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Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost NOT Published

It amazes me that Frank Herbert was rejected by publishers 38 times before the greatest science fiction space opera, Dune, was put together and made available for sale. Margaret Mead only published one book in her life and it was rejected 21 times before meeting the press. The book? A little ditty titled Gone with the Wind. This also happens to be etched in the southern belle's handbook as the absolute 'stay at home, make popcorn and watch a movie' night selection. If she testifies that she doesn't own this movie then beware. She's a Yankee that's doing some dangerous role playing! But, if she swoons while Clark Gable kisses Vivian Leigh give her credit for great effort. Oh yeah, this one and only book published by Margaret Mead won a Pulitizer Prize! Hooker's take on the Korean War misadventures of the M*A*S*H troop was rejected 22 times before it hit the stands and shelves. Want more? Take a peek at the How Stuff Works site. Fascinating.

"The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends on large measure upon how our children grow up today."
~Margaret Mead


Ophra said...

Boy! Makes ya kinda wonder where we would be if "Mating habits of the Purple and Green Lesser Crested Symbianese Narghli" had slipped through the cracks and never been published!

Ophra said...

HR will hear about this!!! You can be sure heads will roll in the fact checking department! It is a Lesser Purple and Green Crested Symbianese Narghli there is no such creature as a Purple and Green Lesser Crested Symbianese Narghli. This kind of Mistake will not be tolerated!!! I have already been a laughing stock over such crap and refuse to go there again over such slopiness!

Ophra said...

The Plight of the brave Narghlis will be available from my book club in Novtember