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Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally, Daddy Didn't Take the T-Bird Away

Early once again. I won the battle...so far. The machine that I've been fighting needed a new mobo - and a dual processor motherboard at that, lol. Got it. installed it after much research and now have it amping to a steroid type tech thangy. Whew! If I didn't need money so much I'd take a day off to recover. That won't happen. Need to tune and upgrade which will take another 4 or 6 hours, but it's going home. Thank God. This has been a really drawn out experience of trying to make defective equipment perform in a non-defective way. Almost over. Many Windows updates, many updates from various sources. I really need a break. The Blue Plate Mayo Bank Jar will be on the porch. Deposits only and no withdrawals. Y'all have a nice day!

"How long should you try? Until."
~Jim Rohn


Grasshoppa said...

knew you could do it! it's refreshing beverage time! woo-hoo! Wanna go kill some stuff? LOL

dock said...

we r slaying in celebration in pre-searing and about to move to post to vanquish. Grab TS and come along!

beagle said...

Congrats and doesn't it feel good to win that battle!?

dock said...

It is not over yet. Have a secondary CPU that's wanting to run hot on the meter, but you can touch the heat sink and it actually feels cold. This is the natural course of things, lol.