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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great Net Tool and Thoughts

Over to the right down in the pictures you will find a link to infosniper. This will let you nail the location of a website by IP address or even name. This is a nice tool that might help you track one of the bad guys. Fellow techs, please forgive me for giving this away, but it may help someone prosecute the jerks that hijack desktops, drop ads without permission, install spyware, etc. In case you have trouble finding it just click on the following icon:

Geo Locate IP Address with Maps and Whois data

The past few days have been rough. I am thinking about how work is disappearing for all of us in the business of computing service and wondering how to survive. Going to the doctor tomorrow and sadly won't have the money for prescription refills. Anyone need cable pulled, cars washed, fences painted, dogs walked, etc? Please forgive my maudlin spell, I am trying to snap out of it and drink from the half full glass. Your prayers will be most welcome. Not looking for pity at all. This was pointed out to me by a friend and I felt everyone deserved an explanation.

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Grasshoppa said...

as always, prayers are coming your way. sometimes I like to think these dry spells in computer business stem from the fact that when I fix one, it stays fixed for a long while. doesn't make any cash float my way, however. makes me feel a bit better, though. lol