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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Browser Benchmark Results

Using Peackeeper, Futuremarks online free benchmarking software, the results were as expected with two rather startling exceptions. First, when the FLOCK browser was tested it surprised me that thy had left the Firefox Gecko engine and jumped to the Chrome WebKit engine. That is FLOCK listed in the scond slot as Chrome 7.0.517.450. Repeat, the second line is FLOCK not Chrome. Second, Opera stepped up to the plate and slammed it. Needless to say the Opera browser will remain in my arsenal.

All accelerators, extensions, etc., were disabled or uninstalled. Each browser was downloaded clean within the past 5 days so all versions are up to date. I did retain my bookmarks only in Chrome. AVG 2011 FreeEdition and ZBoard's Mod engine ran throughout the test. The PC used to test is not new edge technology as you will see:

Antec 900 Case with all fans running.
Thermaltake Titanium 1000W Modular Power Supply
MSI 939 motherboard
AMD dual core 64 2.1g CPU (don't remember series)
4 gigs of Kingston Hyper-X DDR RAM
PNY NVidia GF 9600 1gig Graphics Card
Logitech 5.1 w/8" subwoofer spkr array
Turtle Beach EarForce X1 headset
2 Seagate 3.0 160gig HDDs in striped RAID
Samsung 32" monitor
Logitech G5 mouse (2nd generation)
ZBoard MERC Stealth keyboard (pre SteelSeries)
Real75 OB sound
Windows VISTA Ultimate 32bit OS

Nice machine that will play Guild Wars wide open and multitask at the same time without so much as a hiccup. Again not the latest in hardware so I think the browser test was even more realistic. Conclusion: Run the browser you favor the most. Chrome is an obvious choice for at least a secondary and you might want to consider putting Opera in your bag of tricks. Hope this helps.

"Privacy is a gray area when it comes to information access on the Internet. And the grayest areas often concern public records issues."
~Ari Schwartz


Irving B. said...

Yeah but Opera just goes all HiaH after the fat lady sings........

Tiger Blood, Winning! said...

And, ya still left out the OWS&SFSItnD browser bench