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Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Business Review. SwinTech Designs Rock!

SwinTech Designs has been added to the Links List. This is a young company that builds rad, bad gamers' delights. Specializing in high end gaming rigs at decent prices, they are a one stop shop where you can pick up a screaming fast machine and then also order your monitor, gaming keyboard, headset, etc. They carry top notch products and build truly awesome PCs.

The overall look of the site is very clean yet has enough pop to not be considered stoic. Folks there intend for you to have a nice visit if shopping or ordering. Navigation is very easy and detailed specifications are listed for the enthusiast that wants more info. As you will see only top notch cases, motherboards, video cards, CPUs, and other components are used. You can go either Intel or Amd. They hand build each individual machine for each individual customer. PayPal is onboard to keep your money safe and easily transferred.

To answer a question that arose about gaming a few days ago: Why not use an Apple? Although they have made great strides to improve their product line they are just not meant for online gaming. Most games do not have Apple versions of their product. Also let's face facts. PC gaming machines are hot rods compared to your average sedan like Apple. Apple computers are still not price competitive and they don't have the wide selection of components needed to really custom tailor your unit. Apple does several things that are outstanding. Handling photos, media files, editing software is where they shine. But for now the mighty Intel and AMD Windows platforms are definitely the choice of a serious gaming person.

Go visit SwinTech and take a look around. You'll see quality throughout the pages which I think is reflective of their immaculate work. Yes, I am impressed. When you're hot you're hot! They also happen to be nice polite people that speak English with perfect diction and clarity.

"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."
~Vincent Van Gogh

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