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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today, the 9th anniversary of the most heinous attack against America, the jerk planning the mosque near ground zero says he wants what is best for everybody. His Imam-ness even blatantly states he fears this will inflame muslim terrorists if they don't build it. To hell with him and all his damned followers! Wonder how they'd like it if we started attacking their communities and killing innocent people? Look, I wish they'd all gather in the desert over there so we could do to them what they want to do to us. Screw the muslim terrorists. Let them all protest and attack the beach house. I've got something for their goat loving, camel kissing asses. If there are any real muslims out there with good hearts (sounds like convoluted logic to me) they are the ones that should be raising hell about this shrine to the Devil. If the jerkwater baboons in our governmemt don't man up, woman up and stop this affront to the people of the USA, they should be voted out of office. They too, are in league with the Devil and ARE the Great Satan of America.

Just in case you idiot socialist liberals have forgotten take a look at this picture and think about the familY heartaches caused by muslims! Tell you what, click on it and look at the expanded version of this horror:

IF THERE ARE ANY "GOOD" MUSLIMS OUT THERE reading this post please use the comments and tell me you are against this awful planning of mosque building. For God's sake, our "muslim leader" is too spineless to stand up for what is right! Hell, they are preoccupied with suing the Great State of Arizona for enforcing the law!!! You bastards know we had a war with massive internal strife and heartaches 150 years or so in the past. And realize where most of your military fighters come from today. Be careful and do what is right. Stop this insult. New Yorkers! Wake up! Don't let them murder all these people and then build a memorial celebrating it!

"Fire is the test of gold; adversity, the test of strong men."

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