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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Inspector Clouseau, Eet's Le Bomb!

TGIF! Only two more days to work this week! You may have noticed that posts are catching up in a weird chronological fashion. Between going to the doctor, taking meds after a lay off due to income (talk about sleeping!), pacing back and forth most of the night in a miserable state of worry that is absolutely useless (that makes it even worse, the knowing I mean...), constant week of truck SNAFUs, losing all my PCs functionalities except for the laptop (still love it) and two largest servers, I am glad to be free to repair my own hardware (yes, Red Dragon, yours is on the bench and I finally found the replacement Northbridge fan). Okay a sentence that long gives me a headache. Will try to contain my expounding. Remember, I used the word try.

My dependable Dell desktop that fires the 32" monitor finally surfed its way out of the world on a motherboard propelled by exploding capacitors. Great machine, but now gone. Years of awesome service. Have some needed pieces to build the replacement and will try to Frankenstein one together ASAP. One PC just won't do!!! Thank goodness this Toshiba Qosmio is considered a desktop replacement. Forest's lending of a Zboard MERC has helped too.

Okay enough whining. Well, almost. Daughters of mine please stop and call me Sunday to let me know how the day with your Grandmother ended. They are going out tomorrow. Glad they all love and adore each other. My Mother will be delighted! Later.

"Adversity is the first path to truth."
~Lord Byron

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