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Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Whining is Almost Over

Listened in on Teamspeak and heard a lot of laughter and people having a good time last night. Since experience has taught me not to miss medication an extra round was taken after one attack of the stomach grunge. There may not have been time for meds to be absorbed. Needless to say I was visiting la-la land, but still heard my friends having a great time. I'm glad. With the current stooges in office and this horrible economy not much laughter is heard nowadays.

We certainly owe Mudslingr a huge favor. He rescued our server situation plus, as always, let us borrow his grill. Heard the food was excellent and Ashy's brisket was a success. Beagle thanks for jumping in and preparing the cajun goodies sent by Cyndane. Thank you Cyndane for sending them. Felecia's house is always fun. Thanks to everyone that brought items. I hear Mrs. Hoppa's LAN Party Dip was once again the bombdiggity! Wish I had been there. Was so looking forward to it. Now that I am tempted to eat something the smell of bar-b-q and all the other delicious foods dance around in my head. Alas, my budget permits 2 cans of chicken noodle soup. Sure beats nothing.

Folks, am still shaky and just not up to facing the server problem today. Am going back to bed or spend some time taking it easy. It should be back online tomorrow. I apologize for my stupidity. Later.

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