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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Money or Human Life? Give me Life for My Fellow Mankind

Delivered a computer today and even though the weather is supposed to be more pleasant, it's still hot, hot, hot! Have some fresh strawberries to enjoy and eating light. Today has been a day of de-stressing and rest. Needed it. Everyone in the Deep South needs to be cautious and careful about the heat. Mow that yard EARLY in the morning if needed and stay inside. There's been too many deaths. The power company and water utility ultra greed have killed folks. There should be a law...

"The lower rings of jell await those that kill for greed and avarice!"

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beagle said...

Yes, the heat is just miserable. I have been keeping the dogs in during the day (we normally let them run around in the yard) it is to hot for any living creature to be outside!