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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Thursday - Browser Benchmark

My fellow tech Ashy did a quick look at the top 3 browsers. Here are his results - you can click on the image for a larger frame and just close it to return here:

I know for a fact that Ashy is a fan of IE9, but uses Chrome for checking GMail and some other things. Needless to say the initial look once again proves Chrome is about double the speed of Firefox or IE9. I might also mention I've NEVER had Chrome crash.

This weekend while I am finishing up Red Dragon's uber PC I'll setup another benchmark which may include Opera, Safari, Sea Monkey, Flock and more. Here's my theory about all this; use what you favor. This is not something that is major. If you like Firefox then use Firefox. Still, factual information does not lie. Chrome is the fastest. Personally I use most all the browsers mentioned. I will have to download Opera.

Thanks out to Ashy for the help!

"Optimism doesn't wait on facts. It deals with prospects. Pessimism is a waste of time."
~Norman Cousins


Ashy said...

I feel obligated to point out that in Chrome I use no extentions or "accelerators" as some developers call them. (if they are accelerating how come ie keeps on asking if you want to disable em to speed things up?)and I did or do run them in both firefox and IE9. Usta use firefox to check gmail but now use chrome. I have trust issues with the fox based on where it comes from.......
But, that's just me.

Grasshoppa said...

I'm a Chrome man myself. Much more streamlined, and I like the way it "pins" favorites right under the addy bar, and lets you name em how you see fit. IE9 seems like it's much better than its predecessors, though, and I never change my default browser from IE, for Windows Update purposes. For general surfing, checking e-mail and such, I switched from Firefox to Chrome. IE9 looks interesting, though. They made it "Chrome-ish"