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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Early AM & Facebook

Up early working. Am avoiding interaction and trying to stay focused on projects at hand. Sometimes you have to take control of your life and get things done. Intimidation has never worked well with me so I withdraw, concentrate and resolve issues. Have to mix this in with a weird hectic schedule that is making money, yet doing zero as far as cashflow. It's hard to explain so I won't try. Trust me, I am best left to my own devices, LOL. Especially when hungry.

Facebook you ask? Working better this time. Changed my opinion and don't expect anyone to resolve world issues there. Why would anyone bully anyone with Facebook and why would anyone be bullied? Cut the damn thing off, remake the account and don't let anyone see it, but those you trust. Are people really so stupid they can't figure this out? I realize not everyone likes me. Some people just care nothing for my company or rhetoric. Know what? Screw 'em. Hey, I do not harbor evil thoughts or feelings about them. Have too much to do, for and with friends, to worry about the small stuff. But Facebook can be interesting, just don't take it seriously. And don't worry about others and their perceptions. When it gets right down to it, your opinion of yourself and God's love are all that count. If you want in the Facebook thangy, message me or drop an email at cybersouth@gmail.com.

Thanks out to Lisa, Dan, Charlie, Em, Rhonda, Dena, David, Kristi, Jim and others that have helped. Facebook is actually fun. Dropbox is way kewl. Back to the grind now. The call of work from my bench is whispering. There's laughter of Mr. Frustration in the background. Stay casual out there and it's okay to be a little hungry. I am certainly learning.

"Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation."
~William Ward

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