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Friday, May 20, 2011

New Guild Wars 2 Profession - Engineer

This is a new profession in Guild Wars 2. Among the many talents of the Engineer is his ability to blow stuff up. That's 7 announced professions and if they stick to the original plan the 8th profession will be an existing one from Tyria (Pre-searing). Since they have announced there will be no monks in GW2 that leaves only the Mesmer, the last of the original 6. I certainly hope this is right. Of course as they add modules most likely you will see new professions. Ritualist and Dervish type characters are still possibilities in the future. Anybody made decisions about what they will use? Human Necromancer is naturally my first choice. Then probably a Human or Norn Mesmer followed by a Charr Air Elementalist and an Asuran Engineer.

Jump Shot

Glue Shot


Rifle Turret

Grenade Satchel

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Dock said...

I am aware that there is skill duplication in this post. Will change it soon.

Dock said...

Problem corrected.