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Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Boston Tea Party Worked!

We had a super time at the LAN Party Felecia sponsored last night. Gathered with good friends and laughter abounded throughout the night. Thanks to all for such a great time. Sure Hope Mr. B (Felecia's Father) goes elk hunting again. The grilled sausages were FANTASTIC! Everything was good. Thanks out to Charlie and Em for the loan of a great grill. Once again Felecia made wonderful baked beans and I bet nobody noticed they were vegetarian. Really good. Great to meet Shane and Tanner for the first time. Beth, hope you feel better. It's nice to have a group that fits so well together.

You know it's good when the laughter is constant. Robert and Brandon made it just in time with dip, Jim and I scarfed it. Big Bad Ty arrived on his screaming bike. Many things were accomplished in the game. Y'all missed a good one. Be sure and hold Labor Day Saturday open!!! Oh yes, we shall do this again! Thanks to everyone for pitching in and special thanks to Felecia. He new kick ass machine rocked. Among other mega goodies, it has a one gig vid card. Heck, they almost came out on the desk and shook hands wif' ya'!


"Let freedom never perish in your hands."
~Joseph Addison

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