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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Browsing, IE8 Style

Browsers. Wide range of choices exist. Internet Explorer 8 is actually making a small dent in increasing it's 60% or so of the marketplace. Firefox checks in at 20% or so and Chrome has somewhere around 8%. Safari has 5% (Apple various device users for the most part) and Opera has a little over 2%. At one time Internet Explorer had a 90% marketshare. They still lead by a great margin. Yet, it may not be the browser you want to use when surfing the web. I always leave it as the default browser and use it on a regular basis. Most of my browsing is divided between Chrome and Firefox. Anyway, I try to stay familiar with IE8 because of its domination of the browser wars. Be careful when upgrading to IE8. Some accelerators suck. The beach house uses NO accelerators. Just read about doing the IE8 upgrade and you'll be fine. But upgrade!! Using IE6 or IE7 puts us all at risk. The security features in Internet Explorer 8 surpass earlier versions by a long shot.

The How-To-Geek has some great info on speeding up a slow Internet Explorer 8. Check out his in depth article that addresses IE8 Add On Management. You can learn a lot more than managing add ons by clicking on this link. Geek has a polished site that is loaded with super information. It's attractive, has great construction and very easy to navigate. He covers a vast range of subjects. And the Geek knows his stuff! One of my favorite "goto" sites on the web.

Hope this helps.

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