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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

iPad 2 Update

Apple iPad 2 is a favorite trade item online. Seems everyone is getting ready for the iPad 3 release next week. Not me. Sticking with the iPad 2 at the beach house. Received this nice tablet for Christmas and have spent two months exploring the world of computer tablets.

This is a wonderful device. It has many apps and more become available daily. I can monitor networks, make free phone calls, surf the web, watch videos, securely store passwords, listen to music, check GMail, even post here. This list goes on and on. There's even a dB meter that will test the surrounding noise levels. The reminder app has helped me regain a hold on tasks and accomplishments.

It feels good in your hands. It's light, thin and proving to be durable. After learning the basics of iPad usage the navigation is a snap. The virtual keyboard is still a slight problem, but it's apparent my clumsiness has a chance of disappearing. Besides, it's much larger than any cell phone keyboard.

Once again all my PC friends can make 'fanboy' jokes. Let me be the first to say that having a tablet of any kind is a bonus. Folks that use Kindle and Android report positive experiences. Thank goodness my friends chose to bless me with an iPad 2. I've learned more than how to use a tablet.

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything."
~Wyatt Earp

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feleciab said...

Hey, here is another IPAD 2 fan. Love mine!
Hey, did the open heart surgery on the gaming rig, and it was the zallman cooler and not the board that took the hit!
Got the rig cleaned and rewired and a new zallman cpu cooler installed and everything is up and happy!
Whew!, now to go and play on my IPAD2!
Love ya brotha!