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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Randon Thursday - Elmo

Someone decided not to air this video on Sesame Street. The reasoning behind this decision is that she showed too much cleavage. Seems they wouldn't have asked Ms. Perry to participate if they wanted a "grandmother" figure to sing the tune. How about Miss Piggy instead? Wait, she's probably too busy lusting after a frog. What's your opinion? Harmless cute song that kids would find fun? After all, are they really paying attention to her clothes? If they are then they are probably too old to watch Sesame Street, huh? Or is it really that offensive? C'mon don't hold back use the comments. If you don't want ppl to know your name then don't use it. But tell us what you think! Bad or good?

She's very pretty, but the fact that she's engaged to that weird English guy makes me wonder. Why did they ask her and then not go ahead with airing? K, being redundant now. Tell us what you think.

"I think you can leave the arts, superior or inferior, to the conscience of mankind."
~William Butler Yeats (yes I noticed children weren't included in this quote)


Ashy said...

Hey at least she is wearing clothes and that lech ELMO is totally nude! Plus he uses all those suggestive WORDS like PLAY (and we ALL know what that filthy word means) She is NOT showing cleaveage she is showing hooters, but no naughty bits and as much or more can be viewed these days just by going outside.
For some reason this reminds me of the Robert D. Raiford phrase.....
These United States of the too easily offended.

brian said...

I agree with your post ,Doc.If your are noticing the hooters as Ashy put it then you are either still being breast fed or too old to be watching.In either case that person is missing the point.Put Madonna or Britney Spears on there. That should really offend.I was more shocked the actually showed her knees in the video.Why I never!In my day we never saw knees on Sesame Street.

dock said...

LOLOLOLOL! great observations, both. Need more!

Grasshoppa said...

Oh grow up! What is really the disturbing issue here is the fact that more than 65% of muppets are completely NAKED!!!!! So, I, hereby, am organizing the Prudeness Inititiative Campaign to Clothe Naked Muppets. Applications for membership are available upon request. Ms. Perry will be the first guest speaker.

Ashy said...

Hey! I caught Miss Perry on SNL last night and I am here to tell ya, while you is seeing "Hooters" something has been done in this video to downplay them!!!!! Or on SNL they padded 'em out. Anyway what I started to think was "much ado about nothing" has turned into a Watergate class COVERUP! Oh almost fergot! send me one of dem apps Grasshoppa.

Ashby Rhett Culpepper III Jr. Esq. said...

And, lets not forget that Blue Perv
Barney. He's naked too, in fact I think he may actually be Nekkid (which is naked AND up to something) In fact, I think that we should adopt for the group theme song.
I Hate Him
We All Agree
Lets Hang Barney From A Tree