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Friday, July 30, 2010

In the Beginning

We'd gathered and talked about different names finally coming up with Kudzu Dragons code name YALL. We were a small group that hasn't grown a lot down through the years. Some have left not to return, some have left and come back. Several joined another guild, Balthazar's Ashes, that are our best allies. Great players and a welcome addition when they desire to enter the realm of Guild Wars. It's a hostile world in different levels of siege where teamplay does not necessarily rule all the time. Yet, teamplay can make or break an effort at times. We'd crossed from the Pre-Searing chapter to Post-Searing and found that things are not always butterflies and beautiful Sunflowers alongside streams that run clear. One great adventurer, Red Dragon, a Ranger/Warrior had farmed the countryside to reap great rewards. He shared them by acquiring a rare Sigil, handing it to Maskull Tor with his blessing. His desire was that the Tor 'create us a guild hall of great renown.' The Dragon of Red, Maskull, Laxen, Hiarnow Kharnak, and Elie's Coming began the task of building an Imperial Hall. It is a refuge and home to all Kudzu Dragons guild members as well as their friends, trusted sisters and brothers in arms.

Center Court, Kudzu Dragons Imperial Hall

Being close to the Emperor's palace in Cantha you can occasionally hear the sound of peacocks in the background. The high walls, elaborate roof and byways are majestic in nature. Beautiful crepe myrtles grow everywhere. There are fountains and streams that will calm one's spirit after battle. There is no lack of artisans or those who aide in other ways. They closely surround the Xunlai Chest at one end of the great hall. It is a huge place where one can scrimmage, plan battles, equip various runes or insignias and interact with fellow adventurers without fear of being attacked. A motley crew if there ever was one, we began a tradition of accepting some of the most fierce players in the realm. Female and male warriors, mages, healers, those who practice the dark arts for the forces of good can be found coming and going to and from the three continents.

Kudzu Dragons Cape

One dark mage, Maskull Tor, stands alongside his guildmates not lording over them, but as an equal. His growth and that of his mates are due to many: Aang Woo, smiter and healer versed in strategy - a great ally, Cyndane Eloize, so innocent looking, who can rain down lightning and certain death, the formidable Laxen Firethrow with his ability to place arrows accurately while calling on rituals from the spirit world, the Red Dragon, aka Dragor Rogue, who wields both bow and sword, Hiarnow with powers of nature, cunning plus the ability to chameleon into other professions, Elie the warrior wielding axe, war hammer or flashing fiery sword, Skye Conner an ally versed in arts of the Ranger and friend of nature who will become deadly in an instant, Merlin of Buckhorn who can clothe as different professions using great weapons of mass destruction never desiring to surrender, fearsome Tyroneus Rex, the name certainly says it all, Apoc Stormbringer the hulking terror formidable in battle, Penitendagon Arelin whose neverending knowledge abets fellow players, Axefnarx Deaconess the wielder of healing or a master of stealth that ends in death, Forest Whistler summoning great beasts and releasing volleys of death upon all that dare confront a fellow Dragon or ally, Jared Morte the warrior always fighting up front and a valuable ally. Our two newest inductees are Blue Eyed Beauty and Shane Hall. Laxen recruited them back a few months ago and they have been embraced by the guild. Both are talented multi profession fighters that do not know the meaning of the word retreat. Blue Eyed Beauty conquered the continent of Elona in Nightfall in less than a month! Pixie Freck shows up on occasion to boost the strength of a sortee. And we certainly can't forget Tanner, Brandon, Kyle, Katylan, and Logan who are busy learning the various skills of their craft.

Xunlai Chest & Agent

We even have a Laundry Witch that makes a rare appearance. Several Kudzu Dragons are busy in Pre-Searing, while War Chunker is on hiatus (he works on the road), but will return to fight wearing the green and black of a Dragon. The Graceland Firewench is one of our great mysteries. No doubt I am leaving out some so forgive me.

Vigilant Ranger, Northern Shiverpeaks

We use a great communications program called Teamspeak. It resides on an Alienware server (TYVM Hiarnow)! We even have channels set up for those that play Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). It's a channel that hasn't seen much use lately. There is also a channel for the free online game, Perfect World. Interested in joining? Want to learn more? Contact us. My email is listed at the top of the page, there is a comments section as well as the beach house chat. Or you can join us in the Dragons' Lair to talk to players. It is the lobby of our Teamspeak server. So this ends with the call to war...Dragons Rock!

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Brucie The Dislexyc said...

Oh grate ande wundrous Tor. What does I hfta do to become a fellow fiercesum gradnog??

dock said...

You is most kualifyed, I can tell. Juz let me know when you need the vudu ritual preformed.

Brucie The Dysilicex said...

What must I prvoide for the a4 menshunned richaual? I must became one uv them leafy darngogs?

dock said...

U muz brings a live chicken and, eye of newt and possum tail.

Lexic tha DisBrucie said...

Dnag thi ALL my pusomm tlias r uot of dtae!!!!

beagle said...

Been meaning to leave this comment - Great post!