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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Long Weekend

The LAN Party was a great success, my newest rebuild is running smoothly now if we can just get Ole Miss to win a football game. MS State looked good this weekend and I hope they maul Auburn on Thursday night. Might end up being a heck of a ball game. Should see Ole Miss against Tulane this weekend and I hope that a different team in red, white and blue hits the field. They just officially did away with Colonel Reb as mascot and may need to bring him back!!!! Sometimes they amaze me. Has Obama sent an advisor to Oxford?

I support the Tea Party efforts, but hope they don't split the GOP vote like the Obama cast of idiots thinks will happen. Vote! Let's get Pelosi and Reid back where they belong: In the Peanut Gallery!

"Please don't phreak. I am still an Ole Miss fan!"

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