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Friday, July 02, 2010

Hulu Still Rocks With Added Plus Features

Folks, it didn't take them 15 minutes to respond with great clarity:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for writing. You can still access the same great content to which you're accustomed for free, just like always. This service is not changing. We remain committed to providing free, ad-supported high-quality entertainment.

Hulu Plus, our new subscription service, is meant to serve as another avenue our users can take to explore more content, should they so choose. Hulu Plus provides much, much more content and the ability to take Hulu with you wherever you go via your mobile device. This service is not replacing the free Hulu service, it is simply adding to what we offer.

Another thing your readers may be interested to know is that we will not be removing anything from Hulu with the intention of making it available only on Hulu Plus. Our videos may still expire or be taken off of the free site as per our content agreements, but that is the way it has been since Hulu launched.

Please feel free to get back to me with any more questions or concerns you may have. I'm more than happy to help.



Whew! Makes me feel better and I am seriously considering giving Plus a looksee. Nice to know there are real people out there responding to our inquiries and Hulu has taken a step in the right direction for sure! Please read more about this matter written by their CEO, Jason Kilar, at the Hulu Blog.

Keeping a growing customer base with the whackado economy, brought to us by our current White House Administration and their baboon, Tasmanian Devil attitude, along with adding a premium service at a decent price are rare in today's society.

Thank you Hulu! All the huluheads appreciate your tremendous efforts. Hats off!

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."
~Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

Why You no tellin us that Beagle have lucrative Music Carreer as well as everything else?????

Mudslingr said...

Ok, made the comment on the Thursday post before reading this one...sorry. Glad they not changing the original Hulu way of things.