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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Shedding Light on a Mistake

Yesterday, I did not post correctly about the support at Microsoft of different operating systems. If you keep your XP Home, Media or Pro up to date it seems Microsoft will still have online support into the year 2014. If you are thinking about upgrading here are two excellent sites (actually two different pages on the same site) to visit that will give you some facts about Windows 7. The Comparision Chart gives a thorough checklist of differences between XP, Vista, and Win 7. The Compare Editions will help you decide which version of Windows 7 you need. IGNORE their suggested retail prices. I know for a fact the Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade Version can be purchased at Amazon.com for $167.91. That's a savings of over fifty bucks! Be sure and shop around. BE SURE and buy from a reliable online store.

Ashby's comment in yesterday's post is also very helpful concerning hardware. Good breakdown of what is what. Thanks for a great comment!

Hope this helps.

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~Anso Coetzer


Mudslingr said...

Well the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor tool can help one find out if their hardware, devices, and programs will work with Windows 7. It also gives advice on how to fix problems if found before you upgrade. Hope you don't mind me posting the link!

Dock said...

Great advice, so glad we have comments. Don't stop! Anytime u wanna link in here, it's kk with me!