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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts - Soft Random Thursday

If I could have the world slow down, I'd play music extremely moving. Then I'd do my best to help people see beauty. It walks in grace in my two daughters. They may not fully realize that, but I am so aware. Such thoughts don't leave my mind. Such goodness, such passion for life. If only people across all nations and barriers could feel this, we'd be a better planet. To hear a song that tugs at my heart and to see the tremendous shine radiated by two awesome spirits...God, oh I am so very very blessed. I truly am not worthy. Life consumes us and we so often forget that which is important. The moon is a harsh mistress and i have fallen hard. Their gentle touch in mind and spirit makes me cope. Yes, I am fortunate to put these words in print. I am fortunate to be me. Thank you, God.

My music plays on in all life. The younglings should know. For I love them as much as their Mothers. Okay, most of the time there's not a lot of sappiness here. Sometimes the truth compels you to say what is deep in the heart. I think, therefore I am and I love. No conditions. Thank you, God: So very very much.


beagle said...


"Without music, life is a journey through a desert" --Pat Conroy

dock said...

Mr. Conroy understands and TYVM,

davidgunter said...

Nice post!