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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dreaming Along

Started using new editor for this site.  Hopefully the transition will be seamless.  We shall see.  

Before, I've expressed my desire to one day own an iPad2.  After researching further I am now leaning towards a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the Toshiba Thrive which has an SD slot that will extend the memory. They both connect through wifi. This seems more practical since wifi usually doesn't cost any extra and 3G/4G costs quite a bit. Granted the iPad app library is larger, but the Android library is substantial and growing. The number of movies available overwhelms anything without FLASH. And iPads don't have FLASH, which also limits the number of websites they can visit. Many Android apps are free and their overall costs are significantly less than Apple for a 'like' application. The Samsung Tab is for sale now and the Toshiba Thrive will be available in mid-July. Both are around half the cost of the fully loaded iPad2. Anyway, these are pipe dreams. I must increase memory and obtain a SATA III SSD 128Gig drive for my Qosmio laptop first. Then upgrading the workstation is next. Just trying to stay current with what the market is doing.

Not anywhere close to purchasing any of these devices, but thought I would pass on the beach house take on tablets. Tomorrow the desired tablet may once again be the iPad2, lol. Feedback is welcome. If you have an opinion please comment and share. Inquiring minds wanna' know!

Interesting take over at the Orchard about where Apple is headed in the future - Post PC World. Even the pro-Mac writer thinks a world without PCs is unrealistic. Hey, we all have dreams. iDarth Jobs is entitled to his desires too. Just as the writer says it is a bit far fetched.

Out of town and returning home later today. Not a lot of rest, but that will come this PM. Everyone stay casual and enjoy Fathers Day.

"The large print giveth, but the small print taketh away."
~Tom Waits


feleciab said...

Have played with an Ipad, HP Slate, Dell Duo, and Blackberry playbook. They all have something to offer and their own twist to a tablet solution. Did not like the Slate cause i am nearly blind. Liked the dell Duo cause it is really a netbook that can turn into a tablet that acts like an Ipad. The playbook is as cool as the ipad. Just got an HTC phone so that for now will be a new toy to learn. Happy Father's day - belated to all the fathers out there. Hope you all had a great weekend. Just got finished enjoying a great time with my father and mom. Took pops out to Mt fuji and introduced him to the Hibachi experience. Had a great time.

Dock said...

TY for the input. After you 'break' it in let us know about the new phone! Glad you got together with the family. Bet your Dad enjoyed the Mt. Fuji experience!

beagle said...

An interesting article on ipad alternative here: http://www.gizmocrunch.com/computing/7349-ipad-2-xoom-asus-transformer-touchpad-flyer-samsung-galaxy-tab

Dock said...

Good article. Bookmarked it for further use! TYVM