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Monday, August 16, 2010

Music Monday - Awesome Triple Play

EDIT:Click the bottom right 4 arrow symbol to expand to full view for greater detail.

Three performances by some of the most talented musicians on the planet. The front man is Mr. Phil Collins. Unless you been living in a cave all your life you have heard the first song. But, chances are you've never heard such a super performance of it. It's the best. Sends chills right to the bones!

Second one is almost as famous with a short sweet drum intro. Sorry it's edited too soon and ends abruptly. Still give it a listen then be prepared to be blown away. You have probably never heard this next 10 minutes of pure dynamite.

The third, wow, what can I say? Three drummers doing the most amazing drum trio I've ever seen. For those of you that think Phil Collins is just a singer songwriter watching this rendition of an awesome drum triple threat will change your mind! Hold on to your chair, turn it up and get ready to rock!

Now do you wonder why all the Brits are po'd about the Queen not knighting him yet? If Elbone John is Sir Elton then there should be a Sir Phil! Thanks EdC for great links!

“Drumming isn't all about twirling sticks.”
~Guslov Petronoski

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beagle said...

Very Cool! Phil Collins is awesome!