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Friday, February 03, 2012

Small Light at Tunnel's End?

Yes, there's a nerd inhabiting the beach house. Multiple computers online, iPad at the ready, jump drive on a lanyard around my neck, a mega hacked wifi router, shirt pocket protector with backups at the ready, closet and clothes hamper full of geek t-shirts, lotsa' cargo shorts and sneakers, no cable TV, but the highest tier of cable internet service. The Big Bang Theory on CBS, Thursday night, 7:00pm Central time via off-air antenna is a favorite at the beach house. Watching this show provokes LOL, ROFL and ROFLMAO.

Hope no one ever looks through the window and finds a fat old geek laughing heartily and no one else is in the room. Can we say Funny Farm? Think about it. When was the last time you were alone and actually laughed out loud? A current project is cleaning up the computer graveyard that has taken over my home. It's slow, but progress is being made. All that can be done at times is laugh about how and why this happened: A mind is a terrible thing...to waste.

There's a bandwidth allocation problem with a local client that seems to be grasping at resolution possibly even as early as next week. This has been a long tedious battle, but nice folks get the uber effort. After this is accomplished work begins on rebuilding their Blade 2900 dual Xeon server and bringing it online within the existing network. This machine can walk the dog, compact the trash, and vacuum the floor simultaneously.

I've had a friend's backup gaming machine for a year and have had it ready to go twice. My obsessive compulsive nature freaked it out because the cable routing inside the case didn't suit me and the correction effort took out a hard drive, etc. Another time my window air conditioner went ka-blamm and blew grease everywhere including all over the case of this machine. Have new case and hope to finish it in the next few days. Please pray for me.

There is a file server still being tuned for delivery. It was supposed to be online in December of last year. It will be benched again tomorrow. This Server will go on the network of one of my great friends. All the delays make me feel like a geek failure. But, I will finish it. It will also run like a dream machine. There is the constant problem with Murphy's Law when it comes to the Teamspeak Server. Again, on the bench tomorrow.

All these tasks shall be completed unless death takes me. Speaking of that, last week saw major stress. My blood pressure gave way to the craziness. No more out of control like that - really don't need to stroke out again. Slap me around, kick my fat butt, but please don't try the guilt trip thangy. My aversion to coercion is notorious. And please vote Nobama out of office come November.

On top of all this, trying to get my truck repaired and running is akin to making peace between Israel and Palestine. Not having wheels sucks! K, enough of the warp whine. It's time to take medication and look at pretty lights on the battery powered whirligig I carry in my laptop backpack. This one is green in color. Don't believe me? If I have my laptop with me, and most of the time I do, it is easy to put it on display. And no, you can't have it. My toy!

Peace out.

"I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life."
~George Burns

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feleciab said...

Now, now play nicely with your toys or mama will put you in a corner.