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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Further Adventures Thrashing About On a Workbench

Ran into a problem last night with the rebuild on the bench doing a thermal shutdown. Have put two new fans on the CPU heatsinks and turned the rear fans and side fan out. It's helping some. Will try to let it shut down the hard drive and monitor then go into standy by. Tomorrow we'll see if it will return to normal state hopefully after a night of no D24 thermal light glaring. The heat sinks are actually cool to the touch so it makes me wonder if the 2nd CPU might be defective. There is around 50-60 degrees celsius (minimum) different in them yet both of the heatsinks feel the same. I'll try an hour or so of Guild Wars on it later in the day and if it survives without a thermal collapse then it should be ready to go home.

It has me wondering if when the motherboard crashed if it might have reached out and touched the second processor. Considered running it with just CPU number 0 (aka CPU1) and seeing how it performed. This is not new technology, but it does have good documentation. Lot of it and many intricate settings. Beyond a doubt the most difficult machine I've ever had on the bench. Wish I'd had that motherboard 9 months ago. Oh well, live and learn. Data was important to the owner. That is the most expensive charge I have in my bag of tricks. Try it sometime. You won't like it.

It is late and I am tired of trying to do Windows updates that keep failing. Every time I have to restart then about 12-15 things are turned off that run in the background and eat resources. I hate Yahoo with a passion and will NOT EVER permit it on one of my machines. Want adware? Desktop Hijackers? Trojans? Then by all means go to ye old Yahoo and get u some! Instant messenger applications suck unless it's Chatroll or Google. Better yet, pick up the phone and text or make a real call. Far more efficient use of time. Yahoo my ass. Try Boohoo!

It's wise not to argue this because I can show you proof just by googling 'Yahoo and spyware' at any time. After seeing a trillion gadzillion mega godzillizain or so articles where the no good devils at Yahoo try to act like good guys, believe me, they aren't wearing white hats. Yahoo goes to extremes in trying to stack the first pages with positive input, but read on folks. The tech types will tell you the facts of life. While the 'yodeler-hoos' are "removing malware" you can bet your sweet bippy you are getting bogged down with the same if it comes from Yahoo. Same problem just that now people that pay Yahoo are violating your privacy. But go right ahead and stay hell bent on using this garbage site. After all it's your machine and eventually you'll pay some tech to get it repaired because your stubborness must let coinage burn holes in your pockets.

Don't agree? Tough shit. I am right and you are wrong about this issue. And folks, that's my story and I am stickin' to it. Yes, I am tired and cranky. Later.

"It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent."
~Dave Barry

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