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Friday, June 03, 2011

Quick Blurb

Winding down another week in and around the beach house. Am researching a bill in the Senate that makes it a felony to embed YouTube videos. Have the web sites of the 3 sponsoring senators and will link them soon (hope there's some YouTube videos of these three jerks that can be embedded!!!) It will be a rant so my wait period to not overload is still active. And we all thought Nazism was dead! Hah!

Still struggling with cleaning my bench. Posts will be short. It'll be good to not worry about performing almost miraculous voodoo. Not my nature to duck people, not answer phone calls, etc. It's ridiculous for a grown man to hide in order to retain what little sanity is available. At least one machine is almost finished and the other within sight. Once they are gone - No mas!

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