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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Everyone is doing wifi nowadays. With the proliferation of laptops, tablets, smart phones and other wireless devices, the need for a good signal is important. There is an abundance of great routers out there. If your budget can handle it the Cisco E4200 is a really slick piece of equipment. Have one on the bench testing it and like this machine. The N300 and N450 Belkin units are by far the easiest to install and great buys with bargain prices.
The offerings are vast and prices vary. A very informative article can be found at PCMag. This is a top 10 wireless router picks post. While I don't agree with a few of their choices, this is an excellent place to start research on your wifi purchase. Hope this helps.

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Grasshoppa said...

Let us not forget Netgear. Own an N300 Netgear, and very much unlike its previous routers, which had extreme configuration issues, the new jobbies are exeptionally easy to set up, and you still can't beat them for wifi range. Just saying...lol

Dock said...

TY for pointing out the oversight. Netgear has really made some decent networking equipment. D-Link is another good company.