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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Thursday: Katy 1 PBS O.

Saturday Night Live has not been a favorite of mine for quite sometime. Their constant liberal chatter is 180 degrees from back in the day when they made fun of everybody and everything. This I watched since I had been told it would air. I think it is an absolute hoot! Pun intended. WARNING: Some may not want to watch because of content and it's not for children. When this aired, why would your children be up this late?. That said, take a look at Katy Perry and the SNL crew strike back at Sesame's Street doofus decision. If you do watch make sure to check out Katy's top. That's a unique version of Elmo:

I've seen this 5 times and still laugh. I declare Ms. Perry the unanimous winner and champion of this silly, unnecessary circus! Thank you SNL and Lorne Michaels for returning to a great format. Like to see more of it. And hey, this was not nearly offensive as Dan Aykroyd's Bass-o-Matic skits!!! (They were also funny and a bit offensive to some).

"Laugh at yourself once in a while; give yourself a break."
~Greg Evans (chances are you might live a little longer too)

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