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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Apps to PC, Over?

Ever wanted to run Android apps on your PC? PCWorld tells you about a new program that makes this possible. The software can be downloaded at the parent website which is BlueStacks. Simple, straightforward and is getting rave reviews. There is a huge caution. This program may still be in Alpha testing mode. There's some fog there. The Beta will be released soon. So download at your own risk. Works fine at the beach house.

EDIT: Dad gum it all. When this article was first drafted the Alpha was available. It's not now. While visiting the BlueStreak site it might behoove you to sign up for the Beta, especially if you are an avid Android user. Decided to leave this post up due to the interest in running Android apps on PCs.

Alas, there is no equal software for the iApple family of devices; iPhone, iPad, iPod, iDog, iCat, iBall, iHop (Wait, does this one belong in the list?), etc. Hey, this is meant with good humor. The beach house is very proud to own an uber iPad2. Yes, there is some good natured ribbing and teasing from my fellow PC users. Super Christmas gift and now a part of my daily life. Shucks, there has been a Mac running OSX on my network for almost 6 years. Loving some iPad!

Actually the iApple apps can be run on a PC using PieceableViewer. IMHO, it's too expensive and the web page is a bit confusing to me. Creating a virtual machine inside Windows 7 has possibilities using iOS, but the beach house is emulating a laid back status and such an effort might bruise the calm.

If you can add info or insight please feel free to post comments. Just click on the word comments below and speak your piece. This is Dock the pseudo fanboy signing out. Hope this helps!

"Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest."
-Isaac Asimov

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