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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Browser Benchmark

In order to make a fair assessment the Peacekeeper benchmark will take a few more days. It's amazing to see some of the hoops you have to jump through that result in turning off accelerators and extensions. This is an interesting project and more than just speed has been & will be discovered. Before you start emailing I am very aware that you can find reviews that will support most any browser out there and they go to great lengths to tell you why their choice is best. So, the results found here will be an opinion, a fair one.

So far I will use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Sea Monkey, Safari and Flock. Am I missing an important one? Let me know.

"There are 5,000 great people for every jerk on Usenet. But that still is a lot of jerks. Proceed with caution and eyes wide open."
~Don Rittner

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Winning Tiger Blood said...

Yeah, you left one out. The Okra Wimpy Season and Show Finale Sometime this decade.