closure on the damned VA problems because I am tired of being co-dependent and hungry, literally, has to reach fruition. No this is not a curb of addiction. I reached that point back in 2005, LOL.

So the advent of Guild Wars 2 is enticing, but it has to be delayed in my life. This is not a spur of the moment decision. Getting a grip on my abuse of people and returning to a self sustaining life is tantamount. Therefore, don't expect me the end of this month in the regions of Ascalon, Divinity Coast or Lion's Arch. Maybe later, who knows? BTW, might be a good idea not to jack with me regarding my few weekly hours of fun. This has been a very hard choice.

Do we have to give up all that is fun in order to die? Hope not.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Feline or Canine?

Hmmmmmm. Cats and dogs. Or should I say Dogs and cats? Interesting individuals. I've known several examples of both species. Traits exist in them that reflect human aspirations and negative qualities. With this in mind, they still seem to be noble. Now, ask yourself, r u a cat or dog person? I happen to be both.

Dogs. They come from feral creatures that used to be feared and still are frightening. "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?" Today junk yard dogs empower this belief. Can you even wrap your mind around a time when 200 pound dire wolves roamed the earth? There is a certain nobility in such animals...wait, creatures, yes, a better word. Domesticated dogs evolved from the dire wolf. Pack animals, with hunting strategies that involved each individual working together to take down prey. Raw and admirable in the same instance. Efficient.

Cats. I do know lions hunt together, but they are not happy about it. Cats are loners. Where dogs become part of our human pack, cats barely tolerate homo sapiens. Hell, they have trouble tolerating each other. Where a dog exudes strength and power cats are graceful and have finesse. Dogs have alpha, beta etc. hierarchy while cats are, for the most part, alphas. Dogs remember things. Cats don't give a fat rat's ass 15 minutes later. They return to immediate survival tendencies. Dogs are happy until they get hungry. Cats seem to endorse the 'stock up n put it in the freezer' thangy.

Why all this jibber jabber? Are you catlike or doglike? Or have you found a conscience and discovered you are human? Be human and cast a vote in November for Romney. Think of it as being a good homo sapiens and voting AGAINST Obama (not much a Romney fan here). This is Cat Daddy signing out and I am doggone. Hmmmmm.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Online Again

Usually my ISP, Metrocast, has been diligent about connectivity. It did return Wednesday for a short time. It has been out again until now. There has been severe weather and I know trees were down as well as lines.

My phone is intermittent and battery life is only a few minutes. Hopefully the internet is back online so email is still the best bet to get in touch. The email addy is cybersouth@gmail.com.

A good friend of mine lost his mother early yesterday. Joe, if there is anything I can do please contact me. Please keep the Rackley family in your prayers.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Internet came back online this morning around 2:00AM. Will answer emails as the day continues. Head is still hurting so may try to rest some more.