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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sometimes I Just Can't Take It and Have Had Enough

The linked article in the middle of this post is a few months old and still very relevant to today's crisis concerning government whackados. Actually it's more relevant today than when written. The utter stupidity of the American public sometimes flabbergasts me. I've tried to stay more onboard with tech subjects. But, this dragging of feet concerning the Gulf oil spill crisis is just too much to bear. Send the U.S. Navy down there and stop ruining the livelihoods of my fellow Mississippians and the people of our neighboring states. The Navy will find a way to stop this heinous assault on our planet. Quit meeting and bowing to known leaders that harbor and instigate Islamic terrorism against us. Quit trying to sue the Great State of Arizona and listen to their solutions. Liberal news people, which is most everyone but Fox, quit covering up for your fellow yellow dogs and find out something about the birth certificate. Print a copy of it on your damned page 1! If you are a concerned citizen of the United states it might behoove you to click this link and read this tremendous (it's somewhat lengthy, but ever so pertinent) evaluation:


If you are a flaming, bleeding heart Nancy Pelosi, Reid, Obama administration loving liberal do me a huge favor: Get the hell off my site and DON'T come back. IMHO, You are all a bunch of jerks that are hell bent on tearing our country apart and giving it away. I am tired of your occupational strategy and pray to God in Heaven that the American Public will educate themselves and vote all the liberals out of office. Don't like my attitude? Well, I sure as hell don't like people that are doing sneaky underhanded things to destroy America. And FBI, NSA or any other group snooping around reading opinions of true Americans, you can all kiss my Mississippi butt! I still support my President because I am an American. I don't have to especially like the idea. That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Thanks EdC for the very, very serious and important email. God Bless America.

"If people behaved like governments, you'd call the cops."
~Kelvin Throop


Mudslingr said...

Amen Brother! You get every bit of that right. I for one think it is insane for the government to be suing the state of Arizona. That is a bunch of nonsense. Maybe their law might need a little tweaking. I have nothing against a man or woman that comes into this country the legal way, but I don't want all these people coming in for free and taking a chunk of the social security that I have worked hard for, that is already hurting enough. I have a cousin that has been living in England for the past couple years. She paid for her passport and any other things to stay in the country legally, and just this past week paid and took the citizenship test to become permanent. Now thats the way you do it!

dock said...

Thanks for being strong of will and character to even comment on this post. Your analogy about your cousin lays out the way things should be done in America. To hell with press 1 for English - just speak our native language or get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!