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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Letters, We Get Letters

Received a blasting email about yesterday's post. If you are a liberal and have thin skin it's probably a good idea not to visit here. If you have thick skin and understand all here is written with IMHO taken for granted then suit yourself. Oh yes, one other item; don't bother sending anonymous email. If you want to thrash me at least "man up" and use a name. Make one up, I don't care. Anonymous is now permanently deleted in GMail. A simple filter is used.

Several people have inquired about this site being rebuilt. When the beach house web server crashed it carried with it previous site templates. Chyna Moon gifted me with several banners or headers. The last one was favored by readers. They were all great. Chyna is one of the most talented people I know. The template can be re-constructed, but I am trying to find a backup of those headers. Have the original, seen above, and know that the others exist. May be on my Linux machine. Hope the massive links list is there too. People have asked that it be brought back. Working on it.

Current projects will be finished and then time will be spent on constructing 'CySo' again. Please put our friend Ashy in your prayers. He is hospitalized. Looks like a heart cath is on order for Monday. Please join me in asking God to watch over him. He's a super friend to many techs and others in North Mississippi. Have a great Saturday and if you are local stay warm!

"Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral laws are written on the table of eternity."
~Lord (John Emerich Edward Dalberg) Acton


Grasshoppa said...

Tell Jim we'll be praying for him. Hate to hear he's in the hospital. Hope all goes well and as it needs to.

Anonymous said...

Heh - instead of blasting the author of a blog critical of the 'ole gummit administration, why wouldn't "anonymess" blast his or her Representative to ask for things to be set right? I dunno, when I pick a fight on a political basis, it's clearly me by name and number doing the picking - if for no other reason than the "anonymess" out there know who is bashing their babies. Good job for blocking that phoney sent by!

EdC said...

Oops I think I left "anonymess" checked - getting senile over here.

Dock said...

Will let him know Hoppa and TY.

Dock said...

Hey EdC, I've a blocked comment held in blog stasis and if it's you let me know, lol.