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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Doing Documents

Finally gave up trying to download a decent invoice template for Open Office. If anyone has one they use or can suggest one please let me know. So, Microsoft Office XP small biz is now on the laptop. Didn't install Outlook. I don't like that program. Besides, GMail runs just fine on the web. I am sure I'll have to download emulators since this version of Office is several years old. Should get the job done for me. When I include those downloads the links will be listed in a future post. They come in handy when working in Office XP with an Office 2010 or 2007 document, etc.

So now I have the newest version of Works, Open Office and an older version of Office. Half-Terrabyte hard drives are wayyyy kewl.

"Database: the information you lose when your memory crashes."
~Dave Barry, Claw Your Way to the Top

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Grasshoppa said...

The invoice you liked that I gave you for what's her name's laptop was one I made in WordPerfect. I know....yuck! But, the invoice templates are actually pretty decent as well as biz card templates. Got a copy of WP-12 I'd be glad to let you borrow, then download WP Office Ready for free from Corel's site for more/better templates.