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Friday, February 17, 2012

Luddite at the Beach House?

Texting is a way of life and many folks embrace it. Luddite here. Some phones need to have a huge magnifying glass shipped with them. Okay, if you intend a phone keyboard for usage as a means of data input then why make it so small? Two fingers can cover my WHOLE keyboard. I mean literally. God blessed me with large hands and I like them, yes I do. My present Samsung phone is super otherwise. Great battery, range and clarity. Thank you MJ. The iPad virtual keyboard is much easier but still no substitute for a full size QWERTY board. Okay, getting off on a tangent. Back to a phone's primary purpose.

If you think you are too busy or too good to hold a conversation on the phone with me then why even consider my resources? I spend more time answering text messages by email every day, because people won't answer phone calls. Returned a call one day and instead of answering the phone, they sent a text -> 'Wht u need?' This time I did text back -> 'Absolutely nothing.' Then I enjoyed the rest of the day listening to and singing along with an Edwin Starr hit from the 70s. Say it again y'all! (insert evil grin here)

Yes, there are times when text messages are needed. If I am under a desk or in an attic pulling cable my phone is usually left with my tools. This is a habit I acquired that prevents wasted hours trying to find a cell phone in an attic full of insulation. Did it twice. And contrary to what some folks have posted here, I do answer phone calls. If you call from an unidentified number I won't answer. But I will call back. It's a phone spam thangy. On the rare occasion I don't call back to an unknown number leave a text that helps with identity. In other words mention your name.

Other day a local number flashed on caller ID. It hadn't been identified. I was extremely busy working and ignored it. Then a text came in -> 'Dude, this is Josh (aka Joss) Whedon and buying laptop for the Firefly biz office. Need ur help.' Picked up the phone, saved his info and returned the call. Handy usage. He bought a really nice Toshiba BTW.

We all get busy. There is definitely a need for texting. Then there is a need to interact with voice communication at times. C'mon folks. Do you really think I can cure a computer problem by texting back and forth from a keyboard that was intended for fingers smaller than those of a large germ?

Please, can't we just all get along? Text me when you have to...call me when you need detailed info. K, I probably just wasted valuable time even writing this post. But, I feel better. My calm doesn't seem nearly as damaged.

"There is a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue."
~Edmund Burke

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