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Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday - Tishomingo County Native

Home will always be Tishomingo County. While I have many friends here, something there calls to me. There's a need for Iuka Mineral Springs, Belmont, Woodall Mountain, Bear Creek (great canoeing), Burnsville, Paden, the Big Ditch, Haynes Lake, Cripple Deer Creek (where I saw my first snake ever - a cottonmouth), Coleman State Park, Pickwick Lake, etc. Always good to remember all the old joys. Being able to visit my Father's grave and make sure it is in good shape will ease my Mother's mind. There are times I visit the cemetery and talk to him.

But the huge draw is the people. You step back and remember the laughter of good friends sitting on the veranda or a dinner on the ground after church on Sunday. There's a different attitude in this quiet NE corner of Mississippi. People are genuine. Today's music is an example of all these things mentioned. Big Mac is a state treasure for sure.. He comes from Belmont and is said by many to be the nicest guy in Nashville. Relax a few minutes and listen to the short funny story then crank it up and listen to guitar work that will astound you.

The originator of the You Tube post misspelled the song's title. The correct spelling is Little Martha. Thanks Mac for sharing the joy. Thanks David Neal for the tremendous link. Love you brother. N you too CC!

"None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

NOTE: Please keep Ashy (Jim) in your prayers. His recent hospital stay helped, but he is still visiting the emergency room and has made several trips to the doctor.


Jim said...

I can definitely use your prayers. I have atrial fibrillation. Not all the time, but the potential for it to kick in exist all the time. It feels scary!!!!

feleciab said...

Hope you are feeling better, my brother!
I learned three chords tonight!
G, C and D7. I am so excited, and my fingers are so sore!
I know, I know it will get better the more I play.
Keep on Keeping on Jimmy!

beagle said...

Prayers up for Mr. Jim!! Hope he is feeling better soon!

Ashy (Jim) said...

Thank ALL Y'all for your well wishes and especially prayers! You are in mine.......
P.S. Felecia I will someday show you an easy to learn your way around a fretboard.