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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Loyalty, One View

We had been on a reconnoiter mission to find out first hand if our communication stream was having impact on the VC. Our comm crew met with a forward spotter, a Force Recon Marine. There was also a squad of Marines nearby. It was a typical meet and greet to check our effectiveness. There were no cameras in 'smart' bombs during the Vietnam War. It was average and almost to the point of boring until the fit hit the shan. Out of nowhere around 30 VC appeared hell bent on killing us. The fire laid down was too heavy for them to be trying to acquire prisoners or our antiquated equipment. All hell broke loose and then I watched a systematic order come together amongst our Marine friends. Within less than two minutes 30+ Viet Cong lay dead or dying. Without gruesome details let me say that all perished before we left this rendevous. We lost one member of our team and I watched him die. It shook my soul. It was also the first time I ever took another human's life. Rarely a night passes that I do not recall these vivid images in my mind.

Riding the MWB back to our TEMDU location, a destroyer at the time, was hell. The right leg of my fatigues was soaked in blood. Mine. After a Helo evac I was resting in sickbay of CVA(N)-65, repaired as quickly as possible. Staples in the wounds and most of the shrapnel cleaned out helped me rest. The fatigue washed over me jump started by the painkillers. Then there was no pain and the mind wandered. I thought or dreamed about how the Marines acted as a unit, each putting his faith and loyalty into the others to do their job. They were efficient and deadly. I owe them my life and will always be proud that I served for a while in the company of the United States Marines. Semper Fi! It was so obvious that no matter what rank or importance to the mission each American life was precious. This fast acting, well trained squad had a mission to see that everyone got out. Even the body of the dead sailor was saved. Their efforts overcame a sneak attack that had us well outnumbered.

Loyalty. One of man's most admirable traits. It's not seen in the civilian world much. Instead we see many cowardly despots that are bereft of human compassion or sympathy. These people must bring tears to the eyes of our Lord. Yet, if asked He will forgive even these gollumish creatures. Loyalty. It is still the glue that holds our country together because it is contagious among our men and women who serve in the armed forces to keep us free. Believe me, if they weren't doing their jobs all the "infidels" (that's us non-muslims) would be dead and the radical islamic groups (no capitalization on purpose) would turn the White House into a mosque. Next time you see a Veteran in need, a returning warrior, or family members that have lost loved ones remember the word loyalty. If you are a Christian, prayer for our country and loyalty which is the American Way, might not hurt. Damn these radical groups that are trying to terrorize a nation that permits the right to worship as you please. It's simple when it comes the the radical extremists that want you and me to die. Their loyalty is self-centered and a form of psychosis. To have no regard for your fellow man unless he looks, acts and thinks like you was given a heavy run for the money back in the late 1930s and early 1940s. It didn't work. The Nazis were defeated. Actually they were severely thrashed.

To hell with the atheists and the radicals. We are a Christian nation founded by Christian forefathers. Don't like it? Take your sorry butts out of my country. Folks, you better start researching the articles used to put this nation together. You need to think about loyalty and start practicing it instead of taking cheap shots at everyone. Our nation is in trouble and you can thank the liberals for most of it. I, for one, try not to desert people in need. And I certainly won't kick a person when they're down. My hand will be extended. After all, loyalty to my fellow man that respects me is an honor. Seems this philosophy dwells in good human hearts. If you don't feel it, ignore it, hide from it, then God help your miserable soul.

"The scholar does not consider gold and jade to be precious treasures, but loyalty and good faith."


Grasshoppa said...

Wow....well said, my brutha. Lots to be said for loyalty. Props to you for having the moxy to write this. God bless America and all those who serve her!

dock said...

Thanks brutha, always nice to hear support when it comes to making our nation stronger