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Saturday, June 04, 2011

2nd Attempt

Trying Facebook again. We'll see. Last time I was found by old classmates who felt it was their privilege to post anything and everything about me to the web. Needless to say, Homey don't play that game! They now know to not speculate. So let's try it again with different settings. Don't expect a huge involved Facebook thangy from me. Cybersouth has been here since 2003 and is still my prime interest concerning web posting. Yet, I know people that do Facebook exclusively. Hence the interest.

As explained before, posts are short for a few days and I must return to my land of nightmares. Later and stay casual, LOL.


Grasshoppa said...

remember to become a "fan" of the SwinTech page...lol

Dock said...

ty and am

Melissa said...

Thought I saw you come aboard the FB train. Good luck with it this time around.