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Friday, June 18, 2010

Chrome Polish

After using the Google Chrome Browser for quite some time I finally discovered a great part of the tools options. Here's how you do it. Open Chrome. Go to the top right corner of your iGoogle Chrome Browser homepage (it will look something like the illustration below). Just left click on the icon marked by the red arrow in the picture below. Then scroll down and left click on extensions. It may tell you you have none, but click on the link and take a look. Some super stuff is available.

Before anyone starts up, let me say that I've known they were there from the beginning, but time restraint has finally permitted me a brief chance to explore this area of Chrome. They are very easily uninstalled if you decide not to use a particular extension. If you look in the above pix you can see the extension icons just to the left of tools. Actually good usage of space because their address bar is huge (it'll be to your left of the new icons). I am using;

GMail Checker
It let's you preview email while browsing Also alerts when there are new emails.

Keeps up with who is tracking or trying to track you

Great calendar with many neat features

AdBlock & Browser button for AdBlock
Actually two different extensions but I think it is clear why you need both. Great app that I have used for years in Firefox

Wonderful tool that warns when you approach a potentially harmful sight. Used it for years in Firefox (it works!)

Screenshot app that lets you save upload whole screen or selected part.

This list will grow as I review extensions. If you have some favorites please recommend them by using comments. Again, I realize I am late posting about these great options and really don't need snide comments about it. Please be happy that I finally got around to posting this info for everyone to review and use as they see fit!

Hope this helps.

"Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by

~H.D Murphy

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