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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tip Tuesday!?!?

Here's a great tip for Guild Wars: Hold down you control and shift key while dragging multiple consumables into the Xunlai Chest. A window will open letting you choose how many you want to put into the chest. This great for those that want to distribute Honeycombs, Rock Candies, Summoner Stones, etc., among several different characters on the same account. Thanks for the info Cyndane Eloize. Meanwhile back at the Guild Hall - anyone that has a really good tip please email it to cybersouth@gmail.com. As Red Green says, "We're all in this together." Help fellow players out and pass along some flashing jewels of information.

The idea is being tossed around for Tuesdays to be exclusive for various tips. You know, like the latest Windows Updates, Guild Wars stuff, useful shortcuts in office, where to find free .pdf manipulation software. Please include a link in the email about your idea if it is appropriate. Please refrain from making comments a place to link unless it is uber important (new malware, virus infections, emergency 'fixes' and such). It is very easy for me to keep the link permanently in GMail where comments are not as reliable, nor do they always show up. Opinions? Let me know. Comments are great for that! LOL.

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~Norman B. Rice


beagle said...

Tip Tuesday sounds cool!

dock said...

TYVM oh great and wunnerful beagle person! BTW love ya bunch!