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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Competition, It's a Good Thing

Rumors are a constant source of frustration, but are also entertaining. Made this observation while researching the possibility that AMD might acquire NVidia which, to me, seems unlikely. Methinks that the FTC would put an immediate stop to such a move since AMD owns ATI, the largest competitor of NVidia. There are laws concerning acquisition of companies to monopolize. Intel and NVidia getting together might make more sense.

Which is the best? ATI's Radeon series or NVidia's Geforce family? If you have a coin used for tossing please take it out at this time. I know NVidia Nazis and also people that are Radeon Gestapo. Looks like some things never change. PC vs Apple? AMD vs Intel? Radeon vs NVidia? This is old school thinking about new school technology. C'mon folks, 'can't we all just get along?'

Further reflections on such matters below. Please comment by clicking on the word comment or comments (in red) below this post. A small window will open and you can read other opinions or type in your feelings.

Processors - AMD vs Intel. It's not who is the best but who has the slight edge today. Not everybody will agree with me and somehow I find that pleasing. Today, with no financial restrictions and anything goes, I'd go Intel. Do your research. Since money is a HUGE restriction AMD will probably be my next processor purchase. Great processors and still slightly less pricy than Intel. Besides, you can save mega bucks in a build using AMD. Across the board (pun intended) the motherboards supporting AMD are far less expensive. One popular series is AMD supported boards with NVidia NForce chipsets!!!! Great combination.

Video cards - NVidia vs Radeon. People are passionate about their graphics hardware. Still got that coin out from the processor battle? Flip it again. Speaking of flip looks like, bang for buck, Radeon cards are winning today. Wasn't that way last week. NVidia will introduce a new graphics card tomorrow so the balance may once again shift. Competition is a great stimulus for this industry. Today, will stay with NVidia due to familiarity. But an ATI offering at a substantial savings is certainly not out of the question.

Computers - PC vs Apple. Apple is building good solid products today. They make durable sleek looking machines with INTEL processors. This hasn't always been true. Glad they wised up and found a way to hang on to their 3% retail marketshare. Only three problems with Apple. One - price. Two - price. Three - price! Also, Jobs and company will outright lie to you and look you in the eye while doing it. You can use hardware other than Apple, i.e. RAM, hard drives, and you better get an anti-virus program on that machine. Hackers are targeting them as we speak. The iPod, iPhone, iPad are super gadgets. Very creative thinking on the Orchard's part and people really like these devices. Lusting after that mega iPad2 myself! Hey, we all have our "pipe" dreams. Today, put your coin away. PC is the obvious choice. They own 90% of the computer market worldwide. They are extremely fast. Versatility in builds also gives a more personal computing feeling to users. And they win big time in the price arena. Spend half of what an Apple costs and buy a faster PC. Can we say logical?

This is touching on basic concepts and personal opinions. No doctrine espoused here. Always fun to tout those in the arena. Does that make me a troublemaker? Don't think so. Does it make me a truthseeker? More likely. Stay casual folks. Enjoy your Mac or PC.

"I do not fear a man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once. I fear a man who
has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

~Bruce Lee


Beagle said...

I think there are so many choices out there today it really comes down to each individual situation and what a person needs/wants. What works for some might not for others and vice versa! Great post!

Dock said...

Back in the day when Cybersouth first came into being, there was an anonymous apple dude that used to comment and cuss everything PC. Nothing compared to the "mighty" apple. Even though he was vulgar, I miss him, LOL. He was always good for a laugh. Never could win an argument. Jim used to give him hell!

Grasshoppa said...

I commented on this one from the hospital in Oxford. dunno what happened. It was lengthy, profound, and entertaining. But, I guess you'll just hafta take my word for it...lol

Dock said...

most casual my brother!