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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tech Update and IE9

On 3/8/2011 the post was about Speed Tests. We found a broken link in the post that was supposed to take you to a different speed test instead of the one that has a button in the right hand column of this page. Well, the link has been repaired and will take you to a different speed test. Check it out.

Internet Explorer 9 is now available in the final form. You must run Vista or Windows 7 to use this browser. Sorry XP users. It can be downloaded at Microsoft. I have used it for several weeks and it is a vast improvement over IE8. The speed is awesome. Running Vista or Win7? Take a look, you might want to give it a try.

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Ashy said...

Been runnin the Beta or RC for several weeks now and IE9 be Fine!

Mudslingr said...

Sucks they can't give the XP users an IE9 lite or something.

As for SpeedTest, I read your post below and I'd like to say I have almost stopped using the Atlanta server. It just doesn't seem to work well anymore. I've caught myself using the Dallas on more often. We got a 100 meg line put in at work and let me tell ya, there is nothing that can match the feeling of pushing file via ftp up to an AT&T test server at about 80 meg. And that's upload!

Oh and for your Saturday post about spyware, watch out when updating that Adobe to version X. They don't even give you the choice to not download one of their partner programs. I updated one yesterday and it also installed McAfee Security Scanner and today I saw another do the Google Tool Bar.

dock said...

Good advice about avoiding that McAfee download. How do those people stay in business? AT least it can be removed without much fuss.