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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Further On Down the Road

Had to do surgery on a motherboard this evening. PC is back up and running. Panic and depression are not pretty. Walking away for a few hours and resting really does help. Still not through with the other computer build that may kill me. But at least this one is back up and running. Everyone please forgive my negative ways from earlier today. There was a time when I would have thrown it in the trash and bought a new one. Repairing a motherboard, if that isn't a sign of poverty then what is?!?!?!? LOL.

JK, special apology to you. The TS wouldn't work, then I saw that capacitor give it up (physically, watched it explode - had the side off the case), at the same time I knocked a cup of coffee into the MERC Stealth keyboard (keylights died, etc.), and the laptop would not make nice nice with the beach house wifi. Wasn't even drinking the coffee, it was cold! Then an unexpected visitor started banging on the door! It was like a monkey french kissing a football for a few seconds. Chaos was my momentary friend. Then when the phone was thrown on the desk, it turned off which is a somewhat new habit it has picked up. I discovered it being off when starting this post. Whew! Survival at the beach house is tough! So, very sorry about the uber panic attack. Gee...wonder what triggered it?

Still need a few days where I can pay attention to completing my last computer build EVER. Everything else is on hold until it is done and safely delivered. This has to leave the beach house next week or the people in the white coats will come and deliver me to the happy farm.


"Feeling important makes one heavy, clumsy, and vain."
~Carlos Castaneda

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